Friday, April 8, 2011

47. Eco-Friendly LOVE

My boyfriend's old teacher was in town yesterday, and she brought with her some gifts for us. She always has the most amazing gifts for us, because they're always eco-friendly in some way, which I absolutely love! She's so amazing, she works so hard to bring as much awareness as possible to her town about making it more environmentally conscious, and not to mention when we visit her she makes the most delicious lunch and dinner, and always vegetarian! Thank you! <3

Goody bag! Full of stuff from and the

Gotta love the Tsubasa google background haha!

Super cute PINK stainless steel bottle! I love these, I have them all over my house. Sadly my mom still buys tons of water bottles, so maybe I'll buy more of these bottles since we have a filter at home.

Reusable hand towel :D I think I'll start taking this with me to work. I'm always using paper towels and stuffing them in my apron to use again, but that's not very realistic because they're so thin.

Made from 99% recycled materials. Pull the string and it turns into a shopping bag!

I always forget to bring bags with me, so I try to opt for paper, but I don't think I'll have to worry about that any more. :)

Super adorable utensil set! XD

Cute card she gave me ^^

I wish I could've at least said hi to her yesterday, but I had work boo~ oh well, there's always next time right? ^^



  1. You should look at kor water bottles!! They are hella nice too!!

  2. wow you got so ma nice stuff!! i love eco things <3 and cute water bottle :)

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  4. the untensils are so cute! :3 i want! xD you sure got lovely and fun gifts. xD please let me know what you end up ordering from the Gmarket. <3

  5. eco-friendly stuffs :) kyaaa!
    i dont know why but the 3rd from the last photo could actually pass as a tank top! haha

    plus i <3 the hand towel!

    those are some really good products y'know!


  6. These are all awesome! I'm always looking for ways to be more eco friendly. :3 Thanks for posting these! ^^ Now I have an idea of products I want to buy~~ I love the utensils set, and the reusable hand towel!! :3

    And as for DollyWink eyelashes, they are really nice! Super light weight, and sooo comfortable, I always forget I have them on!
    I am just baddd at applying eyelashes in general. D: So it literally can take me anywhere from 10 mins to 45 to get them on right... orz

    I've never done a review before, so I'll try my best! :D
    Although, I do recommend Eki's reviews!

    She has a few Dolly Wink and Candy Doll reviews...

    I swear though, everything Tsubasa makes it magic!!

  7. :O!!! You have the new bambi lenses?!!?!? I'm so jealous!!! I'm going to buy myself the grey, green, and almond ones, plus a ton of Candy Doll cosmetics for my birthday, lol.

    But I think the DW lashes will look AMAZING on you! They always look so... strangely natural on other girls!!! :3

  8. Haha this makes me feel super guilty; I'm so eco-unconscious T.T
    Awesome gifts!