Friday, November 19, 2010

031. hide Inspired nails

Just a quick update with [webcam] pictures of my latest nails. I've been listening to X JAPAN pretty much nonstop recently (minus the occasional KPop... *cough*) so I was inspired to do some nail art with an X JAPAN theme. Of course, I couldn't really figure out what to do (besides a bunch of X's on my nails, which would've seemed pretty bland and unoriginal). SO, after watching X JAPAN's LAST LIVE performance of "Rusty Nail" over and over, I became inspired to do nail art based on hide's famous guitars.
No makeup btw~

So they came out a little funky, but overall I love it. The black one was really hard to draw, since the guitar's design is so out-there.... it's hard to translate to nail art ><

hide's Fernandes MG-1455

hide's Fernandes MG-145X

and here's a link to the guitars:

Taken yesterday. Kinda wish I took a FOTD pic, since I really liked the way my makeup came out that day. Oh well. :P

To see more of my latest nail arts please visit my Poupee Girl!


  1. Hey hun, thanks for following, I'm following you back too! Yay for fellow X Japan lover indeed :D & once again, I loooove your nails! You've inspired me to make my own version... ;)

    I went to the Massey Hall concert in Toronto. I actually made a post about it too. You can check it out here if you want:

  2. RE:
    Haha, Katie, you're so cute XD I have the approval system set up because I used to get a decent amount of spam comments which annoyed me so this way I can delete them before they ever get published.

    *Anyway* It's so great you were able to get a new camera, it's totally worth it because you got awesome pictures plus you can use it for everything else too. My bf was actually thinking of getting an HD camcorder... but it was way too expensive and we knew we wouldn't be doing a bunch of video taking afterward ^^;;

    The balcony seats by the stage are actually pretty good and I'm so glad you decided to go in the end :D I did hear about them wanting to come to N.America again, I hope it doesn't fall through and it's a place that I can actually get to *crosses fingers* Let me know when you do get your vids uploaded, I would love to take a peek ^^

  3. wow you did such a good job! how long did it take? takes me forever!!

  4. super love yer nails. wish i could do same to mine :)