Friday, July 17, 2015

AliExpress: A Love Story

One of my favorite online shopping sites for about the past year since it was introduced to me by my boyfriend (are you ready?)...


In case you have never heard of Aliexpress, it's a Chinese shopping site where everything is ridiculously cheap and offer free shipping (at least 95% of the site is free shipping). You can find anything from clothes and accessories, to dog toys and baby wipes (if that's something you heart desires). I was introduced to this website over a year ago by my boyfriend, and I've been obsessed pretty much ever since. If you're a penny-pinching lazy window-shopper like me, AliExpress is the best place to go: cheap, colorful, and no need to get up. There's literally thousands and thousands of different products, sold by different sellers with different ratings, reviews, and prices, so it can be time-consuming if you're trying to find the best deals... or simply pick out what items you want. I spent about 3 days trying to pick a bag because it came in 4 different styles and prices before I finally just gave in and bought it.

For this post, I wanted to share with you some of the items I've purchased over the past year, as well as some of my favorites that are gathering virtual dust pixels in my wish list.

Please also note: Some reviews may not have actual photos taken by me, just yet! I'm simply far too anxious to share these reviews, and hopefully will update this at a later time :)


- If an item isn't on sale, add it to your wishlist! Items go on sale VERY OFTEN, so be patient, and you can score yourself some major discounts!
- Shop around! Use the keywords in the item you're pursuing to find more like it, and have lots of patience. There are tons of shops that sell the same item, and chances are high you're bound to find it for less. 
- Read the reviews before purchasing, and double check clothing sizes. Often times the sizes are incorrect, and people will report such in their reviews to help you choose the best size for you.
- Double-check shopping pages before you make a purchase! Sometimes listings with multiple options will send you items at their own discretion, so make sure there is an option to let the seller know what item you want so you don't end up with one at random!
- Have fun! :)

Totoro phone case for iPhone 4S 

The quality far surpassed my expectations! I was expecting something cheap, flimsy, and pixelated, which I've unexpectedly received before with another case. I am in LOVE with this case, however! It is durable with a matte finish (dirt resistant!), and beautiful artwork. It is simply beyond adorable, and it shipped very quickly, in just over 2 weeks. 

Regular Price: $1.99
Price I paid: $1.61
Buy it HERE!

On a side note: In case you didn't catch it, the backside of my poor phone completely broke after I dropped it down two flights of stairs... which is why I bought this case. I was originally using another AliExpress wallet-case (I'll post that next) that broke, and there went my phone. :(

Rhinestone x PU leather wallet-case for iPhone 4S
So I originally bought this case over a year ago, and I think it lasted me about 8 months until I finally bought a new one. The first one I got was white. The quality, though, you GUYS! I've safely used this case to carry cash, my ID and my card, with barely any problem. The ONLY issue was when I tried to carry 3 cards at once, so it sort of stretched the material holding the cards and my ID fell out at work once lol. So long as you limit the amount of shit you try to shove into this case, it'll work beautifully. 
Unfortunately, the second case I bought, the plastic holding the top part of my phone broke after only about a couple weeks, so my phone would constantly fall out. I did not have this problem at all with my last case, and due to my negligence it led to me dropping my phone :( As a result, I've since said goodbye to these cases and switched over to my totoro case. These cases aren't very heavy, and do a great job overall of protecting your phone and reduce purse-clutter since you can pretty much leave your wallet at home. If you're looking for beauty and convenience at a great price, this wallet-case may be for you!

Regular price: $6.98
Price I paid: $3.56
Buy it HERE!

Double-heart rhinestone-encrusted gold ring

This ring is GORGEOUSSSSSS. I am head over heels in love with this ring! It's just so super feminine and cute. I ordered this in a size 6, and it fits perfectly on my ring finger. Rings are my favorite accessories, and I can't say I've ever owned one cuter than this!

Unique rhinestone-encrusted gold ring

Another super pretty ring to add to my soon-to-be overly-obsessive collection... this one is adjustable, but you must still order it at your own ring size. I ordered this in a size 6, and again fits perfectly. I love the lone rhinestone on the top... my only worry is if and when it falls off, it will be virtually useless to wear this :( But for the price, I have absolutely no complains.

Regular price: $1.36 each
Price I paid: $0.68 each!
Double-heart ring: Buy it HERE!
 Unique-lone ring: Buy it HERE!

Tell me this shirt isn't everything?? I need to post a photo of it soon, it's really cute, trust me. The only downside is the quality of the fabric... after a couple washes, it did fade quite a bit :( However, I love love love abstract cuts on tops, and this was everything I was looking for in a statement piece. It definitely needs a skinny belt to bring it in, otherwise you will look like a blob. I plan on buying this in grey too though. What do you guys think?? Oh, and this also shipped very quickly considering I was told they needed to ship it through another service, to another country...

Regular price: $8.99
Price I paid: $7.56
Buy it HERE!

Cute character silicone earphone case (Chopper)
This is actually a present for my sister, so hopefully she doesn't look at my blog until I give it to her haha! I ordered the Chopper case, and was pleasantly surprised at the superior quality! Can you believe I got this case for less than $2?? I'm not even a One Piece fan and I want one...

Regular price: $2.09
Price I paid: $1.71
Buy it HERE!


Here are some of my Wish List favorites! Please note, this list is not just clothes. Like I said, AliExpress has EVERYTHING! However I will also link to the page where you can purchase these items yourself and see more photos and reviews if you wish!

Super loving the lace sleeves and back on this top!!!
Regular Price: $6.98 - $7.38
Sale Price: $6.42 - $6.79
Buy it HERE!

Oh my god, I've been eyeing this forever... you will be mine! What do you guys think, though? Black or blue? I can't choose!
Regular price: $45.93 + $3.16 shipping
Sale price: $8.73 + $3.16 shipping
Buy it HERE!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen these! If you follow Mosogourmet on YouTube, she makes these exact cookies using these cutters... I was surprised to find them on AliExpress, and I'm itching to buy them (I just don't have access to an oven to utilize them yet...)
Regular price: $3.58
Sale Price: N/A
Buy it HERE!


Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $5.63
Buy it HERE!

So that's it for my AliExpress reviews... let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more! I have a lot more items, including clothes and TONS of wigs to share. This is just a small collection for now, but perhaps in the future I will share more. Let me know what you guys think!
Btw the wig I'm wearing in my last post was also purchased from AliExpress! ;)

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