Friday, November 19, 2010

031. hide Inspired nails

Just a quick update with [webcam] pictures of my latest nails. I've been listening to X JAPAN pretty much nonstop recently (minus the occasional KPop... *cough*) so I was inspired to do some nail art with an X JAPAN theme. Of course, I couldn't really figure out what to do (besides a bunch of X's on my nails, which would've seemed pretty bland and unoriginal). SO, after watching X JAPAN's LAST LIVE performance of "Rusty Nail" over and over, I became inspired to do nail art based on hide's famous guitars.
No makeup btw~

So they came out a little funky, but overall I love it. The black one was really hard to draw, since the guitar's design is so out-there.... it's hard to translate to nail art ><

hide's Fernandes MG-1455

hide's Fernandes MG-145X

and here's a link to the guitars:

Taken yesterday. Kinda wish I took a FOTD pic, since I really liked the way my makeup came out that day. Oh well. :P

To see more of my latest nail arts please visit my Poupee Girl!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

[029.] Quick post!

Yay yay yay! I finally splurged and bought myself a gel nail kit from Sally's Beauty Supply..... online. :P Why I don't just go in the store and buy it, I don't know. I like to avoid talking to sales people as much as possible, and this kit is behind the counter... yeah, dumb reason, but I do have a fear of possible rudeness from sales employees (there's a lot of 'em nowadays). Plus I got my ebates cashback, I think, well, supposed to! 6.0% would be awesome... but no emails yet. :(
+++ Also, free shipping for once [yessss!] since I bought one of the Halloween special items. I got a practice finger, which I've been wanting to buy for a while so that worked out haha.

So that's the kit I bought. There's some pretty good reviews about it, plus ibd is always in my Japanese nail magazines. I'm so sick of acrylic, it just messes up my nails and doesn't come out nicely. So I've been wanting to try out gel for a while, like I think I said. I still want to play with my acrylic and molds, but not acrylic overlay, because it's a pain in the butt!

And the practice finger, lol.
In total, it was $35.07, since the ibd kit happened to be on sale, whoot! It was $29.99, marked down from $34.99. :) 

Charles and I signing out. ...Now he's attacking my boyfriend's Dir en grey poster and crying. My boyfriend's pets are always so weird!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

027. Nail Art Collection

I finally found some time to doing my nails again and getting back into nail art a little bit. I decided to splurge a little for once and buy some tools for nail art, and decided to just go ahead and share my collection. I hope you're ready for this, because there's a ton of pictures coming up. :) In case you guys are interested in these items, I'll try to post prices and where I got them from to the best of my memory at the end of this post. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

026. Who else loves free samples? ♥

WARNING! Picture spam ahead!

So I was checking the Samples and coupons thread on Soompi, and someone mentioned that they finally got their free Revlon lipstick in the mail today. Excited, I went straight to my mailbox where sure enough, there was a package from Walgreen's for me, yipee! I also got a free sample from SouthBeach Living for a s'mores granola bar (thank you boyfriend!) and a sample of HUGO cologne (you're welcome boyfriend! lol). Well, enough talk, here's the pictures!

Also came with a $1.00 off coupon for ChapStick. :)

Isn't it a pretty color?

It's a pretty shimmery lipstick, and I think it's pretty close to my lip color. I only tried it on now, and it's night time, so maybe the crappy lighting is deceiving me. *Hope so.* :)

Sooo yummy! Also came with a $1.00 off coupon, which I think I'll have to use!

The corner is messed up since I wanted to smell it, lol. It smells sooooo good...! 
and the best part,


Okay, now time to spam pictures of my kitty, since he wouldn't leave me alone when I was taking pictures. :)

Playing with catnip! He went nuts... I tried to pull it away from him and he tried to scratch me, haha. He's a real spoiled brat!

'Oh, it's my ball, not yours! But, since you're family, I share. :D' If you get that stupid reference, you are officially awesome. XD

My backyard~ can you see my dog gettin' her tan on? 

Floppy ear!

I love my Pumpkin ♥


Okay, so that's about it for now. I need to go clothes shopping with my mom tomorrow for work clothes.... now, where the hell am I gonna find a pair of shiny black work shoes?? o_o


Friday, June 4, 2010


I've finally been able to make my own layout. I've tried several times to find a nice template, but I couldn't change the settings. I stumbled upon a layout generator, and spent probably 3 hours playing around with it. I'm super pleased with the new look, it's so much better! I hope you guys like it too. I think it's a lot easier on the eyes, but let me know what you think!

Also, I'm so excited that I've FINALLY landed a job! I get to make sandwiches and serve salad at Lucky's. Sounds silly, but I'm so excited to start. It really looks like fun! I can't wait to start making some money again. ♥

Aaaand, I leave with some pictures of pancakes I made a long time ago. I was craving pancakes for a while, so I finally made some from scratch. Don't they look yummy?

