Tuesday, December 15, 2009

007. Strawberry Fields [Forever?]

We finally got our Christmas tree and put up decorations and lights outside! It finally feels like Christmas. :)

I just finished my nails. I never wear nail polish, because I'm horrible at applying it. I love nail art though... which is why I always destroy my natural nails by wearing fakes. :P
I finally got my first bottle of China Glaze when I went to Sally's with my mom and my little sister. I saw the color first, and thought it was super pretty. I looked at the name, and that's what sold me. It's called "Strawberry Fields", which reminded me of the Beatles song, and I wanted to show my boyfriend. XD

China Glaze, "Strawberry Fields". Gorgeous color! <3

Sadly, I'm having the hardest time typing because I'm paranoid about bumping my nails (again) and ruining the polish. I'm really good at that.

So this is the result. I also added some purple glitter on the ends (stole it from my little sister since she hasn't touched it haha). I got the inspiration from this video:

I love the result, but I don't have nearly enough glitter, so I was being really sparing. I also had a little trouble applying it sometimes, but overall I think it's cute. More practice! It just feels funny whenever I wear nail polish, like I'm really aware of it. I wonder if that's normal, or I'll just get over it after wearing more. It's just weird, because I don't know what to do with my hands LOL!

I'm hungry, and it's 1am. This is not good. But so delicious. ;)

current music: 2NE1 [Let's Go Party]

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