Thursday, September 9, 2010

027. Nail Art Collection

I finally found some time to doing my nails again and getting back into nail art a little bit. I decided to splurge a little for once and buy some tools for nail art, and decided to just go ahead and share my collection. I hope you're ready for this, because there's a ton of pictures coming up. :) In case you guys are interested in these items, I'll try to post prices and where I got them from to the best of my memory at the end of this post. Enjoy!

I can pretty much fit everything in there, but my boyfriend bought me a case with 3 layers that can be taken apart. The 2 3-compartments on the right are from the case my boyfriend got for me, but it's really good for holding nail polish. :)

Nail Polish

SinfulColors 104 Aqua 
This one is my little sister's actually...
China Glaze 716 Strawberry Fields
Used this many many posts back, love this color!
China Glaze 653 Solar Power 
Not the best nail polish, because it streaks easily :(
Sinful Colors 387 Bali Mist
This actually comes out a really sheer light pink! Very pretty color.

Wet n Wild 467 Night Prowl
Wet n Wild 405 Sunny Side
Wet n Wild 461 Lady Luck
Wet n Wild 435G Sparked
Wet n Wild 424A Black Creme
I LOVE Wet n WilD NAIL POLISH! The colors are fantastic and usually you only need one coat. I'm currently wearing Lady Luck with Sparked, and it gives a really pretty finish, I'm simply loving it. <3

Better view of the colors.

Nail polishes I bought from Daiso for $1.50 each. I just love the packaging! The quality is alright, but I think you're mostly paying for the gorgeous bottles. I had a light pink one too, but I think I threw it away.. I don't use these anymore.

Maybelline Express Finish 900 Go Go Green (?)
No clue if that's what it is, I had to look it up. Shimmery green polish and very long lasting!
Petites Light Green Polish
Not sure who's this is... one of my sisters'!
CQ 103 French White
I think these can be on the sheer side, I don't remember. I haven't used this in years!
Unknown Brand  Red PolishI used this once. I have no clue who's it is, but it's pretty.. XD
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 05 Diamonds

Love for Sally Hansen! Very lovely, no chipping!!

Top & Base Coats

Different brands from different stores. Some good, some I've never touched again!

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat Top Coat
To be completely honest, I do not like this. I don't know if my bottle was just a dud or what, but this is just no good for me. When I use it with some of my polishes, it just starts peeling off right away. It's also very gloppy and doesn't finish with one layer. I use it only for DIY, never on my nails.
Daiso Brand Top Coat
This was alright. Not bad for $1.50, but not the best top coat I've used. I got purple glitter inside the bottle, it doesn't come that way lol.
Poshe Anti-Microbial Base Coat
I love this base coat! I got it on clearance sale, and so glad I did. I used this on my toes (one of my toes hurt a lot on the side, my boyfriend suspected possible ingrown nail or something). Whatever it was, it went away, yay! Maybe left-over nail polish was left and caused minor infection or something (eww), but this polish is really really good for that and just as a basecoat. Recommended!

Beauty Secrets Top Coat
My sister bought this, and I really really like it! It's not thick like my Seche Vite, so it goes on very smoothly. 
Maybelline Express Finish Top Coat
Another really good top coat. The only problem is, I can't use it because the brush can barely reach the polish haha.

Seche Vite Ultra-V UV Activated Top Coat
I bought this to use with my new UV light. So far so good! Only applied it to my fingernails last night, and my toenails earlier today, but so far no chipping or anything like that. I'll give it another day or so when I go to work and see if it holds up to tons of dish washing. :P

Daiso Brand Cuticle Treatment Oil
Not very good, but it was all I had for a long time so I used it a lot. I also dropped it outside so a lot spilled out and that's why the packaging is all messed up.
Borghese Cuticle Oil
Love love love! I got it for only $1.99, and totally worth it! No more dry cuticles or painful hangnails. :D

Didn't even include the most basic items, like my nail files... xD

I totally messed up some of these! I bought these a few years ago when I was just getting into nail art and had no clue what I was doing... nor did it occur to me to WASH the brushes. D'oh!

...OMG. I'm an idiot. Until this very moment, I thought this was nail glue. *facepalm*

My little nail tip holders. Please excuse the fact that they are covered in polish and very unattractive. I won't completely throw the blame on my little sister, but she did contribute. Use with nail stickers for applying false tips to your nails, which works almost too well because it's hard to remove them sometimes!

9W UV Nail LampI haven't really had a chance to use this besides with my Seche Vite UV Top Coat. I'm still transferring myself to gel, since acrylic is a pain in the butt!

Another angle.

With the UV light on. So yes, it works! :P

Nail Tips/3D Supplies

My collection of nail tips. Some are plain and some are pre-made. ^^

Nailene Acrylic Sculpture Kit
I only bought this for the acrylic liquid since I was running low... I guess it was a good buy though since the liquid by itself at Sally's was $6! Plus it comes with glue which I ran out of as well. :)

The best of the 3 is the one on the far right, by far. Then KISS, and then Nailene. The Kiss I got in another Acrylic Kit that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. First time I used it, wow... took me at least 3 hours to do my nails (SO much filing, someone buy me a drill!)

My 3D molds! :)

Donuts, Hearts, Lace

Chocolate, Bears
I've only tried the hearts and lace so far, but these work very well! I think since the acrylic liquid I was using (Nailene) isn't very good, it was hard to get the powder to mix with the liquid, but I eventually sorta got it. XD

Acrylic powders from eBay. I need to get more basic colors, since some of these I never even use. They work very well though, I love them.

Acrylic brush set I bought on eBay. These are so nifty! You can take them apart and store them within themselves... I don't really know how to explain!

My Kitty-Kitty being a good little statue to model my brushes, lol.

Messed up yet another brush.

Giddy-Kitty? Eeek, messed up brush!!

That actually used to be a cell phone charm, lol.

Rhinestones, frostings, and that bow used to be a hairpin!

Magazine Shots
Since I'm too lazy to actually scan my magazines, I just took some pictures of some of my favorite nails.

Kitty-Kitty has a favorite too? :P

Eh, maybe... lol!

Okay, I have a lot more pictures, but now I'm tired and lazy to post the rest up. Maybe in a later post. 
Whoops, almost forgot! Here's my nails today:

Using my Wet n Wild Lady Luck and Sparked. Pretty isn't it??

Tried to do a gradient on my toenails using the same colors plus SinfulColors Bali Mist. I'm kinda proud of myself of how it turned out! My first time trying a gradient was awful, so I'm quite pleased. I just wish I thought of doing that on my fingernails too! ^^

Bye for now!


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