Friday, January 8, 2010

011. more decoden & nails

i was bored and inspired today, so i made another small decoden jar. i'm running out of pieces though, so it's not as cute as the other ones i made.

i also could not locate a pair of clippers, so i
just left the extra chain. i think
it looks kinda neat like that any
ways. :)
there are also some rhinestones fro
m the little packs that i bought.

these are 3 of the 4 packs i bought! not bad at all for only $1.50 eac
h, right??

i opened 2 of the packs, so i hid one and the other is not pictured, haha.

these are also the chocolate molds and chain that i mentioned in one of my previous entries. aren't they cute??

here are some pictures of my nails from the past 2 weeks as well!

i did these last night. i think the glitter polish is getting old though, because it took FOREVER to dry! i spent about 2-3 hours on this, plus another 3 hours to fully dry... and then i removed it today, wow!

you can't even tell in this picture, but they were pink tips with white polka dots. i used my "Strawberry Fields" China Glaze polish for this.
i also had black tips with pink polka dots and purple tips i think? i don't even remember, i changed them so much!!

i also cut my hair again! mostly just taking more layers off and cutting of as much split ends as possible. i also cut my top-most layers super short on accident, but i like it that way.
i also don't understand why my hair looks black in these pictures! funny thing, i even put some of my Kanebo KIARA Change Color in my hair (brown) just because, and somehow my hair comes out black... XD

heehee! i also felt the need to include a picture of my adorable Da-gom! ♥♥♥

and in closing, a picture of us in Sonora being silly~
i hope we can go to the cabin again soon! it was fun spending New Year's there with him ♥

currently watching: Rock of Love Bus
SERIOUSLY. i need to stop watching this. i'm a reality show junkie, but it's a bit excessive with ROL... i've probably watched just one episode like, 20 times just last night! XD

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