Monday, March 7, 2011

42. Animals Are Beautiful People + other things

Sorry, I haven't had any time to write a meaningful post + post pictures, so all the posts I've been meaning to post are once again, post-poned. I'll be taking Wednesday to get back to my planned posts since it's my day off. To keep you guys entertained in the meantime, I wanted to share some clips from one of my all-time favorite [documentary] movies. Maybe you've heard of it, love it, hate it, never even knew it existed... regardless, in my opinion, it's nothing short of AMAZING.

It's a documentary about animals in Africa shot as a comedic documentary, and fully entertaining with a good balance of drama. I just felt like sharing some of my favorite clips that have me laughing my ass off each time I watch them. Enjoy!

Adorable meerkats encountering a snake, and trying to eat an egg (by digging around it!)


A baby warthog is separated from his mom after being chased by a cheetah, and looks for an "alternate" mother.

And of course, the famous "drunken animals" scene!

If this isn't enough, I happened across the full movie on YouTube (wow, what luck).  I hope you guys will find a chance to check out a classic, or if you want, you can also borrow it from the library in the nature and animal related section. But, it's right here otherwise, and the quality really can't get much better. 1974. Hello. ;)

I also have to warn, around @10 minutes it gets extremely sad to watch, I get depressed each time! May want to consider skipping that part to 0:10:40


Next post I'll write up my review on G-MARKET *finally!* I have to say this was pretty split between me and my boyfriend, in terms of LOVE AND HATE (or severely dislike?). I hope you'll find my post extremely helpful if you're planning on purchasing from any of the sellers I bought from. 

So, until then! Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully checking out at least one of the clips. Also check out THE GODS MUST BE CRAZY, by the same director. And please tell me what you think without details. Because I sadly have not seen it yet. >_<;
Actually, I'm off to go watch it now, since it's also on YouTube! :P

- kt

ps. I'm also curious, do you guys prefer reading everything CENTERED or spaced to the LEFT like my last post?? I still can't decide which I like better with the new layout! :P