Monday, May 23, 2011

59. Amazing news, latest purchases, more circle lenses!

I have the most amazing news to share. I couldn't believe it when my friend told me (seriously, I thought he was being an ass), but it's true. When I read it for myself, I had a mini freak out including a bit of squealing, and then started crying, and back to freaking out. 


YOSHIKI is coming to FANIME.

this sexy ass man. ohh yeah.

I gave a tip to TokyoHive (because I'm awesome) and almost kept it to myself since by that time only 2 people responded to the thread on the Fanime forums. But hell, YOSHIKI would want everyone to come support the YOSHIKI FOUNDATION, and I'd love for everyone to be able to see him too. 

It's so amazing how this happened to be. I wasn't even planning on going to Fanime this year, until I heard FLOW was coming back. Then I found out they are performing at MusicFest again on Saturday night, so I made sure to get that day off from work. Then I heard YOSHIKI was going to be at ACEN in Chicago, and of course I had to rage TokyoHive and YOSHIKI's facebook with "COME TO FUCKING FANIME!" comments. And of course, Fanime decides to be awesome this year and out of the blue ask him to come, and he happens to be free for Saturday night. Panel and autograph session. Holy fuck. No, not sayin' it's fate or stars aligned because I asked for it. It's just finally my year.

My boyfriend had a great idea to print out some photos from the Oakland show we took to have him autograph. I'm totally brining the one I took of him laying on his crystal piano. Perfect. I'm also hoping either my boyfriend or one of my sisters (gonna have to drag one of them in there haha) will be nice enough to get our tickets autographed :D OH, and I'm gonna try and get my YOSHIKITTY signed. GOD I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED. *huff huff*


Okay, I'll calm down for now. Gotta save all my energy for next Saturday. 8D

OH, A few days ago I decided to buy some stuff from Wet Seal online during their $.99 shipping promotion. I've been in desperate need of sandals; I'm so sick of wearing my ugly black work shoes around everywhere because I'm too lazy to lace up my sneakers. And because I'm such a penny-pincher, I only shopped in the clearance section! Here's my super mini order.

Originally $14.80, steal at $8.99

Originally $12.50, steal at $7.99

Originally $7.50, steal at $4.99 

My total order came out to $17.87. Not bad considering how I rarely purchase clothes or shoes for myself unless for work. I'm sure the sandals are gonna be pretty crap quality, or maybe I'll be wrong, but either way the price is right.


 are Today I got my code from FobbyBarbie for a free pair of lenses! I did a review of my Princess Mimi Apple Green's a while ago and sent the review to FobbyBarbie. You can see it HERE.

So here's the 2 lenses I chose! I can't wait to get them!

I'm recently obsessing over grey lenses, so naturally I gravitated to wanting these. I hope they look alright on me; I think this is one of the better lenses for lighter eyes? *waits for Noxin's holy opinion* <3 I like lenses with a defined outer ring too, so I'm also eyeing the EOS Baby Candy Doll series (I was going to order those as my very first lens but cancelled and kinda regret).

And the second...

What caught my eye of this series was actually the grey lens. It reminded me a lot of the Princess Mimi Sesame Greys which I so badly want. I showed my boyfriend all the lenses though, and his favorite was the green (even though he said he likes me best with grey lol). What I failed to realize until just now though, is these are advertised [elsewhere] at 16mm. O_O Hopefully it's one of those lenses that's just grossly over-exaggerated in terms of size, but we'll see.

So in total, my order came to $23.50. Shipping turned out to be $7.50 instead of $2.50 as they mentioned in their email, but I'm not really complaining since I got a pair for free.

I'll be sure to do reviews of these when I have a chance! 


On a random note, have you gals heard about the Dolly Wink limited edition lash set?? Thanks to NANA for the heads up (and damn gorgeous photos!)

I really want to track this down. I'm hoping Mitsuwa will be carrying it, since it's supposedly the same price as one set of lashes alone! I've been dying to try Dolly Wink lashes, so of course this would be a perfect opportunity to do so. I just hope that in the case Mitsuwa does carry it, the markup isn't ridiculous just because it's limited... at this point though, I'm hoping they carry it at all (or it's still in stock!)


