Monday, March 22, 2010

018. 新しいウィグ~♥

I finally got to try on my new wig. It's a lot lighter than I expected, but after a while I got used to the color.

Number 8/30# was what I was expecting, but it looks closer to 30# or 2t30#, I think.

See what I mean? I think it looks pretty nice though ♥ My boyfriend said it looks real, which kind of shocked me because it's so shiny... My real hair is so dull in comparison lol.

Of course looks much cuter with a hat! ♥

with flash~

I'm not sure if I'll be wearing it out soon though. I still don't have a wig cap, but I was so anxious to try it on. It basically feels like wearing a hat, so it's very comfortable. I do however want to start wearing it normally soon so that my real hair can take a rest from styling... damn my naturally curled hair! :P
Soon I hope to go out and buy some materials to start making decoden items and nail art again. I also hope that my room is back in working order; it looks like a tornado hit it, thanks to spring cleaning! :D I'm going to order some DS/DSi cases to deco, but actually getting to the decorating won't be for at least a month since shipping is super slow. That's okay though, since I still need to buy the materials!! ^^;;
My Poupée Girl for today!

true blue ♥
One last thing! Please check out this song by Kim Jong Kook called "This Is The Person". This is easily the sweetest song I have ever heard... the video made me cry because it was so damn cute!

Currently watching King of Queens season 2 (I LOVE this show!)



  1. Hehe I just ordered some clip-on bangs and I can't wait for them to come!

    I like the wig!

  2. Oh you're from Santa Clara?? haha small world! Yes I've been to the Morning Glory! I loove Babu!

    Have you been to Trendy Bean Cafe? I always eat there if I go to Santa Clara.

  3. I just bought a dress and trench coat from an online store . Really good quality. But I like your wig too. Hehe

  4. nice wig!!

    i love the colours!

    i think you should get a cap for it. it looks really really very gyaru with the cap ^^
    love it