Saturday, August 4, 2012

106. GEO HC-101 Hurricane Violet Circle Lenses Review

It's time for another circle lens review, ladies! (and gentlemen?!)

So to start off, I bought these lenses with my own money, and this is my OWN, 100% personal, honest opinion. Now that that's out of the way, on to the introduction. :)

I purchased these GEO Hurricane lenses in Violet from I think I ordered these lenses in blue from another website to use for my Makise Kurisu (Steins;gate, wh00t!) cosplay for Fanime Con, but my boyfriend needed blue lenses for his cosplay, so I gave them to him. But that's okay; I'm convinced her eyes are PURPLE anyway; I only bought blue because he wanted me to get blue because he hates purple (hater). ANYWAYS.

GEO HC-101 Hurricane Violet
Diameter: 14.0mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 1 year

As you can see, these lenses are very pixelated! They look quite different in person versus the stock photos on the website. The outer ring is also very pixelated, but gives a very softening effect because the color isn't very intense. I'm also sorry it's kind of an awkward angle, so you can't really see the cool spiral effect! Let's keep scrolling, shall we?

Makeup, no lens.. Sorry for the weird focusing. Or lack there-of..

BAM! Intense. Most lenses tend to look lighter on my eyes, but these ended up being much darker! At least you can see the awesome spiral-effect here. I LOVE it! ...And actually that outer ring is quite black, isn't it. I guess that first picture, um, the lens must've been backwards... LOL. Well, know you know what it looks like, let's just move on. :D

Comfort level ... 4/5
 Not too shabby! I think I wore them around... 6-7 hours? They dried a little bit during the day, but it was SUPER sunny today, so that I'm sure was a big contributor to irritation. I wore sunglasses for a while, so that helped a lot since my eyes are rather sensitive. At the end of the day my eyes were pretty dried out, but I didn't use any re-wetting drops at all during the day.

Design/Color... 4.5/5
I looooooove this design! From further away, it looks, uh, natural? *How can purple be natural...* I don't know, I think it does. Up close, you can see the amazing spiral effect that I'm just gushing over. I think it blends in AMAZINGLY well too, which is always a major plus for me. The color changes depending on the lighting, but it's more on the darker side, which I was a little disappointed about, but the color is still really pretty.

Enlargement... 4/5
I was pretty surprised how enlarging these are for being only 14mm. I mean, they're not going to give you that SUPER ALIEN BUG-EYED look, but my boyfriend said my eyes were too big LOL (or maybe it was the purple again... hater). I have no idea why they look as big as they do, but they sure as hell don't look like mere 14mm lenses!

Verdict... 4/5
I rather like these lenses a lot. The main reason I bought them though is for my Kurisu cosplay, which I haven't tried pairing yet, so my decision may sway, just a tad. I guarantee these lenses won't go unnoticed in public (your eyes are purple), so be prepared for a few looks. ;) They dry out a little every two hours before they're comfortable again, but 6 hours is my limit. The spiral design is just so unique and so pretty, ugh. Just, go get yourself a pair! Right now!

OOPS I just realized I don't know how these look without makeup. You probably want to stick to makeup with these lenses though. Maybe a less dramatic lash, because my eyes just look ridiculously big. And purple. According to my boyfriend. (hater) LOL <3

Okay, it's almost 2am (what the fuck am I still doing up...) I am off to bed!!


Oh, and don't forget to check my review of these lenses on Review Circle Lens [dot] com (here!) So I was lazy and just copy/paste, but I would love it if you guys could add your own reviews there too! See you guys there! <3


    AWWWW you look soooo adorable here Katie I just wanna give you a hug <3
    It amazes me how you can got from sexy to cute just like that *jelly*
    These lenses look so vibrant! I used to have purple lenses (but the hurt my eyes so I had to bin them :c ) and have always wanted a replacement so I might actually get these in future :D

  2. GKDOIJBEOVIQNFKI!!AWWWW you look soooo adorable here Katie I just wanna give you a hug <3
    It amazes me how you can got from sexy to cute just like that *jelly*
    These lenses look so vibrant! I used to have purple lenses (but the hurt my eyes so I had to bin them :c ) and have always wanted a replacement so I might actually get these in future :D

  3. Incredible!  I love your new layout too..I am to lazy to do mine.  As usual impeccable pics and you stunning!  Mind you I ask where you purchased ur ring light?  

