Saturday, June 6, 2009



that meeting felt like such a waste of my sleeping time. but at least i got 2 hours of pay out of being lazy. still though, i was soooo tired this morning! and i keep forgetting i have to go back at, not 6, but 5 now. ughh.

hopefully me and da will go to target later. i really need to buy a makeup storage box or bag or something! i have everything inside one of those plastic storage drawer units, but i have more useless junk to put in there instead, and my desk simply isn't big enough.

which reminds me.. i'm really digging this new foundation i bought from the brand <<>>
i bought this at Target for about $13.99 +tax, and it hasn't disappointed me (yet). haha.
i really want to try their concealers since i have these horrible eye-bags/dark circles from not sleeping enough, urghh! >__<;; not much else to write, since nothing special happened. we didn't get in Gran Turino in either yet, grr! whatevs, it's not like i have time to watch it today anyways. :( off to lurk around "teh internets"... or maybe play Phoenix Wright!! i gotta finish the second game.. i forgot the DS at my house, and i was dying to play, so i started playing the 3rd game on the DSi at my boyfriend's house, heehee! i'm soooo addicted! ♥ 

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