Saturday, December 26, 2009

009. decoden

i hope everyone had a nice and warm Christmas! <3

i have discovered... decoden.

actually, i've been aware of it for a long time, but never really attempted it until 2 nights ago i
think. i always tried doing 3d nail art, but it doesn't work too well with me, hehe.
here were the results:

i made 4 so far :) i want to make many more!

this is the first one i made. i really like the result. at first, i was kinda worried it wouldn't turn out very well. you just gotta do it and not give it a second thought; don't even think about what your doing!! i "glazed" them with nail polish top coat, lol.
i have "homemade lipgloss" in here: basically, petroleum jelly and an assortment of pink/orange eye shadows mixed together. :P

here's number two! i thought it came out pretty cute, but i definitely like my first one the best. i applied a sort of clear-light & glittery blue nail polish on the bottom, then put shiny p
urple hearts and stars cut-outs (i don't know what else they're called!) i like the more simplicity of this piece compared to the others that have a lot going on.
this one also contains lip gloss~

this was the most challenging one to make... i just didn't really like the pink nail polish i p
ut on, and it kinda threw me off. the end result isn't bad, but i have to admit that making this one was kind of a pain. 'nuff said.
this one contains the yellow stars that you can see in the next one.

and finally! this. that giant blob is supposed to be like ice cream, if you can't tell lol. i made it from this molding, er, substance, called Crayola Model Magic. i think it looks cuter in person, but had it been made out of cla
y it would look even better. work with what you got. ;p i really do like the way it turned out though, and it was a lot of fun to make!
right now, i have my chains inside this one. maybe when i run out, i'll make more lip gloss (thank you Michelle Phan, hah!)

i have also been doing my nails a lot lately. i never did my nails much, because i am horrible with polish. i was pretty surprised with the result of painting my tips. i always imagined it to be super hard, but it's really simple... or maybe it's a hidden talent?? nah.

i had these until yesterday. now i painted the tips gold with purple dots lining underneath, but i stupidly left my boyfriend's camera on all night (again), and the charger is at his house. boo.

this was before:

unfortunately, the glitter and polish just did not want to participate with me that night. i had to use so many coats, and it just refused to dry. i was also a klutz that night, and kept ramming my fingers into absolutely everything, and messing it up further. i finally jumped in the shower, and let it just melt off. yeah, it was that bad.

i then decided to paint the ends black, but it wasn't enough for me, so i finally reached for my dotting tool. i was surprised that it worked to be honest. i'm so confident. O;)

tonight le boyfriend drove me to JoAnn's and Daiso. i was hoping to find some clay at JoAnn's, but no luck. i found the Crayola Model Magic there though; an entire section for Crayola, but no clay. HAH. they did have some super cute pastry and candy molds though! and they were only $2! i might pick those up after i find my clay!!
at Daiso, i bought two chocolate molds, a clear plastic case for my jewelry, and some more chain in pink! unfortunately as mentioned, my camera died, so no pictures! :'(((( they're really cute too... *sigh* next post!!!

i am also going to ditch Wells Fargo as soon as possible. i really can't stand their system... such scum bags! this year, they got the honorable role of THE GRINCH. THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY MONEY! >:(

my sister also gave me a cute purple dress that she didn't want from Heritage 19...something. lol. i think this is my first dress since i was probably seven years old... i must lose weight!!! :P pictures next time as well ^^

well, right now i keep watching this over and over. Ga In's performance was kinda weak... i was pretty disappointed, but she looked hot, so i forgive her. XD i think Minzy took it, hands down. that girl just knows how to dance and absolutely KILLED IT! :D

current music: 4MINUTE [MUZIK]
i honestly did not like this [at all] the first time, because i felt like the video was ripping off of 2NE1... but now i can't get enough! BOOM BOOM! ;D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

008. sigh


ELF is having FREE SHIPPING going on right now, until I have no idea when.... and I can't find my wallet. BOO. I've been waiting for one of these deals for so long because I never catch them in time & I only want like 3 things, which isn't worth the $7 shipping.
I only have my credit card on file... ohh how I wish ELF used PayPal. :/

I could sure go for one of those fruity drinks from Taco Bell right now... but, OH YEAH, no wallet-- NO MONEY. BOOOOO.

CL x Minzy [Please Don't Go]
...dans ma tête ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

007. Strawberry Fields [Forever?]

We finally got our Christmas tree and put up decorations and lights outside! It finally feels like Christmas. :)

I just finished my nails. I never wear nail polish, because I'm horrible at applying it. I love nail art though... which is why I always destroy my natural nails by wearing fakes. :P
I finally got my first bottle of China Glaze when I went to Sally's with my mom and my little sister. I saw the color first, and thought it was super pretty. I looked at the name, and that's what sold me. It's called "Strawberry Fields", which reminded me of the Beatles song, and I wanted to show my boyfriend. XD

China Glaze, "Strawberry Fields". Gorgeous color! <3

Sadly, I'm having the hardest time typing because I'm paranoid about bumping my nails (again) and ruining the polish. I'm really good at that.

