Wednesday, June 1, 2011

61. Fanime Con 2011: YOSHIKI *updated with video!!*

[UPDATE 06.05]

I got the first 2 parts of the video I took at the panel up on Youtube. I'll try to finish uploading the rest later today after work, but for now enjoy what I have. :) Sorry it's only up to 480p... I'll try to figure out how to upload higher resolution later </3 You also might want to watch it on YouTube since the videos are so small here on blogger!!

Part 1

Part 2


I'm finally back! I've been trying to upload my video from the panel to YouTube, and after about 4 or 5 hours it's down to 10 minutes. In the meantime I've been juggling editing and organizing photos and playing Skies of Arcadia: Legends and figuring out cosplays for next year! I decided to post about Yoshiki first since I think that's the most anticipated post over cosplays and shit I bought haha. 


aha. I don't want to ramble too much so I'll try to keep it as short and sweet as possible without leaving out the important details, so bear with me!



aha. After Fanime, me and my sister got on the bus for home. The bus happened to stop across the street from the flower shop I wanted to check out near our house, so we stopped by. I remembered seeing a sign saying '2 Dozen Roses for $14.99' and thought that was a steal. The shop is quite cute, and I found pink or white roses. I asked if they had red, and the man said he'd cut them for me. For an extra $5 I added in the mini white flowers (forgot what they're called!) because the pink roses I saw without them looked so dull! The result was so BEAUTIFUL! He even wrapped them in tissue paper and put a bow on it. Gorgeous!

Sorry for the weird face, I thought my sister was just taking pictures of the roses lol! I wish I took more pictures of the rose right after we got them, they were so pretty!! Now off home to print out pictures and prepare myself for Saturday 

In a later post I'll post about my purchases and cosplay pictures from all these days!! :) Oh, and my stop at Peggy Sue's for lunch, YUM!



I wanted to get in line for Yoshiki's panel at 11am, but we didn't end up leaving the house until 1pm </3 It was okay though. When I got there there were only about 5 or 6 people in line! Leading up to that point was SUPER stressful though, since there was confusion amongst my sisters of who was using the badges when. My little sister ended up going with me in the end *thank god*, and my boyfriend met up with us about 30 minutes later. People would gradually show up, so maybe an hour in there were 3 or 4 more... not until it was closer to 3 or 3:30pm that the line started wrapping around the back of the wall lol!

 Poor boyfriend was SO bored waiting the entire time!! Super grateful he waited with me <3

Better picture of the roses! :D

Oh, and...

They kept changing their minds about photography policies, it was SO frustrating!! At first they said it was okay, then another girl said no photography or video would be allowed. Then she came back and changed her mind. Then another guy said no photography or video! Then he came back and said "no flash photography". OMFG make up your mind!!!

Then they came back and said photography was okay.


Anyways, we were let in almost an hour late due to delays. Later found out his plane was delayed, boo!

This is how they kept us entertained. :)

I love their background lol. I also love how, even though we were about 6th in line, we're 3 rows behind! Stupid press wasn't even waiting long in line and got to sit in the front. >_> Anyways.

Yoshiki's drum solo during THE LAST LIVE! <3

I still haven't grown out of my taking-pictures-of-hot-guys-on-tv phase. *That stemmed in high school during my FULL HOUSE days* :3

Watch the entire clip here! Probably Yoshiki's greatest drum solo ever.


My little sister holding Yoshikitty and roses

Getting ready for the panel


During Fanime weekend, a lot of restaurants nearby will offer discounts when you present your badge. Me and my sister went to Peggy Sue's Diner for lunch on Friday

Of course I forgot to take a picture outside the joint. D'oh!

Loving the atmosphere of this place! I should've taken more pictures inside of the seating, but there were other cosplayers inside. Including one Hazama that blew me off when I asked for a photo </3

I can never pass down a French Dip!!! Ordered that, large curly fry, and Hi C. Free refils ftw!!

Tons of old pictures adone the walls, including Looney Toons (not pictured)

SOOOOO YUMMY! WAY better than Jack n the Box fries!

Simple and yummy. Not as good as say, Quizno's, but it was definitely filling! I only finished one and still had curly fries left over to take with us!

Sadly we left the bag somewhere since people kept asking my sister for pictures *she was Juri from Street Fighter 4* so I guess we forgot about it </3


OKAY. After 6 freaking hours of uploading, Youtube rejected my video because it's too long. I wish it would tell you that first thing instead of trying to upload it when it's obviously not going to allow it, ugh. I'll have to cut the video into 2 parts I guess. I really wanted it in just 1 clip, oh well. I'll come back with the video, but I'll leave some pictures from the panel!!!

Solo pictures of Yoshiki taken by my boyfriend.

