Thursday, November 5, 2009


...In the words of Bender...

"Oh. Your. God."

thank you. :)
Anyways. I'm back, yay.

What's been going on... I worked at House of Humor during Halloween week. That was... interesting. My sister works there and told me they needed extra help for Halloween, and I'd get paid $10/hr, so of course I jumped at it. Also, of course, I was sick of working there after about the 4th day, haha. Oh well, I somewhat sucked it up and got paid and was happy. :)

...Now if only Wells Fargo would stop sucking and update my transactions, grr! I paid off a majority of my credit cards about 3 days ago, and it's still not showing up on my statement... wtf? I'm just worried that my credit card payments aren't purposely being put on hold so they can overcharge me or something, ugh.

Woo~ I've been obsessed over Brown Eyed Girls' latest video "Abracadabra"! I can't stop listening to it, dancing to it, and of course, watching sexy Ga In-- okayy, I won't go there this time! ;)
I've found another video that I'm pretty addicted to lately:
"HOT ISSUE" by 4minute!

I dunno, this song just really grew on me. I first heard MUZIK, and I really dislike it. It felt too much like a knockoff of 2NE1's "Fire" MV, except the song just wasn't nearly as catchy.

In other news. I finally treated myself to some spends, yay! First thing I bought was this super cute ring!

I loove it! I happened to find it in this store called Styles For Less in the Mariposa Plaza for only $5. I love rings, but for some reason, I have a time finding any cute rings. Actually, with that said, I also found this one on ebay:

It was only $4 on ebay, shipping included. I can't wait to get it! ☆彡

I finally got myself this foundation! CVS happened to be having an amazing sale on Revlon cosmetics, so I bought this for only $8.99! *does happy dance*

Also ordered some brushes from Coastal Scents. I forgot how cheap shipping is, since it's based solely on weight, so got these at a pretty reasonable price. I already had the middle brush, so this time I bought a foundation and liner (is that what it's called? well, i'm gonna call it that anyway) brush. I've only tried the foundation brush, but I LOVE it! I wish I bought it a long time ago... sponges suck now, haha.

After work, I dropped by Walgreens and bought these. They were having a sale on Rimmel products, yay! I loove this mascara, and even better was that it came with a free eyeliner pencil, which is really great. Nexttttt... a lot of their Physician's Formula products were on clearance, so I grabbed this concealer for about... $3 I think? It works so well! I have horrible eyebags and under-eye circles, and it covers them really great. (*^o^*)
I also grabbed this Nivea Creme, which I use as a moisturizer for only $.99. I can't complain for the price, and don't really feel a need to anyways. ;)

Oookay... my boyfriend is watching Die, You Zombie Bastards! ...


...This is the weirdest freaking movie I've seen... in a while. I just watched Teenagers From Outer Space a few nights ago. I suddenly don't think it was such a retarded movie after all. Er, well, at least it was a good laugh, but Zombie Bastards is just horrendously ridiculous.

Oh, I almost forgot~ I also ordered a new pair of boots from Urban Original and some leggings off ebay. I can't wait to get them! I've been in desperate need of new shoes, since most of the time I've been walking around in my sister's flip flops... which are about 2 sizes bigger than what I wear! ...Not to mention it's Winter outside :P

I guess I'll sit here and try to get through this movie, then look around for a midnight snack :D