Thursday, October 14, 2010

[029.] Quick post!

Yay yay yay! I finally splurged and bought myself a gel nail kit from Sally's Beauty Supply..... online. :P Why I don't just go in the store and buy it, I don't know. I like to avoid talking to sales people as much as possible, and this kit is behind the counter... yeah, dumb reason, but I do have a fear of possible rudeness from sales employees (there's a lot of 'em nowadays). Plus I got my ebates cashback, I think, well, supposed to! 6.0% would be awesome... but no emails yet. :(
+++ Also, free shipping for once [yessss!] since I bought one of the Halloween special items. I got a practice finger, which I've been wanting to buy for a while so that worked out haha.

So that's the kit I bought. There's some pretty good reviews about it, plus ibd is always in my Japanese nail magazines. I'm so sick of acrylic, it just messes up my nails and doesn't come out nicely. So I've been wanting to try out gel for a while, like I think I said. I still want to play with my acrylic and molds, but not acrylic overlay, because it's a pain in the butt!

And the practice finger, lol.
In total, it was $35.07, since the ibd kit happened to be on sale, whoot! It was $29.99, marked down from $34.99. :) 

Charles and I signing out. ...Now he's attacking my boyfriend's Dir en grey poster and crying. My boyfriend's pets are always so weird!!


  1. I use ebates too! Sometimes it can take awhile to get the money back, and I've had to send requests for the cash on a few purchases that I've made.

    Cute cat!

    Oh, and you're playing P4? I love that game. :)

  2. I can understand ordering online, I hate going into Sally's because the staff are really unfriendly and unhelpful >_<

    I can't wait to see how you get on with the gel it :3