Friday, June 26, 2015

More rooftop photo shenanigans

Hello hello!

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I decided to have some fun: dress up, doll up, and take some photos. On the roof. In like, near 90° weather. :D Pierre recently got himself a new 85mm lens, so we were both excited to test it out... and of course, what better way than to be vain for a day?? Just joking. It was honestly tricky getting out of my comfort zone, as I'm certainly not used to showing this much skin, but in the end I'm rather happy with the turnout of the photos :)

My outfit for today...
Lace/Plain Crop Tops - Forever 21
Shorts - GUESS
OTK socks - Forever 21
Wig - AliExpress
Heart "K" Necklace - my grandma

Too bad we forgot to wear sunscreen... we now have matching pink shoulders. 
Until next time, readers!


  1. Giiiiirl you guys are looking HOT! <3

    1. Thank you, Jenny!! <3 <3

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