Wednesday, August 31, 2011

78. key's room GIVEAWAY WINNER is...!

BEFORE I GET TO THAT... or if you want, you can just scroll down and look hungrily for your name, I won't know anyway. :)

I wanted to say thank you for showing interest in my first giveaway and (hopefully) my blog! I'm sorry it took such an insanely long time for me to put an end date on this. The giveaway is officially CLOSED with a total of 248 valid entries! O_O I wonder who the winner will be.... seriously I haven't picked yet LOL. I wonder wonder wonder.... what's in a wonder ball~ who remembers those?! OMG they were fucking AMAZING... disgusting, but AMAZING! 

Okay, enough dawdling! I'll be letting the ever-so-over-used RANDOM.ORG generator decide!!!

I don't have a fancy excel program or anything like that, so I just listed each entry in order with a number in a plain text program. :)

and the result is....

Friday, August 19, 2011

76. Review: EOS G-208 Max Candy Jewel circle lenses in blue

I'm finally here with a circle lens review! Oh, I'm so excited to FINALLY getting around to some reviews! *dances* 

Today I shall be reviewing the EOS G-208 Max Candy Jewels in Blue! Purchased from 
KiwiBerry1-Collection and kindly sponsored by Review Circle Lens *thank you!*