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53. Video game nostalgia!

I just felt like writing a bit more beyond my usual ramblings on makeup or G-Market, and share some of my most favorite games of all-time from my youngin days (^ε^) I hope you enjoy!


Okay, so I'm not super into video games like my boyfriend or even my family; playing all the latest games and buying new consoles. I know Portal 2 just came out, but I don't know what the heck that is haha. I even have the new Nintendogs game, but I rarely play that other than to feed and water my dogs. I absolutely love my old games though, and play them over and over again!

What are your thoughts on video games? Do you prefer to relive old games or do you run out and buy the new hyped about games? What are your all-time favorite games??

Skies of Arcadia

I just randomly decided to look up Skies of Arcadia on youtube, and now find myself watching all sorts of videos, and of course, now I want to play again so badly! Has anyone played this game?? It first came out on DreamCast, and then rereleased on GameCube about 3 years later with the subtitle Legends.  I had the DreamCast version, and couldn't even get past the first boss.... (・_・;)

Damn Rekumen!!! Had to wait until GameCube version to figure this out *dumb*

Well, I beat it another 6 times ? Yeah! Take that! ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ (LOL)

Here's the introduction to the game. And if you like what you see, here's the beginning sequence to the game :D

Each time I play this game I put in at least 60+ hours, and even then I still haven't unlocked all the bosses or found all the discoveries or treasures. I've been trying to for 10 years, and still haven't managed to do so LOL! Please check this game out if you have access to a GameCube or DreamCast; in my opinion it's one of [you'll see why it's not THE] best DreamCast games ever made, and tons of new features were added on the GameCube version as well :D

And of course some pictures of the adorable Vyse <3

If you played Valkyria Chronicles, Vyse, Aika and Fina make cameos! <3 Hint at a sequel?? I heard rumor that Rieko Kodama (Designer) would love to work on it, and I would love to play it! >w<



In my holy opinion: the greatest DreamCast game ever made.

And one of the biggest fucking cliffhangers in video game history.

Game Trailers agrees.
Top 10 Necessary Sequals

And guess what's at #9 ????

I played this game when I was 10. My mom actually went online looking for good games, and bought this and Skies of Arcadia since they were on tons of peoples' wish lists. I can't thank my mom enough for allowing me into the amazing world of Shenmue. And giving me the biggest heartache of my life. I finished this game in the 5th grade, and was completely heartbroken at the ending not actually being an ending. It would take another 2 years for a sequal, and about 3 for me to play it, and again, heartbroken and frustrated by another cliffhanger! WTF?

I'm praying for an ending to this 10 year madness. Actually, Yu Suzuki himself gave us his ending, but of course, as generous a gesture it is.... XD

Thanks for keeping the spirit of Shenmue alive Suzuki, but, cans I has game nao plox?

At least so I can get more Ren? I actually completely filled up my photo album with screenshots of him in Shenmue II on xbox... *drool*

I need to find my Shenmue II game. It's hard to find pictures of Ren online! (´・ω・`)

In any case, here's the very first appearance of Ren <333

FUCKING HELL I want to play this now! I think the last time I played this was about 3 years ago! Maybe even longer; I think it was actually closer to when XBox 360 came out... thank god I have 2 days off this week to play!! :D

This game is actually really reasonably priced on ebay, so if you own an XBox/360 I highly recommend you getting it! That is, if you don't mind the mind-fuck of a cliffhanger. Well, maybe for you it wouldn't be so bad; try waiting 10 fucking years for an ending to this damn game! XD And if you don't own a DreamCast, Shenmue II includes a bonus "movie" that basically sums up the entire first part of the game. Of course it's a lot more fun to play, but if you don't want to spend an extra $50 on the console, get the game! GET IT NAO! ヽ((◎д◎ ))ゝ (I freaking love this icon)

Also, I think this video is well worth watching. I think it's fan made, and absolutely amazing. Basically their rendition of what Shenmue III would be like...

I also squealed a little at a video by IGN (link here) that Shenmue III may be in the works!! I'm praying...


So that was my random post about my two all-time favorite video games. I'd love to hear what your interests in video games are, if you'd be willing to play these games given the chance, or if you already have, what did you think of them? :D

I'll leave this post with a list of my other favorite games, some that have entertained me as far as when I was only 6 years old. Some games, yeah, a bit childish, but at least I'm admitting I loved them at some point in time, and in no particular order.


Monter Rancher 1
Monster Rancher 2
Digimon World 1
MS Saga: A New Dawn
Radiata Stories (Nami Tamaki is in it!)
Brave Fencer Musashi
Persona 3
Persona 4

Nintendo 64
Kirby 64
Gauntlet Legends
Starfox 64
Donkey Kong 64
Pokemon Stadium 1
Pokemon Snap

102 Dalmations: Puppies to the Rescue (I still find it fun ;o;)
Mr. Driller
Sonic Adventures 1
Sonic Adventures 2

Super Nintendo
Super Mario World

GameBoy Series
Pretty much every Pokemon game until about Ruby, then I stopped. My sisters and my boyfriend are all playing now though! I'm the one that still has my merchandise from the Burger King Gold Plated Cards mint in their boxes to macaroni and cheese cartons *DORK*

Maybe I'll post pictures of that next time. HAH.

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  1. FFFFFFFFFFFF- Monster Rancher! <33 I remember that show-- and the adverts on TV for the game...

    And I am a huuuggee old game fan. :] I still have my Dreamcast and GameBoy Color. <33 My best friend has an N64 and a PS, so between us, we have most bases covered (can you say Spyro the Dragon and Pokemon games?). Haha. I just.... miss my Genesis and Super Nintendo. ; 3; (My mum sold them without telling me. Ugh.)

    And Shenmue!! o: My brother used to make this huge deal about it, but I never really played it. o: If it's that awesome, I'll definitely have to buy it or burn it. (I definitely need to switch from my ongoing Sonic Adventure 2 addiction. Heh heh...)

    Giirrrlll, you make me wanna' go out and scavenge more old games~. C:<