Thursday, April 22, 2010


I just wanted to leave a quick comment to let you guys know to tune in to OPRAH today! I know I probably should've mentioned this say, 3 days ago at least... but it just popped into my head last night. In any case, please watch her Earth Day special and support Mr. Ric O'Barry!!! He is an amazing dolphin activist who was featured in the movie "THE COVE", which won Best Documentary this year! PLEASE watch the movie and follow their cause via FACEBOOK!

Read about it on Oprah's page 

Add the CAUSE "'The Cove' - Save Japan Dolphins" and add your friends!

And PLEASE be sure to sign their petition to get the word out to President Obama and the Prime Minister of Japan, as well as the general public!!!

Thanks for your time girls! Comments are always appreciated, but I can't appreciate them enough here. If you've seen The Cove, then I am beyond happy!!! I know it's a very hard film to watch, but please don't put it off any longer! - KT

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