Sunday, September 18, 2011

79. Circle lens review + random pic spam + mini hauls

Today I'll be reviewing the lenses on the left.

These are the Hana/SP Eye AF31 Grey lenses, purchased from KiwiBerry1-Collection.

DIA: 14.5
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6
PLANO, 1 year

I apologize the pictures are blurry. Taken in bathroom lighting with a new camera that I'm still getting used to taking just eye shots...

No lens/makeup

Left with lens, right without, no makeup

Both in, no makeup, blurry picture ;(

Both in, full blown makeup.

The water content of 45% was the sole reason I chose these lenses. I have trouble with my other lenses drying out very quickly and irritating my eyes, so I really wanted to try a pair with higher water content. These are definitely the most comfortable of all my lenses, only with minor irritations if I'm staring at a screen for too long. Eye drops are still a necessity, but I don't reach for them as often as other lenses.
One strange point... I know, I'm not supposed to, but I tried these on straight out of the vial, and that was THE MOST COMFORTABLE I felt wearing lenses! I couldn't feel them at all the entire time I wore them. I also noticed the lens on my right eye tends to move out of place sometimes. Once I found it on the SIDE of my eyeball and I couldn't even feel it.... thank god I was in front of a mirror and not at work.

Another reason I chose these was because they reminded me of the Sesame Grey lenses which I've been dying to get (but probably won't since they're so damn HUGE). The design is very pretty despite the spiky edges. The inner ring is quite large though, so my natural eye color can be seen when up close. I just really love the design of this lens, I just wish the inner ring were just a bit smaller.

I honestly don't see a whole lot of enlargement in this, despite being a 14.5mm lens. If you're looking for bigger eye effect, stay away. This gives off a very subtle enlargement that goes completely unnoticed unless I point out myself that I'm wearing lenses at all. I personally don't mind this; maybe if they were just a tad bit bigger... but anyone wanting big eyes would be wasting their money.

Most lenses I've tried have a pretty vibrant effect or show up quite well. As with the minimal enlargement, the color doesn't show up well either in person. No one could even tell I was wearing lenses at all from even a short distance. Up close [and in photos] however, it's quite obvious! The inner ring doesn't blend into my natural eye color at all. To me, these lenses just make my eyes look a bit darker and slightly bigger, but the grey color is only noticeable from maybe a foot away. People with very LIGHT eyes would probably fare better with these. BROWN EYED GALS BEWARE.

The best point of these lenses for me is the comfort. I'm excited that more lenses are being released with higher water content for people like me with shitastic eye sensitivity. The color was a pretty big disappointment since it doesn't show up very well at all. Funny enough though, I quite like these lenses, but more due to the comfort. With makeup they don't really make my eyes stand out very much either. I feel like I'd have to pile on the makeup, but still have the same effect as a simple everyday look.

Beautiful design, slight enlargement, but don't expect to stand out!

Okay, on to the pic spam.

And why not, here's an FOTD

- Face -
  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
  • The Face Shop Phytogenic Foundation Powder
- Eyes -
  • Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner
  • Castle Dew eyeshadow palette 'Shine Jewel Dia'
  • Maybelline Vibrating Mascara
  • Daiso lashes "A Type" (Review HERE)
  • MUFE Pencil Liner
  • Hana/SPC AF31 circle lenses in Grey
- Lips -
  • Burt's Bees Lip Balm
  • Missguided lipgloss (gift)
- Camera-
  • Sony NEX-5N (face shots, pic spam, hauls) really wish my boyfriend was keeping this! :'(
  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i (circle lens vials)
More pic spam

Bonsai tree me and my boyfriend bought in San Francisco Japan Town 

my buddy Charles <3

Delicious cream puff tart my boyfriend brought home from work!!! 

Needs better lighting. :'(

Picked up some lashes at Ichiban Kan in San Francisco. I LOVE that store.. 

Stocked up on my favorite Daiso lashes!

Better than CHI!

Going to Monterey again tomorrow. I'm excited as usual, especially since we got our sexy new camera to play with! At least for tomorrow anyway, since that's the main reason my boyfriend got the camera to test it out [and get some awesome pics of the new Great White!] and then return it. XP

Until next time,



  1. Ooh, these lenses look super duper stunning on you, Katie! And they actually blend really well and naturally with your eye color! :D Love your eye makeup too, it looks great with the lenses, and you look super smexy! *u* <333

  2. it blends with your eye, you look like you had nothing on. its pretty <3

  3. The lenses make your eyes seem more dramatic.. very natural but it has more oomph ^^~ Love it on you! Omg, cute haul too~ The cream puffs look delicious!

  4. wah, it looks so natural on you! and the mini bonsai is so cuuute XD

  5. Those lenses enhance your eye color so well! And if you ever did get the sesame grey lenses, I believe they'd fit you well. Your eyes are really big (not a bad thing, they're really pretty! I don't mean to offend you!), so the lenses would probably look real swell:)

    P.S. That tart looked really yummy .__.

  6. These lens look super natural on you! I love your natural eye colour, it really stands out against your dark hair :)

  7. Oh wow, the design is super natural looking on you, I think they would be nice for school and work! Photos of food and cats always make me happy hehe XD

  8. omg your natural eye colour is beautiful! you have quite a pretty face! also, congrats on winning that bloomzy giveaway! ♥

  9. Those lenses look so pretty on you! Looks kind of natural too ^^

  10. those lenses look so natural on you, they enhance your natural eye color more =]

    OMG you should get the sesame grey!!! i think they would look AMAZING on you and it's enlarging ~

    the cream puff tart looks soooo goodd!!!

  11. Woah you look absolutely sexy in the make up and lenses *___*! PLEASE MARRYYY MEEE WAHAHAHAH !

    But yeah, the lenses don't stand out that much and are super subtle compared to your other ones ! BUT STILL, YOU LOOK SO GOOD *____*

    Am I sounding like a creep ? LOL

  12. Yay for Fobbie Barbie! :) It was the best price I could find.

    I really hope you find an alternative for the Sesame Greys, I'd love to know what you find. If I ever tried grey circle lenses I'd recommend some but...I've only tried the Apple Green ones hahah. I plan on ordering 2 new pairs soon, though.And thank you for replying to my comment, I love your blog<3
    I'll try to update more btw! Have a nice day:)

  13. What is thid I can't even--

    Giirrlll you make ANY pair of lenses look hot. 8)

    Srsly, those Hana SP&Eye lenses look stunning on ya'~. :] I'd choose them for their design, too. <33

    Also, nvgbglkwlwhjrgvmogtowgkl-- YOU MAKE ME WANNA BAKE when you picspam delicious stuff your BF brings home for you.

  14. pretty lenses.. it's like dueba 3tone. btw, you are so pretty too.

    please, follow back me :D


  15. Are you serious? That's a long time to wait! I have no idea how you lasted hahaha. It's just to hard to wait for them... I suppose its good to have back up lenses in case a pair rips, or I am just making up excuses to hoard. I would if I could. :) I wanted to order Geo Hurricane Brown, or Bella Brown, but the person I was going to buy from ended their batch before I could buy(everything was $10 ;-;). Now I wanna get the Dueba Blossom Brown lenses. And that is really sweet of you, you get me motivated also! Work that blog, keep writing!

  16. those lenses look sooo cool! i love green lenses im interested in getting those now!

  17. YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS!!! omg I LOVE your makeup and your skin is like flawless >< I'm so jellyyyyy!! The contacts really suit you well and they look really natural! hahaha~ & the cream puff tart looks delish!!