Tuesday, May 4, 2010

023. みんなの彼氏へ~♥

Okay, this is a quick post for the BOYFRIENDS of all you lovely gals!!

My boyfriend has been working on a new blog for a while, and I really wanted to share it with you gals to share with your boyfriends or guy friends, or anyone interested in technology. It's called Geeky Otter! Cute, isn't it? His blog so far contains a couple of reviews (including one on the iPad!), and will usually consist of such posts. I'm pretty sure his next post is going to be a review on his new Asus G73JH Laptop (and probably drooling over StarCraft II, haha!) so let your guy friends know, or take a look if you're interested too. :)


Thanks for reading! ~♥


  1. Hiya Katie! ^^

    Just stumbled across your site on a Blogspot spree, and I'm pretty sure I remember you from AsiaJam, right?! O_O If not, I apologise. You just kinda look like this girl who used to post on a forum called AsiaJam. XDD;;;

    And aww, that's so cool that your boyfriend opened a site --- More guys need to start blogging! Like 95% of all the bloggers I know online are girls. o_O; It's kinda weird, LOL.

    But anyway, I've bookmarked your site, so I shall be back again in the futureeee. :3

  2. HOLY CRAP IT'S MALLORY! Yeah it's me! LOL! I had a similar moment of randomly finding people I used to know recently... don't you love it when that happens? :P

    Seriously! I think over my time of blogging (since xanga was popular years ago!), I've only known maybe 3 guy bloggers haha!

    Yayy hope to hear from you soon! ^^