Friday, June 4, 2010


I've finally been able to make my own layout. I've tried several times to find a nice template, but I couldn't change the settings. I stumbled upon a layout generator, and spent probably 3 hours playing around with it. I'm super pleased with the new look, it's so much better! I hope you guys like it too. I think it's a lot easier on the eyes, but let me know what you think!

Also, I'm so excited that I've FINALLY landed a job! I get to make sandwiches and serve salad at Lucky's. Sounds silly, but I'm so excited to start. It really looks like fun! I can't wait to start making some money again. ♥

Aaaand, I leave with some pictures of pancakes I made a long time ago. I was craving pancakes for a while, so I finally made some from scratch. Don't they look yummy?

It's 3:43am, but I'm getting hungry!


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  1. Your new layout looks awesome! I agree, trying to find templates is never an easy task, somehow. It's like there's an unlimited array of layouts out there, but none of them are just right. It's always better to make your own, even if you use a generator! I also like your new sidebar pic ---

    Oh! And that reminds me! I just read your reply to my last comment, so relieved you're the same girl from AJ. I was worried after I sent the message, like, 'Uhhh, I sound like a weirdo, I bet it's not her ... =/' XDDD;

    Bwahaha! The first thing I thought when I read that you just landed a job making sandwiches/serving salads ...?

    'That sounds like the first kinda introduction episode of an anime series. O_O'

    Seriously! Sounds super cute, I bet you'll have loads of fun. ^^ Plus, it's always great to start a job when you're actually looking forward to it! =3;

    And those pancakes? Win. Delicious win. NOM NOM NOM GIMME. <3