Saturday, December 10, 2011

88. [REVIEW] GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Lenses *sponsored post*

As some of you who are following me on Facebook already know, I was sponsored my first pair of circle lenses to review! *throws confetti* I really wanted to do this review right away, but my hours at work doubled this past week, so this was my first chance to do this review since receiving these lenses a week ago, and I apologize for the delay! >__<;

So the lenses I chose are the GEO Princess Mimi Chocolate Browns, kindly sponsored by
Note: I am not being paid in any way for this review, and all content in this post, as with any other, is my true and honest opinion.

Shoppingholics has the most adorable packaging! They also include free gifts with your lenses. I received a super cute lens case, velcro hair sheets, and a cute mini thank you card. Super thoughtful! The shipping time was very reasonable. From Malaysia, it only took about 2 weeks to arrive. I've ordered lenses from other stores located in Malaysia that took over a month to arrive, so I found shipping to be rather quick. Everything was packed in bubble wrap-lined envelope, and the lens box itself was lined with bubble wrap as well. Communication is also great, as they respond the very next day. No problems, great service, I highly recommend them! Now, on to the lenses!

Comes in this really adorable box! What I love is that it's both adorable and provides extra protection for the vials during shipping.

The ever-so-adorable Princess Mimi vials! Also comes with a GEO sticker of authenticity. 

GEO WMM-304 Princess Mimi Chocolate
DIA: 15.0 mm
BC: 8.6 mm
Water content: 38%
Duration: 1 year

Taken in bathroom lighting.

When I first tried these on, I was really shocked how HUGE they look. I do own the Apple Green lenses, but maybe I'm already used to the way those look that these took me by surprise. It's quite strange. The Apple Greens are [obviously] a lot more vibrant than the Chocolates, but I felt like these just look a lot bigger. After a while of taking pictures though, I realize that they look bigger in person than in photos, if that makes sense. So these are definitely The pattern is definitely gorgeous, and will make your eyes stand out. They do show up a lot darker on the eye than what they look like in the vials, but it's still incredibly pretty. The Princess Mimis aren't the most comfortable lenses I've tried because of the diameter, though I've seen many reviews that rave over the level of comfort. If you're looking for lenses to really make your eyes stand out in means of design and enlargement, I highly recommend these lenses. I'm not sure if I'll be trying the Sesame Grey or Almond lenses unless I can get a hold of the Japanese manufactured lenses that are smaller. Otherwise I do like these lenses, but surprisingly I do think I prefer the Apple Greens over the Chocolates.

These photos were all taken outside in afternoon sunlight. No photoshop besides adjusting the lighting a bit in some photos, so the color of the lenses are quite accurate. Sorry the lighting isn't the best, but that's basically how California has been looking lately :P

I hope this post was useful to some of you considering the Princess Mimi Chocolate lenses. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and I'll answer as best I can. I'm also trying really hard to get back to commenting back to replies and blog posts, I'm sorry I'm so stupid late on that! m(.___.)m I'd like to once again thank Shoppingholics for sending me these gorgeous lenses! And a huge thank you to my readers for leaving me comments despite being gone so long -hugs- I have tons more reviews to do of course, and I'm really trying my hardest to find time for those. Hopefully my next update won't be delayed until next year lol.


- kt


  1. And I thought I had pretty eyes..yours blow mine outta the water. Can we trade? ;) :) I also love how clear the photos are.

  2. babeee everytime I see ur lense reviews i just cant get over how gorgeous ur eyes are! the colours are so unique and omggg can just stare at them and be mesmerised forever hhaha!

    The mimi browns look gorgeous on u!! esp love the photos in the sun omg were the round circles natural or photoshopped? they make the pictures look soo good!!

    yay congrats on ur first sponsored lenses and may many more to come hehe

    i absolutely love the mimi lenses and already bought my 2nd pairs cos 1st pairs r expired cos bought them in feb! and i dun like wearin lenses longer than 6 months cos they start get unhygienic and also uncomfy!

    ps ur freckles r so cute!! heheh *hugs*

  3. love the review and congrats on the sponsorship!

  4. I love how these look on you ^__^ you look so pretty & i love your skin :O

  5. Your eyelashes are amazing, they frame the lenses so well. ^^ Gorgeous!

  6. lovely pictures :D the lenses are very natural on you!

  7. You look amazing, love! Congrats on getting sponsored : D <3

  8. You are so stunning! I love the name of these lenses. Makes me want to eat them lol

  9. Oh my gosh ur so pretty.. and i soooo love ur hair... great review on the lens btw.. been planning to get the grey one for like forever > <

  10. omg I think I just fell in love with these lenses... what a beautiful colour and pattern!! *_*

  11. Oh, I just ordered two pairs of contact lenses yesterday. I was considering both this site and this contacts, but ended up ordering different style of brown lenses from other site. I hope I won't regret it :(

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  13. I LOVE ALL THE LENS FLARES IN THE PHOTOS!! I was thinking of getting these but I was way too scared of them being too big and making my eyes look dolly and whatnot. Are they comfy? B/C I usually stay away from non-geo lenses

  14. Ah-- they really do look rather dark on you. o: Hm...

    Still lovely, of course. Your makeup always flawlessly complements your lenses~. And these lenses totally enlarge your eyes, yeah. Not TOO much, though. <33

    Congrats on the sponsorship!!

    Oh yeah, and you can usually find the original Bambi series on Rakuten, but the shipping and such tend to make the price seem.... insane. xD I'd probably just get them in the non-OEM bottles from ColorLens4Less...

  15. I love the photos, you eyes are so pretty ^^