Saturday, November 5, 2011

86. [REVIEW] EOS J-202 Baby Candy Doll - Brown

Let's get back to some more productive posts now, shall we? :) Here is my ever-so-late circle lens review, but better late than never, yeah? I hope...? :3

Maybe I'll just start doing weekly reviews every ex.Saturday instead of just random reviews popping up to keep me motivated and posting in a more timely manner? What do you think? Does it even matter? Let me know ;)

The lenses I'm going to review (in case you're not already aware...) are the EOS J-202 Baby Candy Doll Brown purchased from KiwiBerry1-Collection.

BTW I took these photos at 2 different times, so I'll try to update these pictures with better quality later..


EOS J-202 Baby Candy Doll
DIA: 14.0 mm
BC: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38%
Duration: 1 year

These lenses really stand out just sitting in the case, and complete translate on the eyes. The above pictures just aren't really doing them justice, as you'll see later. They're super vibrant in any lighting. People with darker eye color Since they aren't a very big lens, they only enlarge slightly, but the black limbal ring really helps enhance the size. They also don't blend well at all with my eyes, as you can see the green clearly popping through. These are definitely the worst of my lenses when it comes to blending. Comfort-wise, they are among my most comfortable lenses. They do cause slight irritation after a couple hours, but nothing a few eyedrops can't remedy. 

I really, really like these lenses for a super bold look. I wouldn't wear these as an everyday lens, but in photos they look incredible. I wish they were a little darker actually! I love the way they look on girls with naturally darker eye colors, probably because I prefer lenses that aren't super super bold and more natural! Maybe then I would consider wearing them more often! 

Commence camho pic spamz. I took these right before Halloween so I was really into it LOL

I'd do an FOTD, but I forget what I'm wearing lmao

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That about sums it up for this post. I hope to knock out some of the endless reviews I keep putting off. 

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  1. Wow the lenses look gorgeous on you! A very exotic look :) I have always wanted to try these out!

    Thanks for the review ^^

  2. the design look like candy magic king brown ^_^ i love the last pic, you look so mysterious, haha.

    Btw, would you like to join my giveaway?

  3. lolwut-- who unfollows a person for a layout change? Haha.


    And yeah, these lenses look great on you, deffo. I'd like to see them in a darker colour, too. o:

  4. you look gorgeous
    what lipstick are u wearing with those pic. it looks great


  5. wow you look stunning on the last pic, I have a pair of eos candy doll too in grey :D


  7. ur rite those lenses really stand out! looks great on you!

  8. WOW. these lenses look amazing & vibrant on you! I love it ^_^ Very cat like ;D

  9. GOD DAMMIT! I ordered lenses last night and I should've seen these before doing so! D:< the pattern is GORGEOUS! I heard that EOS lenses are generally very comfy... and the pattern kinda reminds me of the GEO Angel (deff. NOT very comfy!).. so yeah, fuck me -__-" *shrug* EITHER WAY MISSY. You look sexyyy~ ; D

    SORRY for being so slow-ass to reply to your comments. -__-" I've been sick and lazy and everything sucks atm. Only good thing is that I bought a few things online and that I got JPop-Con coming up next weekend *sigh*

    ANYWAY! To your first comment like.. 2 entries ago:

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    WHAT GIMME BACK MY PEPSI MAX YOU PSYCHO! D: *runs in circles* HEEELP SOMEBODYYYYY HEEELP! Someone's holding my loved one hostage!!! T__T; /crey. FINE. *gives in* I will try to find it >___<" You're so mean! *steals pepsi max back* Iz u ok, Pepsi? Iz u? :"( *hugs pepsi*

    HAHA yes I will! >: D Damn, I miss the US so much. T_T; I wanna go back! It's been three years since I was there.. /crey. Come take me away, Katie! DO IT!

    OMFG NUTS IN BREAD IS SO SHJKSJHGDF EWWWWWWWWWWW T____T; Don't do that shit, mr Baker and his useless team! SERIOUSLY. It's just NOT acceptable! I never had cinnamon apples O_O GIMME SOME!

    Some of the students are staying here for 2 years.. others only 1. And then some of them have been here for a year already and are going home in January or moving onto going to Japan : D I'm so jealous of them! They get to see SO many places! A lot of them took advantage of being here and went to Paris and London while in Denmark. UGHH I want them to take me tooo! *drags Katie along*

    OoOoo well you deserve it! : D I was just about to make you win my giveaway, HAHAHA. But I gotta stay true to my awesome followers! >: D danng, if I were rich I'd send you and all my other fav. girls on Blogger a HUGE box of sexiness! >: D You'd all feel so loved that you wouldn't be able to contain yourselves! <3 MWAHAHA

    Second comment: (LOLOLOL. You and I and our crazy commenting back and forth) <3

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  10. We actually found the bracelet last week when we were there to get bleach and toner for my and Annemette's hair projects ; D And Devoney found the bracelet and was like "omg Taemin bracelet!!!".. So we got it for her >: D MWAHHA <3 She almost cried. *smirk*

    I KNOW RIGHT?! He was so epic in You're Beautiful! >: D so much Jang Geun Seok sexinessss. I want his wardrobe from that show! SERIOUSLY!

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    THANKS BBY! I'm bleaching it one more time, toning it and then hopefully it'll come a bit closer to what I really want. I've been called the craziest shit lately. O_O Shion, Owen Wilson, Hiroto, Near.. tsk tsk. Crazy world.

    Hehe thanks love! I got a carepackage coming in from a friend from London. That'll probably be my next post! : D WEEE!


  12. Gorgeous gorgeous pictures of you, (: great for fall and the cons are nice quite outstanding in pictures !^^ thanks for sharing,, ..oh btw i like the lip colour also..!

    CMPang x

  13. the contacts look really pretty :o your natural eyecolor is super gorgeous as well!!! and i love the pink lipstick, it's very cute on you :)
    i'm glad you like the banners(sorry for the late reply on that >_>)!! i made some new ones too for the pre-order, i'm sure joyce already told you about it ^_^
    lippi <3

  14. Those lenses are pure love. ♥ And you're so pretty! *.*

  15. I've been meaning to pick these up forever! Great review ^^

  16. Those lenses look amazing on you!! They really suit your makeup too, and omg... your lips!!!! O_O!!

    Too gorgeous, and too sexy!! <3 They are really striking on you!