Tuesday, April 13, 2010

020. ランダム!~♥


Whoo-hoo! My Sensei grouped us together for our midterm last night, so I know we got an A. Carlaさん and Jasonさん are very smart, and we made a good group. Our test was on comprehension, proverbs, kanji, and sentence translations, and we were pretty confident in our answers haha. Well, except one proverb... all 3 of us forgot what it was. Oh well. So, I guess depending on how many points each proverb is worth, maybe we didn't get an A! XD We also got to take our test in the back room, since the group next to us was SO loud (and they obviously didn't study lol). He even gave us candy and offered us tea. Well, we expected Sensei to give it to us, but he kinda threw us a tea packet and walked away lol!

My mom and sister are watching GLEE right now... I think I'm starting to like this show. x_x

I posted an ad on Craigslist for my bird. He flew away about 3 weeks ago... I hope someone finds him! I wish I thought about Craigslist before though. I already got 3 people responding to my post (one lady thought another person found him, and another man suggested a pet finding website). It's just good to know people on there are willing to help!!

If you or someone you know lives around Santa Clara/Sunnyvale/San Jose/Saratoga area, please look out for him! He could be anywhere. :(

I've been staying up until about 4am either doing nail art, working on my boyfriend's cosplay... or playing Sims 3! Back to the nail art though... this is what I made a few nights ago. Sorry it's only one nail so far.. XD

It didn't come out as cute as I hoped, but not too bad for my first time drawing. :P Oh, and that's not nail polish!! I drew the bear and hearts with paint! 楽しかったです!The right nail is supposed to be a donut.... XD It doesn't look that great, but I'll try to make it better next time! :)

Okay, that's all for now. I didn't really know what to write about this time, which is why it's ランダム! =)



  1. I hope you find your bird soon ^^ He's really cute & I love the color of his feathers!

    The bear & doughnuts designs are really cute too!

  2. Sorry to hear about your bird :( I hope he makes it home or someone finds him!!