It's 3:43am, but I'm getting hungry!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

024. まだ久々ね。。

Once again, I've disappeared forever. But am back for the time being. ;)

Fanime is today, but I'm stuck at home because I'm too lazy to take the bus there. I really badly wanted to go yesterday, since FLOW (FLOWWWW!!!!) was performing, but I was sick. I was also really looking forward to meeting some long-time online friends from AsiaJam! ..Of ALL days to be sick, right? So I spent most of the day eating, cleaning, or sitting watching my sisters play Persona 4. I also found my camera! So I guess it's not all bad after all...

Well, the past month I've been working on my boyfriend's Hazama cosplay (of course I completely forgot about the tie until literally the last few minutes, so made him a really ghetto tie lol). Overall though, I'm very proud of what I've accomplished for my first real cosplay! I'll try to post pictures after Fanime weekend, since he's at a hotel with his friends (instead of here with lonely me, haha!)

Besides sewing and watching Celebrity Apprentice and ANTM (on cycle 8 now, love you Nata!), I've been trying to make more nails and some cases for fun. 

My first time using the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit. My nails felt so strong (and thick), it was strange, but nice to have strong nails for once! Too bad it left my natural nails in horrid condition! My nails are naturally thin, so I'm not sure I'll be using this again (at least not for a long time!)

I made these yesterday, and finished them today. They're a short round (and sparkly) version of the ones I made a while ago. MUCH more practical for wearing any day.
I also wanted to make one that is very simple. So, this is the result! I still think it's pretty cute though?

Probably my favorite item I made! It took me clear over an hour just to figure out how I wanted to put everything on it. I think it came out super girly, which is what I wanted haha. I'm currently using it to store my fruits pieces, though it used to be a bobby pin case. I just don't know what happened to the pins, lol. Nothing like Rock of Love to get your creativity running. (Can you tell I LOVE reality TV?)

I started making this one next, but it's not finished. It looks more like a Valentine's Day theme though; it's got kind of a ロマンチーク feel. XD I just don't know how to finish it, but I wanted to share it (and on Poupée since I'm running low on ribbons!) :P

I also finally made a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply. I'm still mad that they don't accept gift cards online... good 2 hours of my life wasted. I read about these mini lipsticks in their reviews, and I really wanted to try them. I had no idea they were SUPER mini! They're so tiny, but I'd like to try these before investing in more expensive lipsticks (newb). Not bad for only $.99.

I'm not really into lipgloss, but the color caught my eye. Plus it was on clearance, so I wanted to try it. Although I didn't notice until I got home that she accidentally charged me an extra dollar, grr. Oh well, the gift card was free... 

That's about it for now. Maybe when I'm in a better mood I'll write more or cam-whore. I washed my wig a few nights ago for the first time, and it's SO much nicer now. It was super tangled and shiny (so it looked a little fake to me), but I think now it's a little more dull and natural-looking. Plus it's super soft. I can't wait to wear it out! :P
Also... I've been seriously spamming this, but I think it's so funny and cool.

How many people can say that their grandpa's info was accidentally put in IMBD? They somehow got his birthday and death date mixed up with the actor's because they have the same name (except my grandpa goes by James J. Yagi, not James Yagi). FAIL! XD

Current music: SNSD [Oh!]
DAMN YOU COMCAST! ...Okay, no, I'm thrilled they have KPop videos, but now I'm addicted to this song. I'm not really a fan of SNSD, but this song is so damn catchy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

023. みんなの彼氏へ~♥

Okay, this is a quick post for the BOYFRIENDS of all you lovely gals!!

My boyfriend has been working on a new blog for a while, and I really wanted to share it with you gals to share with your boyfriends or guy friends, or anyone interested in technology. It's called Geeky Otter! Cute, isn't it? His blog so far contains a couple of reviews (including one on the iPad!), and will usually consist of such posts. I'm pretty sure his next post is going to be a review on his new Asus G73JH Laptop (and probably drooling over StarCraft II, haha!) so let your guy friends know, or take a look if you're interested too. :)


Thanks for reading! ~♥

Friday, April 30, 2010

022. 忘れちゃった~

I totally forgot I had something to write about. Whoops!

I made a new set of nails one night while watching the Project Runway finale! Stupid DVR though... someone didn't finish the pre-recorded episode, so when I pressed play it was still at the end and I saw who won!! Dammit. Well, at least it was who I wanted to win, but still. Just like when I watched the Oscars... I accidentally fast-forwarded all the way to the end, and deleted the whole show. D'oh! Has that happened to anyone else??

