Tuesday, October 11, 2011

83. Born Pretty Store & Jewel Mint reviews!

Here is what I picked up with the gift certificate I won during Bloomzy's giveaway. Many 'thank you!'s to Bloomzy and Born Pretty Store!


Quick store review
Shipping was rather quick, only 15 days from placing my order to arriving at my doorstep. They packaged everything in a bubble-wrap-lined envelope and fragile products were carefully wrapped again in bubble wrap. I accidentally contacted them for tracking number after they sent it to me once before, and got back to me the very next day. I've contacted them on another occassion and again received response the next day. Overall a good experience, quick service and shipping, and the prices are very cheap! They also offer free shipping on all orders, how awesome is that?? I'll be ordering from them again in the future. I hope you guys will check them out too for all your nail art needs :)

x3 Cleansers for gel nails. I'm almost out of my IBD cleanser so this was a good opportunity to stock up. 

x1 Set Nail art brushes. I keep losing my brushes so this was a good time to stock up! I opted for this set since it has a good array of sizes, but I'm not sure I'll be using the biggest brush, because it's gigantic! Much too big for my nails anyways lol

x1 UV Top Coat. I also lost my Seche Vite UV topcoat some time ago. I hope this one will be an okay replacement until I get a new one! I'll try this out with regular polish as well to test the lasting power.

x4 Super gorgeous uv builder glitter gel. I'm stupid excited to play around with these!

Dazzling Pink, Dazzling Green. Isn't the green just gorgeous?! It looks more blue though, very true to in person :) Same with the pink, where it looks more purple, but still so pretty!

Shimmer White, Dazzling Gold. I love the popular look of glitter base 3D nails which I'm hoping to achieve with this gel. The gold looks as though it has more green/blue hues in sunlight, but it's just gold!

Closer to true color, but you can still see the green!

x1 UV clear gel. Running low on gel since I've been using the IDB starter kit and they are pretty tiny! Lasted me a good long time though, so this should last me forever haha.

x1 set of 500 clear nail tips. I don't know how to build my own tips yet so I use these plastic tips. Easy to work with and I don't have to worry about running out for a while :D

I'm so excited to do my nails again, it's been a long time! Here's some videos that have inspired me and getting me so excited to play with nail art! ミテミテミテ!

For the Tsubasa lovers, she's featured in the videos too as a guest <3 As well as competing is my nail artist idol Harada Ayano-san <333

My favorite video of the bunch featuring Harada-san's nail genius! I really, really want an airbrush kit now >w<

My order from JewelMint arrived today! It took a while because apparently there was an error in their system for everyone that ordered Sept. 30th so all the orders were delayed. Their customer service was very quick though and they provided tracking number for my order with free shipping :D Right now they have 20% off promotion going on, and all their jewelry is $30 with free shipping. You have to sign up for month-to-month though, so if you only want to purchase one item now, you have to cancel your order at the beginning of the next month to avoid being charged for that month. It's an interesting idea and a lot of pieces are truly unique! I hear they often have promotions so if you want to wait for another one, but the jewelry selection also changes monthly so if there's something you really like then you want to get it while it's available!

Came in a gorgeous mint-colored box! I was expecting just some bubble wrap and a mini satch. The packaging is just lovely and gets better. Of course I couldn't figure out how to open it at first, dumb as usual...

Greeted with a lovely message. Just opening the package is an experience of it's own :) And finally, the necklace!

Oh my god I'm in love. It has a rustic feel so it doesn't look cheap as if it were solid gold. It's also quite heavy so it won't break easy! I forgot to take a picture, but it opens like an actual safety pin too! Really cool design so you can wear it like the modeled picture.

I'm SO happy I purchased this necklace! It really is gorgeous in person, and I highly recommend it. It's still available for purchase, check it out HERE!

