Sunday, May 29, 2011

60. Quick post!!!


Fanime so far has been absolutely amazing. There's been lots of headaches and confusion, but it all became SO worth it. I was lucky enough to meet YOSHIKI. (I seriously mean LUCKY, I'll explain later.) I'll never forget that moment. He's so beautiful up close, I almost started crying, I was shaking so much! I'll be back in a few days with a proper sum up of Fanime Con 2011 and of course tons of photos from YOSHIKI's panel. I also was lucky enough to see FLOW this year! I think I'm in love with the guitarist.... he's SO fucking cute!! [But not as hot as YOSHIKI] <3

I took video the entire time YOSHIKI was there, minus maybe a couple minutes near the end when I hit 1 hour lol. I'll be sure to upload and share that experience asap!!!

Please look forward to my next post!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011


Kiki of [Kawaii Kiki] is holding her first giveaway! She hit 40 followers and launching the opening of her new Etsy store! Following up with my repost and check out what you can win and how!


Here's what you can win:

x1 Sheet of decoden rhinestones
x1 Eye patch mask
x1 Double eyelid glue
x1 Pair of Forever 21 false lashes
x1 Iwako Japanese crepe with whipped cream eraser
x1 Chocolate flavored cupcake-shaped lipgloss
x1 Hello Kitty tissues
x1 Set of Kawaii Kiki handmade hairbows in Silky Leopard
x1 Forever 21 pink leopard print cosmetics bag
x3 Set of Forever 21 pink crystal bracelets
x1 Pair of GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green circle lenses

How do I enter?

You must be a follower of her blog
This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY.
For each entry (up to 3) you must make a NEW POST.
- Comment on her post with your name, email address and blog URL
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My sister found her camera in her room under a pile of clothes. How did I know she'd find it in her room? I'm totally relieved. Now I can go back to being insanely excited for YOSHIKI!!! Got my roses, pictures.... just wish I could find the key to my boyfriend's room so I could grab the X JAPAN tickets, oh well.. 
STILL EXCITING!!! I can't wait to share pictures from Fanime so far <3 My GOD, my sister got a shit ton of people asking for pictures!! She was cosplaying as Juri from SFIV, but now she's thinking of not cosplaying as her on Sunday after all LOL


(Feel free to skip this mini rant)

I wrote an entire rant about something going on at my house, but decided not to share it right now. I'm feeling like absolute shit right before Fanime, I can't even feel excited for YOSHIKI right now. Basically: my little sister won a brand new Samsung Infuse phone from a Glee concert. I was the last person who was looking at it in the living room, and now it's missing. My mom's blaming me, and saying someone probably came in the house and stole it, and it's my fault. Ugh.

Don't you just LOVE when something AMAZING happens to you, and something just as SHITTY has to break you down. I hope it fucking shows up...

Sorry, had to let it out. Just left out all the details, it's too much to read... I dunno if someone broke in or not, but we've had shit stolen before. I just don't understand how the possibility of someone breaking into our house and stealing it leaves me liable. Besides, my $1000 laptop was sitting next to the couch too. 

Well, as for the rest of you, I hope you'll enjoy the weekend. I have the next 3 days off, but not sure I'll be getting to enjoy it. That's my Fanime weekend. Last year I was sick, and this year.... this. Awesome.

Monday, May 23, 2011

59. Amazing news, latest purchases, more circle lenses!

I have the most amazing news to share. I couldn't believe it when my friend told me (seriously, I thought he was being an ass), but it's true. When I read it for myself, I had a mini freak out including a bit of squealing, and then started crying, and back to freaking out. 


YOSHIKI is coming to FANIME.

this sexy ass man. ohh yeah.

I gave a tip to TokyoHive (because I'm awesome) and almost kept it to myself since by that time only 2 people responded to the thread on the Fanime forums. But hell, YOSHIKI would want everyone to come support the YOSHIKI FOUNDATION, and I'd love for everyone to be able to see him too. 

It's so amazing how this happened to be. I wasn't even planning on going to Fanime this year, until I heard FLOW was coming back. Then I found out they are performing at MusicFest again on Saturday night, so I made sure to get that day off from work. Then I heard YOSHIKI was going to be at ACEN in Chicago, and of course I had to rage TokyoHive and YOSHIKI's facebook with "COME TO FUCKING FANIME!" comments. And of course, Fanime decides to be awesome this year and out of the blue ask him to come, and he happens to be free for Saturday night. Panel and autograph session. Holy fuck. No, not sayin' it's fate or stars aligned because I asked for it. It's just finally my year.

