Thursday, January 14, 2010

013. Poupée Grab Bags

so Katharine's shop at Poupée Girl ( was having a grab bag event. each bag contains several items, depending on what bag you buy. i bought 4! this was my first time participating, and i'm so glad i did! here are the bags that i bought:

Cool Girl, Gal Pop, Girly, and Sweet & Chic.
i don't remember exactly how much each bag was, though. the most expensive (and my favorite) was Lucky Bag - Sweet & Chic, which cost me 450 ribbons. the others probably ranged from about 150-250, i'd guesstimate. anyways, here's what i got! 

Starting with Cool Girl

Next up: Gal Pop

Next up: Girly

isn't she so cute? ♥

i wish i had bought more bags, but i'm really happy with the items i ended up with. i finally had a decent amount of ribbons since i sold a lot of old items from Katharine's shop. i can't wait to see what the next event is going to be. :D

i'm going to go take a shower, maybe eat [another] bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal [yum!] and either do more nail art or go to bed. i've finally started working with acrylic powder to make 3D nail art, so i'm really excited. tomorrow is going to be a fun and productive day, i think. :)

current video: Kawaii TV: Sweets
i L♥VE Kawaii TV! i just wish i could find the video for nail art. :3

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  1. OH!! I wish I had bought the Girly one! POLKA DOT LOVE! Mmmmmm Cinnamon Toast Crunch!! I haven't had any in foreverrrrr but it's like my #1 favorite cereal, hahahaaa