Wednesday, December 16, 2009

008. sigh


ELF is having FREE SHIPPING going on right now, until I have no idea when.... and I can't find my wallet. BOO. I've been waiting for one of these deals for so long because I never catch them in time & I only want like 3 things, which isn't worth the $7 shipping.
I only have my credit card on file... ohh how I wish ELF used PayPal. :/

I could sure go for one of those fruity drinks from Taco Bell right now... but, OH YEAH, no wallet-- NO MONEY. BOOOOO.

CL x Minzy [Please Don't Go]
...dans ma tĂȘte ;)


  1. boooo! what happened to your wallet!??! :(

  2. I don't know! haha I thought I left it in one of my bags at my house, but it wasn't there. Then I checked my boyfriend's room and still can't find it. This is going to be a problem. XD