That's pretty much it for today. I'm extremely hungry waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work... at least I hope he's still not at work since 6am this morning?! (⦿  ⦿ ;;) ...again. Now I'm off to indulge in a giant bowl of Cherrios and bananas. Minus the bananas. Me and Pumpkin ate them all. Noo~
Oh btw it was her 13th birthday yesterday! Love you Pumpkin! And my boyfriend's friend Pumpkin/David too. BAHAHAHA.

Until next time!



  1. hyaaaah...I Love love LOVE the necklace from Jewelmint! totally cute <3 hope to see your pic wearing it :D

  2. I'm so excited for you! I can't wait i hope you do a nail tutorial soon haha x3 i'm looking into gel nails too, unfortunately i need to save right now but hopefully i can do it in the future. For now i'll just oogle at your pretty nails ;)

    I really really love the pin necklace too! QuQ i'm a sucker for those vintage looking accessories!! Can't wait to see more of your posts <3

  3. WOW! You got some amazing items there with your voucher. I'm so pleased you were able to get everything you wanted.

  4. Dear Katie,

    Thank you in your interest in Japan, as of right now the company has not gotten funded by the Japanese government; however, if they do anytime soon I will make sure to make a post about it.

    <33 Rena

  5. Aw, happy b-day Pumpkin! Haha.

    And ooohh--- that Glitter Gold is freaking goorgeeoousss. Unf.

    I... wish I know how the hell to do gel nails now. o: <3

    And that purchase from Jewelmint. Is. Magicaallll~.

  6. Nail Art is so fun~ And I really like that Jewel Mint piece!

  7. Omg! The glitter looks so pretty and the necklace is just lovely <333

  8. I love the haul! :) I've been dying to get myself some jewelmint products too! Unfortunately, they don't ship to the Philippines :(

    I realy really love the jewelry pieces that you got there.. :)

    PS. I followed your blog via GFC hope you can follow back too <3

  9. omg the gel glitters are gorgeous! : D I'm really excited to see what you come up with for it! *_* and when I saw the piece from Jewelmint I thought for a sec. that you'd won Hollyannaeree's giveaway! D:< Cause she gave away one of those. I'm not really into Jewelmint. It's overhyped by now.. unless I win a piece (you know.. if hell freezes over. lol) then I'm not interested in it tbh.

    Haha don't worry bby girl! <3 I'll cook for you some day! *packs bags and runs to Katie's house* Aw poor you! : ( and poor Thai people. They're probably like "ARGHHH dis bitch!" lolz.

    Yeah, I had one of them over for a little get-together last night. We had a BLAST. Turns out he's 27. DUDE HE LOOKS 16!! WTF IS WITH THESE PERFECT KOREAN BEINGS! D:< I don't get it! *iz reborn Korean* lolz.

    I decided on the Pro already, yeah : D Cause the processor is way better now than it used to be. Back in the day you got 1.7Ghz which isn't good for shit. lol. so I didn't bother spending $1,500 on a laptop with such shitty features. DAMN they upgraded it by now tho! It's so cool! 2.3 ghz, 4gig ram, 320 gig hard drive. The processor is better than my current. I just got a 500 gig external hard drive from a friend, so I don't need THAT much space. And ugh.. I don't mind the weight-issue. My current laptop is SO fucking heavy it's ridiculous. I have the LG E500.. it's dying tho. *gives cpr*

    Ah well, I wanna be able to put school work on it, photoshop, movies and music videos. I doubt that it'd be anything more than that. Of course when I get back into youtube I'll be editing videos in Sony Vegas and stuff. But that's about it.. Nothing fancy. My current laptop only holds battery for 49 minutes O_O my friend's MAC (that's 3 years old already!) holds up for 3-5 hours on a single charge.

    I DID HELP BBY <3 I'm taking in all the help that I can get. It's gonna be a bitch to get used to the MAC system and then have to switch between MAC and LG for a while.. until the LG dies completely! *clings to LG* Ugh, me and my Korean-electronics-support-issues. LOL

    Hahaha you better tell him good when he gets back! >: D Aww poor thai people : (