Thursday, January 7, 2010

010. school and rhinestones

well, monday was my first day of school. and guess what? i was uberly LATE for my first class, physical anthropology. noo! the class looked extremely full too, so i just skipped out. i actually ended up ditching all my classes, since i had a 3 hour gap until my next class and was bored out of my mind. we ended up going to whole food market and buying some yellow curry sauce, mmmm! i have yet to make it though :)

i also sent in more job applications (again!). i don't even remember who i sent them to, since i've sent in applications to at least 10 different places. multiple times, ugh. i also applied at CVS for two different positions, and so i wait here patiently awaiting a phone call. i also need to send in my application for TRENDY's, ASAP! it's that adorable little shop inside Mitsuwa that sells manga, gundam models, and a shit ton of hello kitty stuff. it would be nice to work there, since it's only part-time and i can blow my paychecks on food and magazines, yay! lol jk...? ;)

i also made a trip to Daiso, and randomly picked out a cute handkerchief and another storage unit, then threw them down as soon as i saw that they now sell phone deco!!! :O
i bought 3 packs of rhinestones and pearls for $1.50 each, which is a great deal! i've been looking everywhere for cheap rhinestones for deco, but they're always expensive and only come in round. i found some cute pink hearts in the bunch i bought, yay! pictures later~ i left the camera at my boyfriend's house again. :P

i just felt like writing something. not really interesting, but i need to keep writing. i'm planning on switching over to mission from de anza. de anza is WAYY too crowded and my only option for transportation is the BUS. actually TWO BUSES. i don't like buses, and they don't like me. no wait, i don't like buses BECAUSE they don't like me. :3
- on my way to the mall, which is literally about 5-10 minutes away, i got on the wrong bus and ended up in like, los gatos or something. it was clearly over an hour away. dumbass.
- from san fransisco, (after walking around for 4 hours just trying to find the caltrain and ending up in DALY CITY), i got on the wrong bus AGAIN, and ended up... somewhere, i don't even know. we got out from the concert in SF at 12am, waited for Diru until 2am, took a cab to the caltrain at 6am, ended up in daly city at around 7 or 8am, finally made it to santa clara at around... ohh, 10am? and then the bus incident happened. :) we got back at around 4pm. i don't even know what the hell happened. ohh, the good 'ol days, huh?

okay, i'm going to do my nails again. the paint is starting to chip off, and i hate walking around with my nail polish looking like that! :O

current music: Whee Sung [OVER U]
omg, VOCALATE is amazing! my boyfriend plays "chu ru ruk'" (trickling) over and over~ i think my favorite is "OVER U", next to that. i just love the way he sings "I'm so~ over you.." omg Whee Sung, you melt my heart!

listen to the song here! <3

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