My boyfriend had a great idea to print out some photos from the Oakland show we took to have him autograph. I'm totally brining the one I took of him laying on his crystal piano. Perfect. I'm also hoping either my boyfriend or one of my sisters (gonna have to drag one of them in there haha) will be nice enough to get our tickets autographed :D OH, and I'm gonna try and get my YOSHIKITTY signed. GOD I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED. *huff huff*


Okay, I'll calm down for now. Gotta save all my energy for next Saturday. 8D

OH, A few days ago I decided to buy some stuff from Wet Seal online during their $.99 shipping promotion. I've been in desperate need of sandals; I'm so sick of wearing my ugly black work shoes around everywhere because I'm too lazy to lace up my sneakers. And because I'm such a penny-pincher, I only shopped in the clearance section! Here's my super mini order.

Originally $14.80, steal at $8.99

Originally $12.50, steal at $7.99

Originally $7.50, steal at $4.99 

My total order came out to $17.87. Not bad considering how I rarely purchase clothes or shoes for myself unless for work. I'm sure the sandals are gonna be pretty crap quality, or maybe I'll be wrong, but either way the price is right.


 are Today I got my code from FobbyBarbie for a free pair of lenses! I did a review of my Princess Mimi Apple Green's a while ago and sent the review to FobbyBarbie. You can see it HERE.

So here's the 2 lenses I chose! I can't wait to get them!

I'm recently obsessing over grey lenses, so naturally I gravitated to wanting these. I hope they look alright on me; I think this is one of the better lenses for lighter eyes? *waits for Noxin's holy opinion* <3 I like lenses with a defined outer ring too, so I'm also eyeing the EOS Baby Candy Doll series (I was going to order those as my very first lens but cancelled and kinda regret).

And the second...

What caught my eye of this series was actually the grey lens. It reminded me a lot of the Princess Mimi Sesame Greys which I so badly want. I showed my boyfriend all the lenses though, and his favorite was the green (even though he said he likes me best with grey lol). What I failed to realize until just now though, is these are advertised [elsewhere] at 16mm. O_O Hopefully it's one of those lenses that's just grossly over-exaggerated in terms of size, but we'll see.

So in total, my order came to $23.50. Shipping turned out to be $7.50 instead of $2.50 as they mentioned in their email, but I'm not really complaining since I got a pair for free.

I'll be sure to do reviews of these when I have a chance! 


On a random note, have you gals heard about the Dolly Wink limited edition lash set?? Thanks to NANA for the heads up (and damn gorgeous photos!)

I really want to track this down. I'm hoping Mitsuwa will be carrying it, since it's supposedly the same price as one set of lashes alone! I've been dying to try Dolly Wink lashes, so of course this would be a perfect opportunity to do so. I just hope that in the case Mitsuwa does carry it, the markup isn't ridiculous just because it's limited... at this point though, I'm hoping they carry it at all (or it's still in stock!)


That's all for now. I just felt like blogging something more beauty-related (and YOSHIKI, lol), and to keep myself motivated on blogging. Had a good and bad day in one, and writing is really good therapy. I hope I can head over to Mitsuwa to track this down tomorrow! *excited*


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Anna of [IM SO JELLY] is having her first giveaway to commemorate hitting 200+ followers! Congrats, gorgeous! Here's my repost of her giveaway, and if you'd like to enter, click the banner below.


Here's what you can win:

x1 Candy Doll Minteral Powder
x1 Candy Doll Limited Edition lip gloss in Passion Pink
x2 Mickey Mouse cell phone straps
x1 Rilakkuma memopad
x1 Rilakkuma 3D stickers
x1 Hisamitsu face mask
x1 VOV eyelashes with glue
x1 Spring heart eyelash glue
x1 Handmade chocolates
+ BONUS gift *tbd*


How do I enter?

You must be a follower of her blog
This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY.
- Comment on her post with you name and email address
- Make a blog post using the same image above (+2)
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ANY extra (+x) entries you use, please include them in the entry with your name and email :)
That's a total of 7 possible entries!

The winner will be notified via your email and requires response within 7 days.


So get those entires in!


