Friday, August 19, 2011

76. Review: EOS G-208 Max Candy Jewel circle lenses in blue

I'm finally here with a circle lens review! Oh, I'm so excited to FINALLY getting around to some reviews! *dances* 

Today I shall be reviewing the EOS G-208 Max Candy Jewels in Blue! Purchased from 
KiwiBerry1-Collection and kindly sponsored by Review Circle Lens *thank you!*

Took exactly 7 days from "Pay Now" to hittin' my mailbox! Fastest shipping time yet! :O

As always, comes carefully packed in bubble wrap with a free lens case :)

EOS G208 Max Candy Jewel
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%

Super cute in vials, now on to the review!

No lenses, no eye makeup

Left with lens, right without, no makeup

Both in, no makeup

Both in, full eye makeup

Upon first putting them on, I couldn't feel them at all. Upon first impressions, I was SERIOUSLY pleased. My sensitive eyes reacted to them a bit after about 2 hours, but a few eyedrops does help. By far these are the most comfortable lenses I've tried, and I didn't have any redness like my other lenses. Major plus.

Very simple thick black ring with solid color. To be honest, I never ever thought I would buy these for myself! I thought they were just too plain and doesn't cover enough. For being a simple design with a thick outer ring, they are somewhat natural yet eye-catching *no pun intended*.

It has a fair amount of enlarging effect; not too dramatic yet doesn't go unnoticed. My first impression was that I barely noticed it until I put both lenses in. Although I have yet to wear these at work, I don't think I'll be getting any "creepy" comments from coworkers like my DUEBA 3D lenses... Perhaps my big-ass eyeballs also distract from the overall enlarging effect har har~

These aren't as vibrant as I was expecting. Usually lenses look lighter on my eyes, but these were a little disappointing in that aspect. They're blue, but not a nice bright blue like I was hoping. They only look slightly lighter than modeled on someone with brown eyes! However they do blend in quite nicely with my natural eye color which I love. 

I quite like these lenses. They show up nicely in photos despite the less-than-bright/vibrant effect I was hoping for in person. Despite the thick black ring they are naturally enlarging but at the same time attention-grabbing for the lack of overall coverage in color. A few hours of wear leaves my eyes slightly irritated (as with other lenses), but a few drops help a lot. I also don't experience any redness with prolonged wear as I do with my other lenses. All in all, I would recommend these lenses if you're more looking for attention on enlargement of the eyes over design. I never thought I'd try these lenses for myself, but I'm now very curious to try other colors in this series!

No eye makeup! I think they can still be wearable without eye makeup :)

Why not an FOTD? I never do those :D

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Maybelline Mineral Power Blush in Gentle Pink

Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow palette
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L'Oreal Wear Infinite eyeshadow in 805 Morning Light (Perle)

Retarded faces ftw :B

I'll be doing a review of my new The Face Shop Phytogenic Powder Foundation very soon! I know I need to do some Etude House reviews soon, but I keep forgetting to bring them home to take photos =w=; Oh! I should also do a review of the Essential Nuance Airy mask soon too! I've been using it, can you tell? Split ends be gone! <3

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  1. Wow, it's nice that you got the blue ones! I've always been tempted to get these but in brown. I still plan to... one day, but for now I still have a few unopened!

  2. They look amazing on you!!! LOVE the EOTD you did with with =]

    I noticed the comfort thing on my EOS lenses too, when I first put it on, it was so comfortable I couldn't feel it... after a couple hours it dried a little, but it was very comfortable overall =]

  3. i wanted to try these lenses for ageees ever since kumicky wore them heaps of times! but yeh never got arnd to tryin it on cos im still goin thru all my bambi lenses haha!

    omg how meni times do i need to emphasis how gorgeous ur eye colour is! I think the blue and ur eye colour makes the end result kind of magical and so pretty! Love the last photo ^__^ n ur eyes so pretty and shiny~ I think d blue is super good choice <33

  4. OMG. I love those lenses. They look absolutely amazing!! They suit you so well too :)

  5. Retarded face?! More like cute face :D !

    Hmmm...I've been quite curious about EOS've made me even more curious XD Gotta look into them some more hehee~!


    Anyway, your contacts look so goood *___*! I think I have a similar design where it's a huge thick black ring, and just colour ! IT looks a little plain and fake when you're not wearing them ..but definitely look heaps better after you put them on :O ! And they DEFINITELY SUIT YOU *___* !!

    Teheh. You look adorable btw in that last pic xP ! Oh btw! When you put your eyedrops in, do they ever smudge or ruin your make up D: ? cos I ALWAYS end up ruining mine ..esp cos I'm horrible at aiming and will end up squirting the eyedrops all over my face lololol ;___; why am I so fail ? D: D: D:

  7. You're so cute >_< I want to pinch youuu :D And the lens look pretty on you! <3

  8. I love your retarded face ; D

  9. They really remind me of the Candy series though... o_O

    And omgggg, I love CD products... I want to collect them all!!!
    The highlighter seems really cheap compared to a lot of products I have seen in Sephora and Norstroms though, and I personally think they are better. Mostly because they are probably designed for Asian faces? XD And you're half, so, I think it would be perfect for you, since Candy Doll and Dolly Wink products look fantastic on girls who have that perfect pale/half Asian skin like you. *w*

    The Candy Doll blushes are amazing, I know you would love them!

    I AM GOING TO CHECK MY KINOKUNIYA AND BOOK OFF THEN!! I didn't really hear anything about it!!! I am going to check!!! >____> But Missha has amazing coverage compared to Nanoce, and better staying power too.

    Ohhh, and lol, I guess they were the greys.
    I think that the greens aren't that pretty on me, compared to you, because I wanted a lighter green!

    And the almonds are sooooooooooo dark. Not the light brown color like the ad at all. It just looks like your eyes are bigger. It might show up on you better because you have an amazing eye color, but on dark eyes, it's really disappointing... even with flash. >___>;

    Hrmm, if it is gritty and slow, it may also be your TV or your wires, and not the Xbox itself because technically Xbox has a one frame advantage over PS3!

    Still, forever I am a PS3 fan. XD

    Those lenses and lashes look GORGEOUS on you btw!!! Gosh, you're so adorable!! When I go to SF again sometime, I think we should meet up, and you should show me all those tasty places you eat at!!! <3 But it sounds like oyu're always working. ;___;

  10. I'm gonna reply to your other comment later....

    But right now, as I was creeping on your blog... I noticed that the pink blush you used looks so CUTE on you!! Definitely suits you and our gorgeous pale skin!! <3