Monday, March 22, 2010

018. 新しいウィグ~♥

I finally got to try on my new wig. It's a lot lighter than I expected, but after a while I got used to the color.

Number 8/30# was what I was expecting, but it looks closer to 30# or 2t30#, I think.

See what I mean? I think it looks pretty nice though ♥ My boyfriend said it looks real, which kind of shocked me because it's so shiny... My real hair is so dull in comparison lol.

Of course looks much cuter with a hat! ♥

with flash~

I'm not sure if I'll be wearing it out soon though. I still don't have a wig cap, but I was so anxious to try it on. It basically feels like wearing a hat, so it's very comfortable. I do however want to start wearing it normally soon so that my real hair can take a rest from styling... damn my naturally curled hair! :P
Soon I hope to go out and buy some materials to start making decoden items and nail art again. I also hope that my room is back in working order; it looks like a tornado hit it, thanks to spring cleaning! :D I'm going to order some DS/DSi cases to deco, but actually getting to the decorating won't be for at least a month since shipping is super slow. That's okay though, since I still need to buy the materials!! ^^;;
My Poupée Girl for today!

true blue ♥
One last thing! Please check out this song by Kim Jong Kook called "This Is The Person". This is easily the sweetest song I have ever heard... the video made me cry because it was so damn cute!

Currently watching King of Queens season 2 (I LOVE this show!)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

017. おギャル様!*~♥

Once again, too lazy to blog. ホントウにごめんね~

I ordered a wig on Friday from a girl on Soompi, and it came in the mail today! (I totally thought today was Sunday, so that was a nice surprise). I haven't seen it yet though, since my sister called and told me. (^w^)Here's a stock picture though:

I've been wanting a wig for so long now, and since I got my taxes back, I thought I'd finally buy one. Especially since the price was good: $36 shipped! The rest is going to credit card bills *cries*
I can't wait to try it on ♥

I found this video on a forum I frequent, which I found really interesting and fun to watch. It's about Japanese women who wear wigs. Watch!

Also, please check my Etsy shop!

I had an idea last night to add more items besides just decoden and nail art. I was thinking mini top hats, cell charms, giant bows, etc. So please be on the lookout for them! Any suggestions are also appreciated! ♥

Saturday, March 6, 2010

016. ハローぅ、ラブリーギャルさん!♥

If you can't read the title, it says "Hello, Lovely Gals!" (o^-')b


This is going to sound strange, but I'm so happy I got my taxes! I was freaking out because I never received them back in January or February at the latest, then I found them on the dining room table........ See, this is why I ask people in my house to put my mail in my room, so I don't run around the house complaining about not getting my money, lol.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I was planning on opening a little shop on Etsy. So far, I've gotten two items up. I'm still getting used to just navigating Etsy, so it's going to take some time before it really even looks like a presentable shop. Also, when I get my taxes sent in and get my money back, I'll be able to buy more supplies, yay! I'm so broke, it's awful. That's one reason I decided to open a shop, so I can pay back my boyfriend for one thing. He's so sweet, he bought me this ridiculously awesome Asus computer! I'm just happy he finally saved up enough money to buy himself is even sexier HP Envy! ♥ Now to keep myself from deco-ing my computer..... lol jk. (*^.^*)~

Ah, yes. I went out and bought some couplers, a new tip (for decoden) and cellphone covers! I'm not sure if I'm going to sell the covers, or else I'm thinking about cutting them and decorating them. I might just start out on my phone for now, since I can always buy more. Speaking of my phone, if I'm going to keep it, I seriously need a new HyperSim, since my $30 one finally gave out.

It's a DoCoMo P906i in pink

So while I wait for TurboTax to finish updates and whatnot, I found some pictures me and my boyfriend took in Monterey and on our Anniversary! Time for picture splurge...

My anniversary present for my boyfriend! I was so excited to draw McCartney, and it came out looking nothing like him! (ノ_-。)
Can you see Chuckie and Tommy in the background too?? We love Rugrats! (^∇^)

one of my presents! i also got manjyuu, mmmmm!


Family portrait! haha Catbus and Mr. Otter!

Also, my nails from about a month ago! I want to make more ♥

Okay, enough for now. Here's my latest Poupée Girl dress up! Let's be friends! 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

015. 久しぶりなぁ!

I haven't blogged in forever. I randomly check my blog, but that's about it. Been lazy and busy, and not too inspired to write about anything. Also stressing out over random things... but I won't go into that. It's pointless.

Here's what I've been up to:


Okay, so I only have 2 classes, Japanese and Anthropology, and Anthro is BORING...

Someone please stop me. I'm seriously getting fat. (o≧_≦o)

I spent over 10 hours cleaning mine and my boyfriend's rooms. Of course though, I end up getting yelled at by my sister. Ugh.
♥Poupée Girl♥

I'm finally getting back on track, yay! Maybe I can finally hit the full month...

I've been playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. 'nuff said. ~♥

There's more, but I'm still in lazy mode. So anyway, I wanted to share that I'm planning to open a little shop on Etsy. I really love Decoden and nail art, and people have suggested that I sell my creations. Whether they actually sell or not, it's still a great motivation to keep me busy! I actually made a tutorial a while back, and after spending hours taking pictures and editing, I opted not to post it. Not enough people seem interested after I made it, whereas they inquired about it beforehand. I might post it up in the future if people actually show interest again. :)

Please keep checking back, as I am currently setting up my shop right now and it's empty. I plan on selling decoden cases, mirrors, nail art, supplies, and anything else I can think of. :) Any suggestions, comments, or criticism is welcome! Just be gentle, please! lol.

Let's wrap this up. My Poupée for today.

so lovely in pink

Current music: WheeSung [네 심장이 쉬는 날]
Totally in love with VOCALATE♥♥♥