Sorry for lack of posts. I'll be back soon with pictures from my trip down to Monterey soon :D


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

57. New layout, 100 followers!

Yup, another new layout. I finally figured out how to fix that stupid menu bar, and I also realized how crappy it looked in my old layout. I love the refresh, and I keep seeing tons of other blogs' layouts being updated, so I was inspired to change mine up as well. I think it's a LOT better now. I say that each time, but with every refresh you move on with more knowledge for next time. :3

Also, I finally hit 100 followers! THANK YOU for showing interest in my blog, it means a lot to me! I'll keep doing my best to write interesting posts for you guys, and with that, I'll be working on a giveaway in the mean time. It probably won't be up until I hit 200 followers, because I'm just that lazy. Either way, I hope you guys will continue to enjoy visiting my blog, and let me know what you'd like to see more of!

Hauls? Reviews? Food? Pets? Giveaways? Contests? Video games? (I promised the Facebook Shenmue community I would spam more Shenmue here anyways HAHA) etc etc. 
Just let me know!! I'm off to work on the layout a bit more and steal the boyfriend's yummy Korean food!
So until next time,


Monday, May 2, 2011

54. hide/ヒデ (X JAPAN) inspired nail art


Today is May 2nd. As any X JAPAN fan knows, 13 years ago today is when hide passed away. I don't want to make this post super depressing, but rather I wanted to share my inspiration to celebrate hide's life in my own little creative way. Yeah, nail art. :3

I've done X JAPAN/hide inspired nails in the past and they're among my top favorite designs so far. Here's a couple pictures of my old nail art...

More pictures in my old blog post HERE
I failed to post the nail polishes I used. I can't remember exactly what they were, but here's my best guess anyways:
Poshé anti-microbial basecoat
China Glaze 653 Solar Power
Wet n Wild 461 Lady Luck
Top Coat
Seche Vite Ultra-V UV Top Coat

Poshé anti-microbial basecoat
Wet n Wild 424A Black Crème
Wet n Wild 405 Sunny Side
Wet n Wild 414A Red Red
Maybelline Express Finish (green)
China Glaze 653 Solar Power
Black comic pen (ended up smearing lol)
Top Coat
Seche Vite Ultra-V UV Top Coat

X JAPAN/hide inspired.

Poshé anti-microbial basecoat
ZOYA in Raven
Sephora by O.P.I. in High Maintenance
(from the 18 piece mini set)
China Glaze 653 Solar Power
Sephora by O.P.I. in High Maintenance (?)
Top Coat
Seche Vite Ultra-V UV Top Coat


And for today's inspired nails
note that some images are flipped backwards :)


Nail polishes used...

Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener
Sparkle Base
Wet n Wild 460D Kaleidoscope
ZOYA in Pippa
Hearts, hide/ヒデ
Wet n Wild 461 Lady Luck
Wet n Wild 424A
Top Coat
Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener
(I lost my UV top coat *sad*)

on my left hand i wrote "hide" on my ring finger, and 「ヒデ」on my right index finger

I can no longer draw hearts with my left hand! They all came out looking more like mickey mouse heads (ô_ô;;)

♥ for X JAPAN

me wearing my hide shirt & my YOSHIKITTY from my boyfriend 
I also tried doing my makeup inspired by hide's famous yellow and blue jumper and his hair, but it's really not worth showing, it came out so neutral haha. Maybe next year I'll cut my hair and dye it pink! (^ε^)


Sadly while I was re-organized my nail polish box, I noticed one of my nail polishes spilled a bit on my ZOYA bottle, and stupidly I tried to scrape it off with my nail, so the turquoise polish transferred onto my middle and pinky fingers (pinky? why-- how?) So I gotta redo those nails, ugh, what a pain.

For fun here's some pictures of my nail polish box :P


And after! I messed it up when someone moved my box into the living room and I was carrying it back to the garage haha. That's not even all my polishes XD


Thank you hide for your endless inspiration! Can't wait to see you on the X Summer Tour 

My favorite special live, I've probably watched at least 100 times. Enjoy!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

53. Video game nostalgia!

I just felt like writing a bit more beyond my usual ramblings on makeup or G-Market, and share some of my most favorite games of all-time from my youngin days (^ε^) I hope you enjoy!


Okay, so I'm not super into video games like my boyfriend or even my family; playing all the latest games and buying new consoles. I know Portal 2 just came out, but I don't know what the heck that is haha. I even have the new Nintendogs game, but I rarely play that other than to feed and water my dogs. I absolutely love my old games though, and play them over and over again!

What are your thoughts on video games? Do you prefer to relive old games or do you run out and buy the new hyped about games? What are your all-time favorite games??

