Saturday, March 20, 2010

017. おギャル様!*~♥

Once again, too lazy to blog. ホントウにごめんね~

I ordered a wig on Friday from a girl on Soompi, and it came in the mail today! (I totally thought today was Sunday, so that was a nice surprise). I haven't seen it yet though, since my sister called and told me. (^w^)Here's a stock picture though:

I've been wanting a wig for so long now, and since I got my taxes back, I thought I'd finally buy one. Especially since the price was good: $36 shipped! The rest is going to credit card bills *cries*
I can't wait to try it on ♥

I found this video on a forum I frequent, which I found really interesting and fun to watch. It's about Japanese women who wear wigs. Watch!

Also, please check my Etsy shop!

I had an idea last night to add more items besides just decoden and nail art. I was thinking mini top hats, cell charms, giant bows, etc. So please be on the lookout for them! Any suggestions are also appreciated! ♥

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  1. after watching that, i actually kinda want a wig now xD