So this is the result. I also added some purple glitter on the ends (stole it from my little sister since she hasn't touched it haha). I got the inspiration from this video:

I love the result, but I don't have nearly enough glitter, so I was being really sparing. I also had a little trouble applying it sometimes, but overall I think it's cute. More practice! It just feels funny whenever I wear nail polish, like I'm really aware of it. I wonder if that's normal, or I'll just get over it after wearing more. It's just weird, because I don't know what to do with my hands LOL!

I'm hungry, and it's 1am. This is not good. But so delicious. ;)

current music: 2NE1 [Let's Go Party]

- key

Thursday, November 5, 2009


...In the words of Bender...

"Oh. Your. God."

thank you. :)
Anyways. I'm back, yay.

What's been going on... I worked at House of Humor during Halloween week. That was... interesting. My sister works there and told me they needed extra help for Halloween, and I'd get paid $10/hr, so of course I jumped at it. Also, of course, I was sick of working there after about the 4th day, haha. Oh well, I somewhat sucked it up and got paid and was happy. :)

...Now if only Wells Fargo would stop sucking and update my transactions, grr! I paid off a majority of my credit cards about 3 days ago, and it's still not showing up on my statement... wtf? I'm just worried that my credit card payments aren't purposely being put on hold so they can overcharge me or something, ugh.

Woo~ I've been obsessed over Brown Eyed Girls' latest video "Abracadabra"! I can't stop listening to it, dancing to it, and of course, watching sexy Ga In-- okayy, I won't go there this time! ;)
I've found another video that I'm pretty addicted to lately:
"HOT ISSUE" by 4minute!

I dunno, this song just really grew on me. I first heard MUZIK, and I really dislike it. It felt too much like a knockoff of 2NE1's "Fire" MV, except the song just wasn't nearly as catchy.

In other news. I finally treated myself to some spends, yay! First thing I bought was this super cute ring!

I loove it! I happened to find it in this store called Styles For Less in the Mariposa Plaza for only $5. I love rings, but for some reason, I have a time finding any cute rings. Actually, with that said, I also found this one on ebay:

It was only $4 on ebay, shipping included. I can't wait to get it! ☆彡

I finally got myself this foundation! CVS happened to be having an amazing sale on Revlon cosmetics, so I bought this for only $8.99! *does happy dance*

Also ordered some brushes from Coastal Scents. I forgot how cheap shipping is, since it's based solely on weight, so got these at a pretty reasonable price. I already had the middle brush, so this time I bought a foundation and liner (is that what it's called? well, i'm gonna call it that anyway) brush. I've only tried the foundation brush, but I LOVE it! I wish I bought it a long time ago... sponges suck now, haha.

After work, I dropped by Walgreens and bought these. They were having a sale on Rimmel products, yay! I loove this mascara, and even better was that it came with a free eyeliner pencil, which is really great. Nexttttt... a lot of their Physician's Formula products were on clearance, so I grabbed this concealer for about... $3 I think? It works so well! I have horrible eyebags and under-eye circles, and it covers them really great. (*^o^*)
I also grabbed this Nivea Creme, which I use as a moisturizer for only $.99. I can't complain for the price, and don't really feel a need to anyways. ;)

Oookay... my boyfriend is watching Die, You Zombie Bastards! ...


...This is the weirdest freaking movie I've seen... in a while. I just watched Teenagers From Outer Space a few nights ago. I suddenly don't think it was such a retarded movie after all. Er, well, at least it was a good laugh, but Zombie Bastards is just horrendously ridiculous.

Oh, I almost forgot~ I also ordered a new pair of boots from Urban Original and some leggings off ebay. I can't wait to get them! I've been in desperate need of new shoes, since most of the time I've been walking around in my sister's flip flops... which are about 2 sizes bigger than what I wear! ...Not to mention it's Winter outside :P

I guess I'll sit here and try to get through this movie, then look around for a midnight snack :D


Tuesday, June 16, 2009



i don't know how many times i've attempted to add a 5th post... i just get sooo damn lazyy! i need to stop that haha. let's see. today i camwhored for a contest on Soompi HAHA! i also took cute pictures of my kitty....

Kitty-Kitty. rofl. i wub him, even if he scratches me. :'O

isn't he cute? he's such a whore ♥

oh yeah. we have 2 of these plum trees in the backyard and they're growing again, yayyyy! they're so yummy... it's past midnight, but i think i'm gonna go pick some. hopefully i don't get any bugs or anything though >_<>. 

the first pic was the same as the second, but i took a picture of the plums from the holes... or at least i tried haha.
おいしいそう? don't they look yummy!
彼氏と私, my boyfriend and me ♥
i also hung out with yuki, lanie and patty for the first time in... forever. we danced a little at schs like old times and goofed around... we also prank called one of lanie's friends about 10 times, ahahah.
we'll never grow up!!!
okayy, i don't have anything interesting to say as usual. and a last picture of me at the end of the night when my face looks like crap. :D
X JAPAN :: Music Station (Special 1998.05.08)

Saturday, June 6, 2009



that meeting felt like such a waste of my sleeping time. but at least i got 2 hours of pay out of being lazy. still though, i was soooo tired this morning! and i keep forgetting i have to go back at, not 6, but 5 now. ughh.

