Thursday, February 5, 2009


key desu.

i am currently listening to OLIVIA [Alone in our Castle]. such a pretty song.. the first post is always so hard to write.
but i was in need of a new blog, something fresh. i just so happened to stumble across this place and i was bored.  

i cannot wait for tomorrow: pay day! i am in desperate need of money right now... freaking credit cards, ack! 

[sexy girl, japan].. anyone tried this product? i am simply in love with it. it's pretty pricey, but then what do you expect for a japanese product? i am especially loving the body wash, it makes my skin so soft! i recently bought the hard wax, but i'm not too pleased with it afterall. it's too hard for my liking... but that's not going to stop me from trying out the soft and glossy type hair wax! i also want to buy the curl spray; the straight spray does wonders for my hair, and i've recently come to like my natural waves and want to play it up a bit... we will see what i can do with my next paycheck since 3-year is coming up too. ;-)

~key, 11:29pm

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  1. oh wow. Hi. I'm from California too. i never listen to that song by Olivia before but i did listen to wish or rain before.
    anyway its nice to meet you!