But anyways, enough rambling! :)

I think it turned out pretty cute, despite the uneven coating. That's Solar Power for you. :P Also, this time I used super glue to apply them! I wish I had thought of that before... *dumb* They're so long though, so I probably won't wear them unless I drop by Fanime or something. But it was still a very enjoyable 3 hours. ^^;

Also, if you have Poupée Girl, please Suteki and Comment! Here

Okay, time to watch Tyra and work on my boyfriend's cosplay some more! I'm so excited how well it's going... I made my first vest LOL! 


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I just wanted to leave a quick comment to let you guys know to tune in to OPRAH today! I know I probably should've mentioned this say, 3 days ago at least... but it just popped into my head last night. In any case, please watch her Earth Day special and support Mr. Ric O'Barry!!! He is an amazing dolphin activist who was featured in the movie "THE COVE", which won Best Documentary this year! PLEASE watch the movie and follow their cause via FACEBOOK!

Read about it on Oprah's page 

Add the CAUSE "'The Cove' - Save Japan Dolphins" and add your friends!

And PLEASE be sure to sign their petition to get the word out to President Obama and the Prime Minister of Japan, as well as the general public!!!

Thanks for your time girls! Comments are always appreciated, but I can't appreciate them enough here. If you've seen The Cove, then I am beyond happy!!! I know it's a very hard film to watch, but please don't put it off any longer! - KT

Thursday, April 15, 2010

021. 頭が痛いわ~♥

My head hurts. But anyways, just a quick post.

I'm very happy I finally purchased some acrylic brushes! Last I checked, the cheapest I could find was $7 on ebay. I got super lucky to find a 5 BRUSH SET for only $11!            ∑(O_O;)Shock!!

I bought them at an ebay shop called "24/Seven". 

Check it out here♥ 

Today I hung out with Jorge and Jessica, whom I haven't 
seen in ages!! We mostly hung out at De Anza, but we also
walked over to Marukai and got yummy food!

I normally don't eat curry, but it called to me~ actually, 
I used to hate curry, then loved it, then hated it again. 
I guess I love it again. ^^ Not bad for only $3.50!


Current music: MC Mong [BUBBLE LOVE ft. Seo In Young]

I finally got around to loving this song as well! ~♥

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

020. ランダム!~♥


Whoo-hoo! My Sensei grouped us together for our midterm last night, so I know we got an A. Carlaさん and Jasonさん are very smart, and we made a good group. Our test was on comprehension, proverbs, kanji, and sentence translations, and we were pretty confident in our answers haha. Well, except one proverb... all 3 of us forgot what it was. Oh well. So, I guess depending on how many points each proverb is worth, maybe we didn't get an A! XD We also got to take our test in the back room, since the group next to us was SO loud (and they obviously didn't study lol). He even gave us candy and offered us tea. Well, we expected Sensei to give it to us, but he kinda threw us a tea packet and walked away lol!

My mom and sister are watching GLEE right now... I think I'm starting to like this show. x_x

I posted an ad on Craigslist for my bird. He flew away about 3 weeks ago... I hope someone finds him! I wish I thought about Craigslist before though. I already got 3 people responding to my post (one lady thought another person found him, and another man suggested a pet finding website). It's just good to know people on there are willing to help!!

If you or someone you know lives around Santa Clara/Sunnyvale/San Jose/Saratoga area, please look out for him! He could be anywhere. :(

I've been staying up until about 4am either doing nail art, working on my boyfriend's cosplay... or playing Sims 3! Back to the nail art though... this is what I made a few nights ago. Sorry it's only one nail so far.. XD

It didn't come out as cute as I hoped, but not too bad for my first time drawing. :P Oh, and that's not nail polish!! I drew the bear and hearts with paint! 楽しかったです!The right nail is supposed to be a donut.... XD It doesn't look that great, but I'll try to make it better next time! :)

Okay, that's all for now. I didn't really know what to write about this time, which is why it's ランダム! =)


Friday, April 9, 2010

019. うれしいですぅ!~♥


Just a quick post since I have once again been neglecting this blog. 

I'm SO HAPPY I sold my first handmade item in my etsy Shop!

I hope I will be able to make more かわいい nails that gals will love in the future. ♥ 

Please visit my shop! key Shop

I feel really inspired right now, but I guess I'm going to have to apply that towards cosplay right now. Today has felt really productive all of a sudden; went to Jo-Ann Fabrics with the boyfriend (for about the 4th time!), and we finally bought fabric for the his cosplay! I think we spent about 2 hours in the store deciding on fabric, then going through a change of heart on what he wanted to cosplay. XD

For the BlazBlue fans, he's dressing up as HAZAMA from Calamity Trigger. We almost decided on Hei from DARKER THAN BLACK though, because it would be easier hehe. Well, I should be getting to that now!!