  4. OMG. Can you teach me how to take such pro photos?! :O I actually really like the photo of your naked eye.. it looks so cool *A* The lenses look a lot different to the stock photo, it's not as... bold? as I thought it would be! They look great on your eyes!! <33 you look really exotic with these lenses! ^^ I like~ :D

  5. The ringlight effect is awesome!! And these photos are simple gorgeous :3

  6. Did u cut bangs or something ?? So diff n cutr :D
    Xoxo hitomineko xoxo

  7. Wahhhh your look amazing in them <3333
    Also, your natural eye colour is amazeballs ;_;

  8. Wow you look absolutely beautiful. ^^ I especially love the last photo.

  9. Wow those lenses look wonderful!! I would never think that by just looking at the plain lenses...thanks for sharing ♥ ( I love your natural eye color btw)

  10. WAT you have a ring light? D: damn youuuu! They're so expenshibuuuuu! /sobs. You look amazing btw. The purple lens looks super good on you!

  11. Oh my goodness, I love the photos so much *__*
    What kind of lens are you using??
    These lenses look so nice on you, too <3

  12. That hair color and those eyes... OH MY GOSH!! You look amazing!!! They are so so so amazing when photographed!!! (: You're so beautiful Key~~~ <3 I love your updates and your circle lenses collection! *w* Please post more pictures of your cute face, ne~~ <3 Jaa mata ne!! <3

  13.  THANK YOU!!! -GLOMPS-
    Awww I always love your comments, always puts the biggest smile on my face Q___Q <33 OMG I remember seeing your review for the purple lenses!! GET THESE ONES!!!! Purple lenses look SO good on you, I'm not even kidding-- GET MORE PURPLE!!!

  14.  Thank you Sara omg!! <333 I got my ring light on Amazon! :O It was only $30!!!

  15.  HAHA I consider myself a beginner still!! But ask away honey, and I'll do my best to help you!! ^o^ YES that's just how I feel too! I really thought they would be a lot more intense, but I really love that they're much softer than the stock photo :3 And thank youuuuuu <3

  16.  Thank you as always Christina! Q.Q <33 Omg I love playing with my ring light, but MY GOD, it blinds me! XD

  17.  THANK YOU MELODY BOO!! T_____T <333 You're always so sweet -HUGS-

  18.  Thank you Katherine!! I actually like that photo too since the overall photo has kind of a purple-blue hue to it, so I think it matches the lenses quite nicely XD

  19.  Thanks so much! YEAH I think in person you don't really notice the effect unless you look up close~ so it's great for being subtle AND dramatic, if you happen to notice it LOL

  20.  YES I HAS A RING LIGHT!!! BUT DUDE! IT WAS ONLY $30!!! I'll have to do a post about it one of these days since I keep getting questions about it, but it's nothing super special, really! Just a lucky find! XD And THANK YOU BABEEEEE <3 I've been wanting to try purple lenses FOREVER, and I think I'm in love now. Sorry, boyfriend. XD

  21.  Thanks babe!! For the close-up eye shots and a couple photos I used a 30mm macro lens and my ring light, and the rest of them I used my regular 18-55mm lens :3 :3

  22.  OMG thank you sooooo much!! ;____; <3 I wish that was my real hair... LOL Awww thank you SO much for your sweet comment!!! I'll take lots of pictures just for you okay <3 XDD

  23. MY GOD WOMAN! $30 is nothing!! D: GIMME. I found one on Amazon. Fucking $400!!! WTF.  Hahahaa your bf is history anyway : P -plots evil things- HOHOHO <3
    Also, I can reply to your comment here, right? like back in the day >: D

    YES MY TRIP IS SO CLOSE WTF. I irrationally started crying yesterday because the last time I moved a lot of shit went down with my family, so I (of course) felt that it was my fault for moving.. -__-" And now I'm really worried that my family will have another downfall because of me. My mom tried to comfort me, but I know she's being strong. Things are rough, so I wanna help them out as much as possible! I'm wanna try finding the Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy perfume for her in Korea! She keeps talking about how nice it is and that she only has a small sample.. She's saving the sample because she loves it so much so she only wears it for special occasions T_T /hugs momma. She's so sweet and hardworking! So I wanna get her that perfume for sure!