Skies of Arcadia

I just randomly decided to look up Skies of Arcadia on youtube, and now find myself watching all sorts of videos, and of course, now I want to play again so badly! Has anyone played this game?? It first came out on DreamCast, and then rereleased on GameCube about 3 years later with the subtitle Legends.  I had the DreamCast version, and couldn't even get past the first boss.... (・_・;)

Damn Rekumen!!! Had to wait until GameCube version to figure this out *dumb*

Well, I beat it another 6 times ? Yeah! Take that! ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ (LOL)

Here's the introduction to the game. And if you like what you see, here's the beginning sequence to the game :D

Each time I play this game I put in at least 60+ hours, and even then I still haven't unlocked all the bosses or found all the discoveries or treasures. I've been trying to for 10 years, and still haven't managed to do so LOL! Please check this game out if you have access to a GameCube or DreamCast; in my opinion it's one of [you'll see why it's not THE] best DreamCast games ever made, and tons of new features were added on the GameCube version as well :D

And of course some pictures of the adorable Vyse <3

If you played Valkyria Chronicles, Vyse, Aika and Fina make cameos! <3 Hint at a sequel?? I heard rumor that Rieko Kodama (Designer) would love to work on it, and I would love to play it! >w<



In my holy opinion: the greatest DreamCast game ever made.

And one of the biggest fucking cliffhangers in video game history.

Game Trailers agrees.
Top 10 Necessary Sequals

And guess what's at #9 ????

I played this game when I was 10. My mom actually went online looking for good games, and bought this and Skies of Arcadia since they were on tons of peoples' wish lists. I can't thank my mom enough for allowing me into the amazing world of Shenmue. And giving me the biggest heartache of my life. I finished this game in the 5th grade, and was completely heartbroken at the ending not actually being an ending. It would take another 2 years for a sequal, and about 3 for me to play it, and again, heartbroken and frustrated by another cliffhanger! WTF?

I'm praying for an ending to this 10 year madness. Actually, Yu Suzuki himself gave us his ending, but of course, as generous a gesture it is.... XD

Thanks for keeping the spirit of Shenmue alive Suzuki, but, cans I has game nao plox?

At least so I can get more Ren? I actually completely filled up my photo album with screenshots of him in Shenmue II on xbox... *drool*

I need to find my Shenmue II game. It's hard to find pictures of Ren online! (´・ω・`)

In any case, here's the very first appearance of Ren <333

FUCKING HELL I want to play this now! I think the last time I played this was about 3 years ago! Maybe even longer; I think it was actually closer to when XBox 360 came out... thank god I have 2 days off this week to play!! :D

This game is actually really reasonably priced on ebay, so if you own an XBox/360 I highly recommend you getting it! That is, if you don't mind the mind-fuck of a cliffhanger. Well, maybe for you it wouldn't be so bad; try waiting 10 fucking years for an ending to this damn game! XD And if you don't own a DreamCast, Shenmue II includes a bonus "movie" that basically sums up the entire first part of the game. Of course it's a lot more fun to play, but if you don't want to spend an extra $50 on the console, get the game! GET IT NAO! ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ (I freaking love this icon)

Also, I think this video is well worth watching. I think it's fan made, and absolutely amazing. Basically their rendition of what Shenmue III would be like...

I also squealed a little at a video by IGN (link here) that Shenmue III may be in the works!! I'm praying...


So that was my random post about my two all-time favorite video games. I'd love to hear what your interests in video games are, if you'd be willing to play these games given the chance, or if you already have, what did you think of them? :D

I'll leave this post with a list of my other favorite games, some that have entertained me as far as when I was only 6 years old. Some games, yeah, a bit childish, but at least I'm admitting I loved them at some point in time, and in no particular order.


Monter Rancher 1
Monster Rancher 2
Digimon World 1
MS Saga: A New Dawn
Radiata Stories (Nami Tamaki is in it!)
Brave Fencer Musashi
Persona 3
Persona 4

Nintendo 64
Kirby 64
Gauntlet Legends
Starfox 64
Donkey Kong 64
Pokemon Stadium 1
Pokemon Snap

102 Dalmations: Puppies to the Rescue (I still find it fun ;o;)
Mr. Driller
Sonic Adventures 1
Sonic Adventures 2

Super Nintendo
Super Mario World

GameBoy Series
Pretty much every Pokemon game until about Ruby, then I stopped. My sisters and my boyfriend are all playing now though! I'm the one that still has my merchandise from the Burger King Gold Plated Cards mint in their boxes to macaroni and cheese cartons *DORK*

Maybe I'll post pictures of that next time. HAH.