Friday, April 8, 2011

46. L'Arc~en~Ciel

I really don't post enough, even if it's something random and stupid. I need to get around to posting some reviews up! I keep putting of the circle lens and CastleDew reviews because I'm lazy/unmotivated to do so. Blah, I'll do it eventually I keep saying, I'm sorry. ;__;


Any L'Arc~en~Ciel fangirls out there??
*raises hand*

So they released their Twenity Box Set about a month ago, but since I first heard about it I started hyperventilating because 1, it's L'Arc's entire discography, and 2, it comes with a tiny music box! There's 4 possible tunes you can get, but it's completely random. What are the possible songs?

Ever since I first discovered that song, it's been my absolute favorite by L'Arc. I want it SO SO SO SO BADLY! All the choices are amazing, but out of the possible XXX number of songs they've released, I couldn't believe they chose Anata. I would've expected a song like Pieces or 叙情詩 (Jyoujoushi). Actually, I would've been beyond happy to know those were chosen, but my mind is blown over Anata. <3

As of now, it's SOLD OUT on CD Japan and Yes Asia. I was shocked, but at the same time, the price was pretty reasonable, so of course it's gonna go fast. And of course, I start freaking out.

Here's where it gets a little funny. Well, it made me and my boyfriend laugh, anyway.

So I called Kinokuniya the other day looking for L'Arc's "Twenity" box set, and here's part of the "conversation", which made me and my boyfriend chuckle.

Kinokuniya! ---- desu. (I didn't catch her name)
Hi, I'm looking for a CD by L'Arc~en~Ciel
....Is, is that the artist?
Oh, um, ラルク アン シエル?
Oh! ラルク アン シエル! Okay, okay, just a moment prease! :D
Uhhhhhummm........... okay...... XD

They didn't have it, and wouldn't be getting any in. Bummer. Now I start freaking out because my dumb ass didn't get around to pre-ordering it when I had the chance months ago. He also checked a few other sites, but they didn't carry it at all. 

In the end, it worked out perfectly.

My boyfriend found this site called HMV Online. They're a company based in Japan, and lucky for me, they ship outside of Japan *whoot* And of course, they happened to have the box set! What's better, it's priced at 12,000円!

Sure as hell beats Yes Asia! Their price was over $200 if I remember correctly; probably around $230~ if I'm giving an exact guess, lol.

Shipping was only 2,400円, and they ship with EMS! In total, I paid $163.14. So I saved at least $40 + faster shipping than Yes Asia, and avoided the inflated cost of buying it from Kinokuniya if it were available, just to have it right away and thinking it was impossible to find elsewhere.

I also think this was a really good purchase since I haven't purchased a CD at full price in years. I know, I'm awful. I also LOVE collecting CDs, but I literally have 2 bins full of CDs because I have no where to put them. I can't keep myself away from Kinokuniya's clearance bin... you find some amazing treasures in there sometimes. My favorite is probably the Field of View albums I found for $3, WIN!

And just so this isn't boring you too much, here's some pictures of the guys. Enjoy ;)

I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession for Ken, but I toned it WAY down. The number of pictures I'd post on my Xanga of different Jrockers back in the day is almost embarrassing.

Can't ever resist Hyde doing something with his mouth. :D


I think this is the most fangirl-y post I've made since high school. Those days were fun, I miss them, but a little too crazy I think. Every day I had some sort of magazine with me. It wasn't so much "what outfit do I want to wear today?". It was "which magazine do I want to take to school today? What's In? Arena 37? Backstage Pass... CURE?" That was me throughout high school. //


Wow. I actually found a post of L'Arc I did back in 2005. SOOOO embarrassing looking back now, I'm not even sure I want to show it. But then again, it's been on the internet for years, so here's a little bit of the old me (not really, I'm still a hopeless fangirl in private):

*runs away*  

I'll start taking pictures for reviews soon! Let me know if there's anything you want reviews of. That might get me to actually do them haha.



  1. it's great that you found somewhere to buy. :) i will be looking forward to your reviews. thanks for visiting & commenting on my blog. i really appreciate it! i followed your blog too. ^_^

  2. Oh dude I'm such a big larc fangirl!! They were the first jband I liked. I never really got into the hawwwdddcorrrre stuff haha.. I even contemplated of going to Jp to see their 15th anniversary concert

  3. FFFFF- their entire discography? O: ...jealoousyyy~. >.>

    I used to be obsessed with them a few years ago. (I probably still am... I just forcibly repress said obsession. Haha.)

    Congrats on the great deal. 8)