Saturday, December 26, 2009

009. decoden

i hope everyone had a nice and warm Christmas! <3

i have discovered... decoden.

actually, i've been aware of it for a long time, but never really attempted it until 2 nights ago i
think. i always tried doing 3d nail art, but it doesn't work too well with me, hehe.
here were the results:

i made 4 so far :) i want to make many more!

this is the first one i made. i really like the result. at first, i was kinda worried it wouldn't turn out very well. you just gotta do it and not give it a second thought; don't even think about what your doing!! i "glazed" them with nail polish top coat, lol.
i have "homemade lipgloss" in here: basically, petroleum jelly and an assortment of pink/orange eye shadows mixed together. :P

here's number two! i thought it came out pretty cute, but i definitely like my first one the best. i applied a sort of clear-light & glittery blue nail polish on the bottom, then put shiny p
urple hearts and stars cut-outs (i don't know what else they're called!) i like the more simplicity of this piece compared to the others that have a lot going on.
this one also contains lip gloss~

this was the most challenging one to make... i just didn't really like the pink nail polish i p
ut on, and it kinda threw me off. the end result isn't bad, but i have to admit that making this one was kind of a pain. 'nuff said.
this one contains the yellow stars that you can see in the next one.

and finally! this. that giant blob is supposed to be like ice cream, if you can't tell lol. i made it from this molding, er, substance, called Crayola Model Magic. i think it looks cuter in person, but had it been made out of cla
y it would look even better. work with what you got. ;p i really do like the way it turned out though, and it was a lot of fun to make!
right now, i have my chains inside this one. maybe when i run out, i'll make more lip gloss (thank you Michelle Phan, hah!)

i have also been doing my nails a lot lately. i never did my nails much, because i am horrible with polish. i was pretty surprised with the result of painting my tips. i always imagined it to be super hard, but it's really simple... or maybe it's a hidden talent?? nah.

i had these until yesterday. now i painted the tips gold with purple dots lining underneath, but i stupidly left my boyfriend's camera on all night (again), and the charger is at his house. boo.

this was before:

unfortunately, the glitter and polish just did not want to participate with me that night. i had to use so many coats, and it just refused to dry. i was also a klutz that night, and kept ramming my fingers into absolutely everything, and messing it up further. i finally jumped in the shower, and let it just melt off. yeah, it was that bad.

i then decided to paint the ends black, but it wasn't enough for me, so i finally reached for my dotting tool. i was surprised that it worked to be honest. i'm so confident. O;)

tonight le boyfriend drove me to JoAnn's and Daiso. i was hoping to find some clay at JoAnn's, but no luck. i found the Crayola Model Magic there though; an entire section for Crayola, but no clay. HAH. they did have some super cute pastry and candy molds though! and they were only $2! i might pick those up after i find my clay!!
at Daiso, i bought two chocolate molds, a clear plastic case for my jewelry, and some more chain in pink! unfortunately as mentioned, my camera died, so no pictures! :'(((( they're really cute too... *sigh* next post!!!

i am also going to ditch Wells Fargo as soon as possible. i really can't stand their system... such scum bags! this year, they got the honorable role of THE GRINCH. THANK YOU FOR TAKING MY MONEY! >:(

my sister also gave me a cute purple dress that she didn't want from Heritage 19...something. lol. i think this is my first dress since i was probably seven years old... i must lose weight!!! :P pictures next time as well ^^

well, right now i keep watching this over and over. Ga In's performance was kinda weak... i was pretty disappointed, but she looked hot, so i forgive her. XD i think Minzy took it, hands down. that girl just knows how to dance and absolutely KILLED IT! :D

current music: 4MINUTE [MUZIK]
i honestly did not like this [at all] the first time, because i felt like the video was ripping off of 2NE1... but now i can't get enough! BOOM BOOM! ;D

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