I was disappointed most of them came out blurry, but my little sister quickly reminded me you can't take pictures of Gods. ;)


Getting ready to leave the room while they decide on how to form autographs. This is where it gets incredibly stupid. Unfortunately Yoshiki's plane was delayed, so they had to cut back on the autographs to only 40 people. Even though there were people in line for over 4+ hours (myself included), they decide to play ROCK PAPER SCISSORS to decide who gets an autograph!! That's Fanime for you. Me and my boyfriend were pissed and kept yelling that they should just pick the first 40 people, but of course they ignored that and played rock paper scissors. I won the first round (holy crap!!), got in line, and they counted 45. 5 people were lying, so they played again. I lost the second round, but me and my sister stayed in line. They counted 40, good to go!! Sadly my boyfriend lost the first round so he stayed seated. I wish I told him to just stand up, since my sister lost both rounds too LOL. BUT HELL, we were waiting in line for so long!!!

My boyfriend asked permission to give the flowers to Yoshiki so he can at least meet him. Staff wouldn't even allow us to stand in line together though, let alone go up to Yoshiki with him. I should've slipped him the ticket stub to get signed. I know Yoshiki wouldn't deny him an autograph, and the staff would be pissed, but it would've been worth it. XD

Next pictures were taken by my sister, and the top one included. XD


I love this picture of me, since my boyfriend is in the picture too. Thank you Kimberly! XD OMG it was so nerve-wracking just standing there!!

When it was my turn to go up, I almost started crying right then and there. I blurted out "I don't even know what to say right now, omg!"

I told Yoshiki that I took this picture from their concert. His response:

"Oh! This is from the Oakland concert!" I was surprised he could tell, and blurted out "YES!" XD He commented on the photo, but I think I was so stunned I don't really remember what he said. Kimberly thinks he complimented the photo, but I can't be sure LOL. Oh, and his right arm was in a cast that day because he hurt himself (he was sick too with sore throat </3) so he was signing everything with his left hand lol.

I like this photo of me because my face is blurred lmao

Shock aftermath. They told everyone to leave afterwards, but my boyfriend stayed there until the end LOL. He said he wanted to make sure Yoshiki took the roses with him, and he did! <3

They posted this up AFTER I got in line, so I had to ask what the line was for when I got there LOL. How AWESOME is that sign though, really.... "YOSHIKI... Q&A and Autograph Here..." OMG it was real. XD

This is the photo I asked to have signed.

I also got the ticket stub from their show in Oakland signed. My little sister got it signed, and he said "Oh, the Oakland show!" (something like that, have to ask again) but my sister was star-struck and didn't say anything back LOL.

I'll come back with the panel video and autograph pictures asap, I promise!! This was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. Even now listening to X JAPAN songs has a whole new meaning to me. I smile so big when I listen to them and just relive the moment of being face to face with Yoshiki. I wish I can meet all members someday, and I'm looking forward to their 


Was I supposed to share that? ;) You'll find out more in the panel video!!



  1. Looking forward to you Cosplay photos a lot ♥

    YOSHIKI fbgiugfefdgwz!!!!!♥♥♥
    Thanks for sharing these amazing shots!! I love the photo you took at the Oakland live!! It's amazing~!! Aaahhh...I would love to meet this god, too....Well, at least I'm going to see X JAPAN next month!!!! SUPER EXCITED!!!!

    && I know what you mean with 'now listening to X JAPAN songs has a whole new meaning to me'. I experienced the same feeling after some sign sessions or meet & greets...especially MUCC were amazing. Tatsurou (vocal, I'm not sure whether you're familiar with MUCC) was killing me...I swear...Fortunately I'm able to keep being cool at sign sessions, haha.

  2. Oh my gosh, I love your blog! It's so charming! I'm so glad you had fun! And I really know the feeling of being totally starstruck! Congrats :D I was hoping we could follow and friend each other! Thanks!

  3. Fanime staff is always confusion. I think their whole con needs some leadership involved in it.. Its hectic, confusion, and times of stuff is always changing. They get away with it cuz people dgaf since it's the only big con up here. I'm gonna stay away from conventions forever... I've been to Fanime once and AX twice.... Never again. It's totally not my scene. I feel so awkward like I don't belong there *A* I mean I used to watch anime like Evangelion and Cowboy Bebop but I saw those more of works of art than anime... So never again will I go to an anime convention. It's kind of scary!

  4. Amazing ~! But...he somehow looks different too Is he getting botox?? lol....Well, he's still in great shape for how old he is! I don't think my reaction was quite like yours when I met him, but similar to when I shook hands with Kaoru and Shinya (DeG) on the FVT...cause when I was leaving the tent, I was so...ectastic, I ended up tripping on a rock. Haha...And getting recorded -_-

  5. U"¤!Y(RFKEJQ!"(!"47"!¤)
    You lucky betch youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! -humps screen- I was never a fan of Yoshiki, but you CANNOT deny his musical brilliance! >_<"



    YAAYYY~. I guess meeting him somehow canceled out most of the awful staff experiences, eh? ;P And haha-- I like the pics of you after the panel, too. Not because it's blurred, but because you look so shell-shocked. xD I can tell you just fangirled suuuper hard, if not only internally.

    I'm sure I'd look similar after meeting on of my famous BBs, though.

    Awesome post-- can't wait to see more from Fanime~!


    And omgahhhh<3 I wanna meet MY IDOLS T~T Dammit Arashi come to Australia!! D: GAHHHH

    You look so cutee in your fangirlspasmaftershock photo hehehe <3

  8. woah you saw yoshiki, so cooool