Sunday, June 5, 2011

62. Quick random MUSIC post ♥

I SERIOUSLYYYYY NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK. Sorry for not commenting back or commenting on everyone's posts! I swear I've read your blogs, but no time lately for commenting. I have the next 2 days off finally, so I can get back to you guys 

If you didn't see already, I uploaded the first 2 parts of video from Yoshiki's panel I took! I'm still cutting the rest of the video so I haven't gotten around to uploading it yet. But like I said, next 2 days off, so I'll get those up asap. 


I wanted to share some of my recent favorite songs Post-Fanime Con that I hope you guys will enjoy as well!!! I'm kicking myself for even considering skipping out on MusicFest this year (luckily I didn't!! kinda!) I missed the first 2 songs during FLOW's performance, but I made it for my 2 favorite songs: RYUUSEI and 1/3 の純情な感情 (YES SIAM SHADE'S SONG!!! OMG.) Anyways, I'm rambling. Enjoy.

Yuya Matsushita [Secret Love]
I've finally found this song! I really regret not listening to Yuya before Fanime, but at the same time it was a treat to be completely surprised by this guy's talent. This song is SO fucking catchy. I was dancing so much and jumping around at MusicFest, it was a great time! I'm super happy I stumbled across a live of this song too! Double happiness points. No, triple because his dancing is fucking セクシー

(2:17 is what got me so into this dance during MusicFest, I love that move... because he did it more times than that, and in different ways LMAO)

I felt SO bad for him during his performance though!! After his first set, instead of people cheering for an encore right away.... they started chanting for FLOW. Poor guy!! At least he came out in smiles for his encore anyway. ^^;

FLOW [Days]
I need to watch more anime. I knew FLOW has been doing a shit-ton of songs for anime, but I didn't even realize what I've been missing out on. I found out I can dance to this song too. NEVER in my years as a FLOW fan did I think I can DANCE to a FLOW song, lol.

FLOW [1/3 の純情な感情]
Like I mentioned (didn't I?) I went FUCKING BALISTIC when I heard the guitar... You should've seen the Fanime staff walking around, they were looking at me like I was fucking crazy. Then again I don't blame them, I was. :3

I had no clue they did a cover of this song, and it is fantastic. The original is by SIAM SHADE, and I think it was used for Rurouni Kenshin or something? I'm not sure, I heard about it on Pop Japan TV years ago haha. In case you haven't heard the original, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO SO. Here. Just press play. Please?

I think I have a crush on the guitarist now too. He was really cute in person... and he got rid of the crazy dreads, and kept looking in my general direction... that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that he was playing on the right side of the stage, nope! ...(>3>;)

SIAM SHADE [1/3 の純情な感情]

FLOW [流星]

Again, went nuts fangirl when I heard the opening of this song. This is my all-time favorite song by FLOW, and I wasn't at all expecting them to play this song! I remember back when this song was new, I loved it so much and always wanted to see this performed live. I never thought FLOW would get big enough or show interest in coming over to America. I hope that makes sense? Not saying they weren't talented enough to make it here, but like... just me always thinking how badly I want to see all these different artists from Japan that I never thought I'd ever have the chance to see outside Japan. Dreams do come true!!!


So what songs do you have on repeat lately? I'm already making ringtones of some of these songs (namely [Secret Love]) heehee. Maybe I'll upload them if anyone else likes these songs? :)

Thanks for visiting~ let me know what you want to read next! 
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I've obviously not been very active recently because of stress from work and being so tired, but a little motivation will definitely help get me back on here. Sorry again for not commenting back right away! I'll get to work on that... 


OH! And I'm still waiting on my order from I don't recall updating, I ended up ordering Cherry 3 Tone Green, and Dueba Luna Grey lenses since the Angel Greys were OOS. I'm too anxious waiting for them to get here grrr! Hopefully tomorrow so I have a chance to review them!!!



  1. i love FLOW too! they are amazing<3

  2. Another FLOW fan. <33 I'm glad they've gained popularity over here, too.

    And duuude. I cast my vote for posting ringers. (God knows I'm awful at making ringers. Haha.)