Saturday, April 30, 2011

52. Long time no post! Food, goodies, makeup~ *IMG HEAVY*

Finally a day off after 4 days of work, and time to blog. <3 Here's some random goings-on so I don't end up writing an entire essay. :)


- Finally got my permit! IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME RIGHT!?
- Boyfriend gots himself an iPhone 4. White, of course. :D
- Found a steal on an '08 Prius for $19k, $750 down payment, $375/mo! :O
- Found an even better deal on '07 Prius, $17k!! O_O Gonna work the numbers today... <3
- Paid off CapitalOne, yay yay! Only $600 more to go lmao
- My package from kawaiimagic at AsiaJam arrived! I won the outfit contest we do on the forums, so I got a bunch of goodies! *hugs* with pictures of course :D
- I found out I won G-MARKET's Top Bloggers for April, YAY! I also won during their Spring Promotions, so I won W65,000 total о(ж>▽<)y ☆
- I can finally wear my lenses for long periods of time... they get a little irritated from time to time, but not unbearable that I have to take them out at work. Anyone have recommendations for good eye drops?


now on to PICTURE SPAM!!

Dinner a few nights ago, made by the boyfriend, and DELICIOUS! Made with garlic cream he made at work and shrimp, ugh, I want more!

Went to CHINA CHINA last night! We haven't eaten there in at least 2 years, missed it so much.

Tons of 김치 this time! We got 2 of the 3 usuals: 탕수육 (tangsuyuk) and 자장면 (jajangmyun) <3

To be honest, my favorite tangsuyuk is from Tong Soon Garden, it has pineapple! <3 I also looove those little brown-things in the middle, anyone know what it is?? My boyfriend doesn't know either (・・;)


Sooooooo yummy! If you haven't tried it before, you simply must!

My awesome Darth Maul chopsticks. >:D My boyfriend has Luke Skywalker, but mine are better because they turn into one giant chopstick :D

Sure, thanks. XD

My boyfriend made a crazy bread, alternating with butter cream, raspberry, blueberry fillings and yogurt cream!

Butter cream is my favorite!

I wish I can experiment with food, but at least I can eat his experiments. No wonder I'm getting fat!!


As I mentioned, I got a package from one of the girls at AsiaJam <3 I was so super excited to get it, thank you so much!!


Body butter from Boots! OMG they smell soooo good, and they actually leave my skin soft and moisturized for a long time :O I hope I can find more of these, I'm in love!

Super adorable pens! >w<

I love blingin' out my phone with tons of gaudy straps HAHA! I can't wait to use this! She says it's supposed to light up when you receive a call, but it doesn't work anymore. I wouldn't have even noticed if she didn't tell me, but it's still adorable anyway ^^

Super cute mini notepad!

BB CREAM!! THANK YOU! I really wanted to try these same ones too, yay! I can't wait :D

I LOVE this gloss! I wonder if this is a drugstore brand? The packaging is so cute and very sturdy. The gloss itself keeps my lips nice and moisturized for a long time, I love this so much, thank you!

Before, only lipbalm. Please excuse the redness and uneven skin, also not wearing any makeup!

After! <3 It actually made my lip color more of a baby pink without any lipstick :o Also smells yummy, like caramel taffy? xD


Same day, playing with my circle lenses and my boyfriend's camera. :D

I want to steal this from him. :O

I really, really, really need a haircut. Split ends galore. Not to mention I had to make my hair look crazy like this on purpose because the layers are all grown out and just look BLAHH.

YAYY Japanese plums are growing in my backyard again! Have you tried them? Again, SUPER YUMMY! They only last for about a month or two, so have to eat a lot of them! My dog likes to bite them off the branches too haha! But have to wait for them to ripen </3

Eeek, my eye is a little red >< But I love the effect of the lenses :D

I showed my boyfriend this picture since I never wore my lenses in front of him. He said I looked pretty >wwwwwwww< Nice change from him calling me fat all the time HAHA!


I suppose I'll just go ahead with a FOTD! My very first, yeah? :D

Etude House Dream On Base in #1 Mint Dream
Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream
MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream in No.23 (WAY too dark for me now!)
Castledew diacut Cheek in #2 Lovely Dia
Smashbox Highlighter

Castledew diacut Eyes in BE903 Shine Jewel Dia (Browns)
Peripera Very Nice Eyeliner in Black
NYC Eyepencil in White
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara


Burt's Bees lip balm
Peripera Wonder Lip&Cheek in #2 Coral Peach
Missguided lipsplash gloss

GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green


So that's pretty much it for today. I'm probably going to switch out lenses and wear my CL21 Aquas instead. No one ever noticed when I wear them, except for the occasionally redness wahaha... Definitely my favorite everyday lens, even moreso than my Max Pure Browns :D

Now hopefully off to Hyundai dealership to drive off with a new car (er, used!) *crosses fingers*



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  2. LOL at the chopsticks! And man you're so cute~!

    I'm really glad you like the gifts and that everything arrived in one piece XD

    About the lipgloss, I actually got it as a free gift in a magazine but I'm not that into lip products so I decided to add it to your prize...I don't think it's drugstore but I'm not totally sure ^^" Just for you I did a little research and you can get it shipped worldwide from ebay ;D

    Hope that helps ^^

    Also sorry for removing a comment...I typo'd and it annoyed me :L

  3. All the food is making me hungry *drools*

    Btw congrats on also winning the top blogger of april! :DDD
    I couldn't believe it! I am still shocked by it.

    You look so amazing in those lens! I really want to try them out.

  4. Th-the... the food, man. ; 3 ; Y U HAVE SUCH GOOD-LOOKING FOOD. (Speaking of food-- pshhh- you look like a skinny-minny, to me. 8) Ain't nothin' 'fat' going on there~.)

    Also-- that gloss turns out the most adooorable colour on you! It's a very natural, but uber girly pink. Totally complimentary~~.

    Congrats on the Gmarket best blogger award, too. :D Duuude: Gmarket should totally just sponsor you already.

  5. AHAH. This post sounds like you were so happy and ecstatic the entire time through xP mmm! AND YUMM JAJANGMYUN IS THE BESTTT xD But not when you eat too much :| cos then you just feel sick xD tehee.

    eeee, your green lenses look so good on you *~* And !! Mmmm, everything in the package is so so soooo cute <3 Ahhhhh. I feel like buying things now :(

  6. You're SOOOOOO cute!!!! *w*!!! Those green lenses are too amazing on you!!! Goshhh!! I am so glad you won a contest, can't wait to see all your reviews soon!!

    BTW, I got the green Bambi lenses too!!! <3 Can't wait to try them on, I can only hope I look half as adorable as you! XD

  7. Ooh I'm gonna look for that lipgloss!!