That's all for now. I just felt like blogging something more beauty-related (and YOSHIKI, lol), and to keep myself motivated on blogging. Had a good and bad day in one, and writing is really good therapy. I hope I can head over to Mitsuwa to track this down tomorrow! *excited*



  1. Oh, you chose the perfect Yoshiki pic ♥ He looks amazing~
    Good luck with the autograph!! I think it's a great dea to let him sign photos you took~ I'm going to see X live in July, can't wait ♥ it's my first time

    && looking forward to your lense reviews!!♥

  2. Why Katie, one might intimate that you seem to have a small affection for on Yoshiki. ;P Haha, but seriously: THE STARS HAVE ALIGNED IN YOUR FAVOOURRR~~~. o.o Congrats on all the good con news. : DD

    And ooh la la-- look at all those pretty lenses. *drool* I'm thinking of buying from FB again, because.. just.. those prices. Those lenses. The shipping cost (and time). UNF.

    P.S. I'd seen the Dolly Wink limited edition set(s) around, yeah. (What's that? I follow more gal blogs than seems necessary? Shh... don't worry about it: I have unrealistic aspirations.) Those cases are so pretty, too~~.

  3. GIIIRL the lenses are looking fab! Can't wait to see them : D

    Damn, I used to be HARDCORE on the jrock/VK updates. Seriously.. NO release would slip past me. Hahaha! Yoshiki reminds me of back in the day, tho.. hide, HYDE, Gackt, Dir en Grey (their old school stuff), the GazettE's first indie albums.. <3 Ahh those were the days! -wipes nostalgic tear-

    HAHA, I love late-night snacking. I always go to bed around 4-6AM and then wake up late. Day is over by then, but the night is youuuung <3 I swear the stork misplaced my ass when I was delivered to my parents. I should've been delivered to a family in Cali or something. LOL. God I miss America <3 America is my.. other mother : D kinda.. LOL

    FUCKYEAHHH! I have a few posters and Jui is my FAVORITE ever <3 He's so tiny and so damn cute! Oh damn, Sister is extremely sad : ( He wrote it to his sister when she was extremely sick (at least that's what I heard). My favorite songs from them are CLOUD, Gothikaroid and Deathmate! You should check them out : D
    Haha, I'm not gonna do a real mohawk to begin with. I found a nice photo of Queerion (she's on youtube, if you know her?) and she has this one photo where her hair is EXACTLY how I want it. It's easier to bring that photo, than having to bring 13 photos and telling the stylist to 'mix it up and make it sexual' LOL. THEN if I'm digging it, I'm thinking of getting a real mohawk maybe over summer or something. XD

    AWHH <3 Your dog is gay ; D hahah! SHE LOVES YOUUUU! 'My' dog died last year : / She was put down due to an ear infection and tons of other problems. She was SO fucking amazing. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo with her 'digits' (the number your dog gets when you register it in the Danish Kennel Club) in my neck. My parents think I'm stupid.. but I just love her so much : ( I can't believe she's gone..

    AWHHHH<3 HAHAHA : D Your dog is so freaking cute <3 *hugs Pumpkin*
    How did u come up with that name btw? O_Ô I keep imagining an overly sweet pumpkin pie. XD haha

  4. Hello Katie,
    My name is Charlotte. Nice to meet you! Congrat on the new *he is rather hot lolz*. Visit my blog sometime ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  5. Oh thank you for the comment you left me hun :D
    I was glad that the pink turned out well on my eye also. Was a little nervous. It was a little more violet looking but it still had a pink tint.
    I'm sure you can pull off a Pink, I think a lot of it just depends on design :-).

    Also those lashes are nice, I wonder how much :-O.

    As far as the 16mm lenses, there are no actual MANUFACTURED 16mm lenses from what I read, it's just the advertisement. It's Dueba and I've only seen 14.5mm Dueba Lenses mainly so far on my search from site hoping on my own circle lense shopping journeys x).

    Yes that is a sexy man lol.

  6. wowww~ who is that hot guy~ o___o
    & where has he been in my life!!?? hahaha~ just kidding I have a boyfriend! I can't cheat on him~ XD unless it's yoshiki... haha just kidding!!~

    I LOVEEEE Wet Seal!! They always have these great sales and stuff like their buy 1 clearance get one for 1 cent or something like that!~ ^^ Cute sandals!! They were such a steal! O:

  7. i have that geo angel grey too ^^ its very pretty, i love the greys on the lens :)