Tuesday, June 16, 2009



i don't know how many times i've attempted to add a 5th post... i just get sooo damn lazyy! i need to stop that haha. let's see. today i camwhored for a contest on Soompi HAHA! i also took cute pictures of my kitty....

Kitty-Kitty. rofl. i wub him, even if he scratches me. :'O

isn't he cute? he's such a whore ♥

oh yeah. we have 2 of these plum trees in the backyard and they're growing again, yayyyy! they're so yummy... it's past midnight, but i think i'm gonna go pick some. hopefully i don't get any bugs or anything though >_<>. 

the first pic was the same as the second, but i took a picture of the plums from the holes... or at least i tried haha.
おいしいそう? don't they look yummy!
彼氏と私, my boyfriend and me ♥
i also hung out with yuki, lanie and patty for the first time in... forever. we danced a little at schs like old times and goofed around... we also prank called one of lanie's friends about 10 times, ahahah.
we'll never grow up!!!
okayy, i don't have anything interesting to say as usual. and a last picture of me at the end of the night when my face looks like crap. :D
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  1. nyaan ~ your cat is cute !
    what is it's name? ^^
    Plum trees? how nice !
    do you get ume blossoms in the spring? :D