Tuesday, January 12, 2010

012. AVATAR!!!

so me and the bear went to see Avatar yesterday. by 'went to see', i mean, i paid for a ticket (extra $3 for 3D), ran into the bathroom and put the ticket into my wallet, walked to the exit where the boyfriend was waiting, gave him my debit card with my ticket, and then went into the auditorium. ;)

i thought Avatar
was amazing. as many have said, the storyline wasn't as engaging a
s one expected. well, in my case, i wasn't expecting much since i already heard from people that there wasn't much to be expected LOL. of course, visually, it was stunning. 3D was pretty cool, but that's basically it: it's in 3D. it wasn't exceptionally spectacular, but it was fun to watch.

Oh, and before I forget:


last night, i noticed that Michelle Phan put up her Avatar makeup look! :O damn, i missed it! i really wanted to be ultra-nerdy and wear that look out when i see the movie. but alas, i forgot to check if she posted it. oh well. i was tired of cleaning up this morning, so i decided to do my own look. :)

check out Michelle Phan/RiceBunny's video:


and here's my take on it. inspiration from the movie and Michelle
's video!

the colors aren't very vibrant though... all the colors were from my Coastal Scents shimmering 88 palette. oh well, it was just for fun anyways. :)

i also took some pictures of Kitty-Kitty, since he kept following me around and trying to get my attention when i was trying to take pictures, haha.

silly kitty, got his butt all wet in that puddle of water behind him!


current music: UKISS [Man Man Ha Ni]
can ANYONE tell me who the guy in the MV with the blue-ish hair is??? he kinda looks like Key from SHINee...
btw i am in love with this dance! i want to learn it so badly!! :D

and now the cam-whoring haha. also, i woke up with my hair all crazy, and flat-ironed the bottom. i clipped up my bangs to the side, and realized i kinda liked it haha! it reminded me of Rachel McAdam (I ♥ her!)'s character in the movie, Irene Adler. so i guess the whole look is inspired by both movies. btw we snuck into Sherlock Holme's after Avatar ended. :D it was a good movie, until the end. i was expecting something like, The Great Mouse Detective, but....... no comment.
anyways. that's all for today, me thinks. back to nail art! :D

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