日本語のクラスは月曜日にMid Termを勉強しないといけない。。。;At least I think that's right LOL! That's why I need to studyyyyy... I completely bombed the last comprehension test because I studied the wrong dialogs, ugh! This weekend is going to be busy, busy, busy for me, but I guess I could use a break from playing Sims 3.  =P



Monday, March 22, 2010

018. 新しいウィグ~♥

I finally got to try on my new wig. It's a lot lighter than I expected, but after a while I got used to the color.

Number 8/30# was what I was expecting, but it looks closer to 30# or 2t30#, I think.

See what I mean? I think it looks pretty nice though ♥ My boyfriend said it looks real, which kind of shocked me because it's so shiny... My real hair is so dull in comparison lol.

Of course looks much cuter with a hat! ♥

with flash~

I'm not sure if I'll be wearing it out soon though. I still don't have a wig cap, but I was so anxious to try it on. It basically feels like wearing a hat, so it's very comfortable. I do however want to start wearing it normally soon so that my real hair can take a rest from styling... damn my naturally curled hair! :P
Soon I hope to go out and buy some materials to start making decoden items and nail art again. I also hope that my room is back in working order; it looks like a tornado hit it, thanks to spring cleaning! :D I'm going to order some DS/DSi cases to deco, but actually getting to the decorating won't be for at least a month since shipping is super slow. That's okay though, since I still need to buy the materials!! ^^;;
My Poupée Girl for today!

true blue ♥
One last thing! Please check out this song by Kim Jong Kook called "This Is The Person". This is easily the sweetest song I have ever heard... the video made me cry because it was so damn cute!

Currently watching King of Queens season 2 (I LOVE this show!)


Saturday, March 20, 2010

017. おギャル様!*~♥

Once again, too lazy to blog. ホントウにごめんね~

I ordered a wig on Friday from a girl on Soompi, and it came in the mail today! (I totally thought today was Sunday, so that was a nice surprise). I haven't seen it yet though, since my sister called and told me. (^w^)Here's a stock picture though:

I've been wanting a wig for so long now, and since I got my taxes back, I thought I'd finally buy one. Especially since the price was good: $36 shipped! The rest is going to credit card bills *cries*
I can't wait to try it on ♥

I found this video on a forum I frequent, which I found really interesting and fun to watch. It's about Japanese women who wear wigs. Watch!

Also, please check my Etsy shop!

I had an idea last night to add more items besides just decoden and nail art. I was thinking mini top hats, cell charms, giant bows, etc. So please be on the lookout for them! Any suggestions are also appreciated! ♥

Saturday, March 6, 2010

016. ハローぅ、ラブリーギャルさん!♥

If you can't read the title, it says "Hello, Lovely Gals!" (o^-')b


This is going to sound strange, but I'm so happy I got my taxes! I was freaking out because I never received them back in January or February at the latest, then I found them on the dining room table........ See, this is why I ask people in my house to put my mail in my room, so I don't run around the house complaining about not getting my money, lol.

As I mentioned in my last entry, I was planning on opening a little shop on Etsy. So far, I've gotten two items up. I'm still getting used to just navigating Etsy, so it's going to take some time before it really even looks like a presentable shop. Also, when I get my taxes sent in and get my money back, I'll be able to buy more supplies, yay! I'm so broke, it's awful. That's one reason I decided to open a shop, so I can pay back my boyfriend for one thing. He's so sweet, he bought me this ridiculously awesome Asus computer! I'm just happy he finally saved up enough money to buy himself is even sexier HP Envy! ♥ Now to keep myself from deco-ing my computer..... lol jk. (*^.^*)~

Ah, yes. I went out and bought some couplers, a new tip (for decoden) and cellphone covers! I'm not sure if I'm going to sell the covers, or else I'm thinking about cutting them and decorating them. I might just start out on my phone for now, since I can always buy more. Speaking of my phone, if I'm going to keep it, I seriously need a new HyperSim, since my $30 one finally gave out.

It's a DoCoMo P906i in pink

So while I wait for TurboTax to finish updates and whatnot, I found some pictures me and my boyfriend took in Monterey and on our Anniversary! Time for picture splurge...

My anniversary present for my boyfriend! I was so excited to draw McCartney, and it came out looking nothing like him! (ノ_-。)
Can you see Chuckie and Tommy in the background too?? We love Rugrats! (^∇^)

one of my presents! i also got manjyuu, mmmmm!


Family portrait! haha Catbus and Mr. Otter!

Also, my nails from about a month ago! I want to make more ♥

Okay, enough for now. Here's my latest Poupée Girl dress up! Let's be friends!