Friday, November 19, 2010

031. hide Inspired nails

Just a quick update with [webcam] pictures of my latest nails. I've been listening to X JAPAN pretty much nonstop recently (minus the occasional KPop... *cough*) so I was inspired to do some nail art with an X JAPAN theme. Of course, I couldn't really figure out what to do (besides a bunch of X's on my nails, which would've seemed pretty bland and unoriginal). SO, after watching X JAPAN's LAST LIVE performance of "Rusty Nail" over and over, I became inspired to do nail art based on hide's famous guitars.
No makeup btw~

So they came out a little funky, but overall I love it. The black one was really hard to draw, since the guitar's design is so out-there.... it's hard to translate to nail art ><

hide's Fernandes MG-1455

hide's Fernandes MG-145X

and here's a link to the guitars:

Taken yesterday. Kinda wish I took a FOTD pic, since I really liked the way my makeup came out that day. Oh well. :P

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