hopefully me and da will go to target later. i really need to buy a makeup storage box or bag or something! i have everything inside one of those plastic storage drawer units, but i have more useless junk to put in there instead, and my desk simply isn't big enough.

which reminds me.. i'm really digging this new foundation i bought from the brand <<>>
i bought this at Target for about $13.99 +tax, and it hasn't disappointed me (yet). haha.
i really want to try their concealers since i have these horrible eye-bags/dark circles from not sleeping enough, urghh! >__<;; not much else to write, since nothing special happened. we didn't get in Gran Turino in either yet, grr! whatevs, it's not like i have time to watch it today anyways. :( off to lurk around "teh internets"... or maybe play Phoenix Wright!! i gotta finish the second game.. i forgot the DS at my house, and i was dying to play, so i started playing the 3rd game on the DSi at my boyfriend's house, heehee! i'm soooo addicted! ♥ 

Vidoll :: Sister



"wadda' ya' know." as i said in my last post, i didn't want to go to work. well, i did, and it wasn't much fun. we got in about 4 boxes of movies to be sorted and put away (thank god i didn't have that task!) i had to bend down to put them on the counter; about 10 minutes after i completely threw out my back trying to pick up a comb on the floor of my house... worst pain i've ever felt in my life, i couldn't stand, sit, breathe, laugh without feeling pain. ugh, that was fun. @_@

aaaand now, i have to go back to work at 9am for a meeting. i swear, if paul makes us stay after 10 again to work, i'm gonna be pissed.

mmmm. i sure could go for a piece of this right now. sweet potato cake ~♥
i really need to get to bed, but i must finish dressing my Poupée girl first ahh!

poupeegirl fashion brand community

i bought her her first kimono and a new headband that Katharine posted in her shop, yayy!
okay it's 2am already, ahh! that means only 5 hours of sleep for me *tear*
Mandy Moore/Switchfoot :: Someday We'll Know

Friday, June 5, 2009



looks like i have to work tomorrow. my day off. then we have a stupid meeting at 9am on saturday, and i have to come back in again at 5. that's going to be fun. oh, and not to mention, me and alisa didn't get out of work until after midnight wed night!! i swear, JB better have showed up thurs morning, or i'm gonna bitch-slap a, um, bitch....

well. me and le boyfriend went to dusita and got pad thai and

yellow curry, 

it sure doesn't beat da's curry though!

too bad i got reallllly full after only like, 
one helping, so da ended up eating everything... 
i don't believe he's ever heard of 
the term "left overs" before..

i'm waiting for him to show up right now... we pitched a tent in my backyard and slept back there the past 2 nights. it's so fun hearing all the rats outside squeaking and running around... i know that sounds weird and creepy, but i love the outdoors. the only thing, is that the air-mattress has a hole in it, so every morning i wake up and it's completely deflated and my back and neck are aching sooo bad!! ahhhh..

let's see... let's go back to FANIME WEEKEND!!!
not as exhilarating as i anticipated, but it was still okay.

you can't tell in the pic, but da was wearing some elf ears or something... like link? it was cute, but the lighting is shitty here hehe. still cute though ♥ aaand, my outfit on sunday, i think. i look ridiculous, but it was fun. i wish i took pics of my other outfits since i'm too lazy to "recreate" the image, if you will... oh well.

--------> me and da saw UP and STAR TREK about a week ago.
i hella cried during UP. the beginning was so unexpected (even though da guessed it, i totally forgot) thank god i had tissues in my bag!! i think most of my makeup was gone after the movie ended haha! as for STAR TREK, i really liked it.
i don't know a thing about the show; actually, i never really liked it growing up. but after watchign it i've been getting the urge to start. too bad stupid hollywood only has like 3 random dvds from whatever seasons, and then the movies. should i just watch those i wonder...?

i'm sooo sleepy! i really wish i never picked up my phone, then maybe i wouldn't have to work, heehee.
oh well... i really need a new job. too many mean customers.

i need to charge the DS too so i can play some Phoenix Wright before i go to sleep!! i'm almost done, then on to game 3, yayyyy! i'm sooo addicted to these games! ♥

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Thursday, February 5, 2009


key desu.

i am currently listening to OLIVIA [Alone in our Castle]. such a pretty song.. the first post is always so hard to write.
but i was in need of a new blog, something fresh. i just so happened to stumble across this place and i was bored.  

i cannot wait for tomorrow: pay day! i am in desperate need of money right now... freaking credit cards, ack! 

[sexy girl, japan].. anyone tried this product? i am simply in love with it. it's pretty pricey, but then what do you expect for a japanese product? i am especially loving the body wash, it makes my skin so soft! i recently bought the hard wax, but i'm not too pleased with it afterall. it's too hard for my liking... but that's not going to stop me from trying out the soft and glossy type hair wax! i also want to buy the curl spray; the straight spray does wonders for my hair, and i've recently come to like my natural waves and want to play it up a bit... we will see what i can do with my next paycheck since 3-year is coming up too. ;-)

~key, 11:29pm