Saturday, May 29, 2010

024. まだ久々ね。。

Once again, I've disappeared forever. But am back for the time being. ;)

Fanime is today, but I'm stuck at home because I'm too lazy to take the bus there. I really badly wanted to go yesterday, since FLOW (FLOWWWW!!!!) was performing, but I was sick. I was also really looking forward to meeting some long-time online friends from AsiaJam! ..Of ALL days to be sick, right? So I spent most of the day eating, cleaning, or sitting watching my sisters play Persona 4. I also found my camera! So I guess it's not all bad after all...

Well, the past month I've been working on my boyfriend's Hazama cosplay (of course I completely forgot about the tie until literally the last few minutes, so made him a really ghetto tie lol). Overall though, I'm very proud of what I've accomplished for my first real cosplay! I'll try to post pictures after Fanime weekend, since he's at a hotel with his friends (instead of here with lonely me, haha!)

Besides sewing and watching Celebrity Apprentice and ANTM (on cycle 8 now, love you Nata!), I've been trying to make more nails and some cases for fun. 

My first time using the KISS Acrylic Nail Kit. My nails felt so strong (and thick), it was strange, but nice to have strong nails for once! Too bad it left my natural nails in horrid condition! My nails are naturally thin, so I'm not sure I'll be using this again (at least not for a long time!)

I made these yesterday, and finished them today. They're a short round (and sparkly) version of the ones I made a while ago. MUCH more practical for wearing any day.
I also wanted to make one that is very simple. So, this is the result! I still think it's pretty cute though?

Probably my favorite item I made! It took me clear over an hour just to figure out how I wanted to put everything on it. I think it came out super girly, which is what I wanted haha. I'm currently using it to store my fruits pieces, though it used to be a bobby pin case. I just don't know what happened to the pins, lol. Nothing like Rock of Love to get your creativity running. (Can you tell I LOVE reality TV?)

I started making this one next, but it's not finished. It looks more like a Valentine's Day theme though; it's got kind of a ロマンチーク feel. XD I just don't know how to finish it, but I wanted to share it (and on Poupée since I'm running low on ribbons!) :P

I also finally made a trip to Sally's Beauty Supply. I'm still mad that they don't accept gift cards online... good 2 hours of my life wasted. I read about these mini lipsticks in their reviews, and I really wanted to try them. I had no idea they were SUPER mini! They're so tiny, but I'd like to try these before investing in more expensive lipsticks (newb). Not bad for only $.99.

I'm not really into lipgloss, but the color caught my eye. Plus it was on clearance, so I wanted to try it. Although I didn't notice until I got home that she accidentally charged me an extra dollar, grr. Oh well, the gift card was free... 

That's about it for now. Maybe when I'm in a better mood I'll write more or cam-whore. I washed my wig a few nights ago for the first time, and it's SO much nicer now. It was super tangled and shiny (so it looked a little fake to me), but I think now it's a little more dull and natural-looking. Plus it's super soft. I can't wait to wear it out! :P
Also... I've been seriously spamming this, but I think it's so funny and cool.

How many people can say that their grandpa's info was accidentally put in IMBD? They somehow got his birthday and death date mixed up with the actor's because they have the same name (except my grandpa goes by James J. Yagi, not James Yagi). FAIL! XD

Current music: SNSD [Oh!]
DAMN YOU COMCAST! ...Okay, no, I'm thrilled they have KPop videos, but now I'm addicted to this song. I'm not really a fan of SNSD, but this song is so damn catchy!

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