    Haha how about my voice eh? People comment about my voice a lot! I got a lot of inbox messages on FB and tumblr that my voice is very different from what people expected.. which I find kinda odd. O_O do I sound weird? Or funny? lol. WHAT DO PEOPLE EXPECT FROM ME UGHHHH?! /frustration/ Hahaha! I dunno.. I find it kinda strange to hear that.. "Your voice is so different than I expected, but I really really like it!" what does that even meaaaaaan?! LOL.
    Yeah fuck youtube hard bro! >__> I just hope that SM and them don't find my videos. I put a disclaimer that I don't claim ownership and I put all the songs in the video and description bar.. but really, Youtube will probably disable the sound eventually -__-" fuckers.

    PLEASE COME WITH US OK. <3 You are extremely very welcome! And of course, this is Denmark. We ONLY have EPIC noms ; D

    HAHA LOL. Shindong? I truly dislike that guy. He's sexist, rude and extremely self-absorbed. /cringe/

    MY DAD IS FUCKING AWESOME OK. xD He keeps posing like a fool when I try to take a picture of him xD I always have to go "DAD.. be cool, huh?" Hahahaha!

    DOGGIES <3 They're probably what I'm gonna miss the most. Family and pets <3 /sobs. I'm bringing a few photos of them.. and I took a few so I have some on my phone and laptop. /sobs. But still.. T_T MY DOGGIES <3

    HAHAHA if I run into Taemin, he'll probably fall over and break his scrawny body.. SM will sue me, I will get convicted and punished and never come home. BUT, if he happens to be cool about it, I'll see what I can do : P

  24. it looks good on you and you're beautiful!!
    check out my blog and follow me if you likei'll follow you ^___^


  26.  Awwww thank you!! <333 And your blog is super cute!! I'll follow you sweets! ^__^

  27.  I AM SO FUCKING TEMPTED TO SEND YOU ONE! D:< I'll check if it works with your camera! I think it should though!! :D I mean, it's $30 for a reason (sorta) LOL. It's bright as fuck, and it sometimes falls off your camera, or it gets stuck to the lens lol. It also eats up battery like a mofo, but you can also just plug it in, no problem. ^.~ HEEHEEHEE. Go on, plot them evil plots, baby! >:DD
    AND OF COURSE YOU CAN! <333333

    I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE READING THIS FROM KOREA!!!! :O Awww honey <3 -hugs- You can't blame yourself for things that are out of your control. :( I'm sure your parents don't want you to feel that way either! Just keep smiling and work hard for your dreams!! :D Awww I hope you can find the perfume!! Let me know if you can't, I can send it to you with your love package ^___^ Just let me know! Your mommy just sounds so adorable, EEEE I want to shower your whole family in gifts just for allowing you to exist LOLLLL XD

    I love your voice. XD NO JOKE! It's very cute! Total creeper status here, but I watched your HAM video a few times just because I like hearing you talk LOL. *scoots uncomfortably close to Nani* <3 I dunno, I don't really have expectations for the way people speak or how their voices sound~ I just take it as it is and usually enjoy it. XD
    UGH fucking YouTube...! Better not touch your epic videos! >:O btw WHEN U GON' MAKE MO' VIDEOS?? :DDDD
    Sorry I know you gotta get settled and everything first, but I'm so excited to watch more! ^o^


    YES. THANK. YOU. Ugh, fuck Shindong... after that comment he made about overweight women, I just can't respect him, at all. I never liked him, but that just completely killed it for me. I'm sorry, he's just not cute... but anyways, I don't wanna get into that, his existence just isn't worth my time. u__u

    LOLLLL!! OMG I just keep imagining him getting so giddy over random shit... "pizza! pizza! pizza!" "COFFE COFFEE COFFEE!!!" Just, adorable. XD

    Awwww! I know, I have a hard time just saying goodbye to my dog in the morning before work (sometimes I just spend 5 minutes nonstop hugging her and kissing her, and I end up late for work... oops) I can't imagine how you must feel being away from them for a whole year :( VIDEO CHAT WITH YOUR DOGGIES?? :D I did that once..........

    HAHAHA! Okay, fine, fine. GIMME TAEYANG!!! >:DD omg when did I become such a Taeyang fangirl, oh god....

  28.  Thank you Christina!! <3333

  29. I Love these lenses so much. Violet color looks so pleasing to me. There is no doubt you are too pretty but, violet colored lenses enhance your beauty :)

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