Monday, October 24, 2011

84. I'm back.... quick post!

Sorry for being randomly MIA for so long. I just wanted to let y'all know I'm ALIVE. Last week was nonstop work and I've just been too tired to leave comments on your blogs, and I hate half-assing comments. I have been reading though! And once again I have a LOT of catching up to do ; o; I'm quite pleased I gained a couple readers over my little "hiatus" though, welcome and thank you! <3

I went to SF last Thursday and saw the sexy MIYAVI again! The entire day was SO stressful since I had to go to work at 7am, my boyfriend got sick, and my boss wouldn't let me leave early, so we hit rush hour traffic AND took 10 minutes just trying to get in the hotel parking lot. Before that was also about 10 back-to-back days of work, so I finally have today and tomorrow to relax and BREATHE <3 Oh, and internet has been working on-and-off as well the past couple weeks, which also contributed to my absence. Yeah, excuses... =__=

I'm also finally getting myself a working phone! I'm super excited. I've been without a working phone for a couple of months now, and I'm now waiting for an iPhone 4 in the mail :) Hopefully I can get myself a data plan too for some on-the-go blogging?! :D

I'll talk to all my lovelies soon! Again I'm sorry for disappearing and not commenting, I feel really bad about that... I'll try to make it up soon!!!

- KT


    Also, I thought I would let you know I'm playingg Personaaaa 3 ! *_* I can't remember if you played 3 as well or just 4 but yeah xP ~! It's funfunfun *_* and as a result .. I am not getting much study done eek. Anyway, love you! xo

  2. BUT BBY I MISSED YEWWW! *faints* AND U WENT TO WATCH MIYAVI? D:< omg. I envy you! Congrats on gettin' the new phone : D get a plan soon ok?

  3. Haahaha, don't worry love! I'm at eps. 15 with Coffee Prince! I'm getting on to You're Beautiful right after! D:< *iz threatened* I SWEAAARRR! -hands up-
    I watched 200 lbs of Beauty already and I LOVED IT SO MUCH! It's the most epic movie ever! -hugs movie- You and I need to get together for a movie night or something! <3

    YES I KNOW RIGHT?! So yummyyy! He went to San Francisco.. O_O which is pretty closeby. Another friend of mine went to LA, actually -__-" AISH.

    HAHAHA yes. They're originally made with nuts and that sweet stuff in them. But I absolutely HATE nuts in my food, so I DEMANDED for Kat to NEVER put them in there. -___-" Good thing she obeyed. lolz. They're really good with cinnamon and tiny bits of apple in them too! >: D

    HAHAHA YES HE DOES. He's hilarious tho! And he's super considerate! During dinner he kept pouring food up on my plate like "Dude.. stop that or Imma get fatter than I already am -__-" /le sigh. He's super sweet tho! : D

    PEPSI MAX FTW <33333 I need more Pepsi Max merch. Bedding sheets, pillows, clothing, mugs and shit. GIMMEEE!

    HAHA omg show me pictureeeeeeees! I love VK/jrock style on girls >: D it's so damn sexy. *faints* Aw thanks bby! I really like my short hair! : D I got well used to it and now when people ask me if I miss my long hair, I'm like "betch u miss your toenails after you cut them off?" LOLZ. OMG CUT IT LIKE THAT BBY! Or maybe you shouldn't.. Imma have to come steal you if you become too sexy >: D

    OMFG T_T; you're so damn luckyyy! POST THEM POST THEM POST THEM!

    Also.. didn't you win a giveaway somewhere? D:< I'M SO JELLYY~

    IM SOO FUCKING ADDICTED TO IPHONE ZOMG CAPS LOCK SRS BUSINESS... BUT YEAH I never go on computer anymore :B :B and all I do is instagram and play games

  5. welcome back :D i just started to follow your blog hihi ^^ !

  6. Dude, it's alright. 8) RL happens: blogging is incidental. Haha.

    And sorry to hear your Miyavi concert day started off so whack. @_@ Having stress like that can TOTALLY bring down your mood, even before such an awesome/positive event. :/

    At least you had some time to unwind, though, eh? C: Hope you're feeling better/more relaxed and rested now~~.

  7. I never knew miyavi was having a concert in SF!~ how cool!! I hope you had fun at the concert~ <33 I'm actually going up to the bay area this weekend for a conference for school!! >< hehe hope you have a relaxing time off work (: