Tuesday, May 17, 2011

57. New layout, 100 followers!

Yup, another new layout. I finally figured out how to fix that stupid menu bar, and I also realized how crappy it looked in my old layout. I love the refresh, and I keep seeing tons of other blogs' layouts being updated, so I was inspired to change mine up as well. I think it's a LOT better now. I say that each time, but with every refresh you move on with more knowledge for next time. :3

Also, I finally hit 100 followers! THANK YOU for showing interest in my blog, it means a lot to me! I'll keep doing my best to write interesting posts for you guys, and with that, I'll be working on a giveaway in the mean time. It probably won't be up until I hit 200 followers, because I'm just that lazy. Either way, I hope you guys will continue to enjoy visiting my blog, and let me know what you'd like to see more of!

Hauls? Reviews? Food? Pets? Giveaways? Contests? Video games? (I promised the Facebook Shenmue community I would spam more Shenmue here anyways HAHA) etc etc. 
Just let me know!! I'm off to work on the layout a bit more and steal the boyfriend's yummy Korean food!
So until next time,



  1. I like reading about everyday posts a lot... Like what you did filled with lots of photos. Not so much with the reviews because I think most girls review general beauty supplies and I don't think I want to read up on such a small investment. I like reading about different cameras/camera lenses review cuz that type of stuff is expensive! Hmmm lots of pictures mainly!! Can't wait to see your new posts... YOU NEVER POST ANYMORRREEE. Oh yeah I like the new layout

  2. CONGRATS!!! ^^

    Anything would be fine, I really like all your posts :]

  3. Yay! congrats! You look so lovely with the gyaru look! ^_^

  4. HAULS HAULS HAULS! And reviews and swatches of what you buy! : D GET TO IT WOMAN! *throws toffees at* MWAHAH<3 >: D
    Congrats on 109 followers! GO GO GO!

    I feel obligated to change my blog layout now >_<" Dammit..

  5. Looks lovely!
    Now I wanna change my layout...

  6. love the new layout! I wish I could tweek mine too :/