Monday, January 10, 2011


Yeah, so, guess who's entering?? :P


For those who don't know, CUBE ENTERTAINMENT is home to such artists as BEAST and 4MINUTE (<3), and they're looking for new recruits! These auditions are being hosted by KOREABOO for all to join via YouTube. You can sing, dance, or both; I'm choosing to do a dance, because singing isn't a strong point for me (as much as I enjoy doing it!).

For my audition, I chose 4MINUTE's "HUH". I've been nutso about this song since it was released, so it felt like a good choice. My first choice was actually Hyun Ah's "Change", but I feel like you have to be really good at hip-thrusting to make it look good... *cough* I'm also thinking of later doing SHINee's "Lucifer". I know, crazy ass dance, but SO fun. I tried learning it a few months ago, and gave up, but maybe these auditions will provoke me to try again. :)

I learned of these auditions 4 days ago, and since then I've pretty much been on a non-stop "HUH" rampage... at home I'm in front of the mirror, and at work I'm a walking zombie playing it over and over in my head! So today, I finally had my chance to record my video.

Of course, it only took me 5 HOURS to finish! Here's all the different reasons if you care... XD

- Dog or cat walks in front of me, and I trip on them (well, the dog anyway, and she got mad at me lol)
- Laptop dies
- Camera dies
- Continuous mistakes
- Camera 2 dies
- It's FREEZING outside!
- I forget what I'm supposed to do
- Almost dropped my giant mirror :X
- LOTS of adjusting the cameras...

Well the point is, I finished. I still made mistakes because this was after the 5 hour mark, but I did my best!! Please support me by watching, commenting, liking, and of course, SHARING my video!! It would be such an amazing turnaround to even be considered for Cube... I've been dreaming of being a backup dancer since I was 14. Thanks to Nami Tamaki, I've been so inspired to dance. It gave me self-confidence when I grew up with pretty low self-esteem and constantly being made fun of by my own sisters at times and feeling left out. Anyways, here's my video. As mentioned, please support!! :)

If video doesn't work, click here!


Hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think, honest (harsh?) critiques are welcome, but be gentle ^^

And of course, a blog entry just wouldn't be right without a bit of cam-whore spam haha

4MINUTE! with another X JAPAN inspired nail set, pictures next post?

My boots my mommy got me for Christmas! I actually went to the store with her to get them because she had no clue what to get me for Christmas. We got 2 pairs that day, and she also got me some ankle booties! I'll have to take better pictures next time.

In other news.... I really want to make rice pudding, but someone left maybe 3 spoonfuls of rice in the cooker.... thanks. >_>;