Monday, January 9, 2012

91. [REVIEW] EOS G-207 Super Nudy Lenses in Brown

Oh snap, double post?! I actually forgot I did my last post today since I wrote it last night and uploaded it today. Finally getting myself back into the blogging spirit ;) Here's the review I mentioned I would do :)

I'll have to update when I actually take a picture of the lenses though... -cough-

EOS G-207 Super Nudy
DIA: 14.5 mm
BC: 8.6 mm
Water content: 36%
Duration: 1 year

Sorry I also forgot to take a comparison picture. I'm really unprepared for this review lol.

Mmm these lenses sure are pretty! What I love most about these lenses is how natural they look. Despite the slightly large 14.5 mm size, while they DO enlarge the eyes, I feel like you can still get away with very minimal makeup while wearing these lenses. In low lighting, the color is rather dark, but under sunlight you get a much lighter gold color that's quite pretty. I kind of wish the inner ring was a little more... random? in the design, as far as the specks go, so that maybe it would blend better, but that could just be because of my natural eye color lol. I think anyone with mono-color eyes would rock these. The comfort level is so-so. It's not the most comfortable lens I've tried, but it's also not the most drying either. I'm quite pleased on the level of comfort in comparison to other lenses, but I do need some eyedrops with these (as always, sigh). This isn't my most favorite lens (that's in another review to come!), but I do like these! I was hoping for a bright gold lens for a possible cosplay, which is an almost hit with these. I do want to try more in this series though, any suggestions? :)

I'm under a canopy under direct sunlight, which is why the photo is so yellow lol
As you can see I was having fun playing with my wig and different hats :P I WISH THIS WAS MY REAL HAIR! 

Final score:
Design: 4/5
Comfort: 3/5
Enlargement: 3/5
Overall: 3.5/5

I've also posted my review at Review Circle Lens here. :) If you have your own reviews, please feel free to sign up and share! We're hoping to make this a huge and easy to find collection of circle lens reviews, and always looking for contributors ^^

What would you like to see next on my blog? More reviews, photo spams, food porn, hauls...? Let me know :)

See you guys next time!


  1. They do look really nice, and you have really big eyes! So pretty :)

    1. Aww thank you! :3 :3 you're so sweet >_<

  2. DEY LOOK FABULOUZZZZZ OK BBY. <3 hurr hurr!

  3. Pretty >w< !

    I'm so glad you put up a review on these lenses! I just received the same pair in the post yesterday :D Well...expect they're grey...and 14mm...and GEOs...I'm sorry I lied xD

    Looking forward to your next post :3

    1. LOL! I love you XD hurry and do your review!!! I LOVEEE reading your reviews! And I wanna see what they look like on you :D

  4. they look great on you ^^ sucks they're not comfortable as other lenses, have you tried the GEO version?

    1. Whoaa! I had no idea I can directly reply to comments here lol! Thank you! Ohh I haven't tried the GEO version :o how about you? :3 What lens brand is more comfortable for you?


  6. babeeee im bak~~~~~ love seeing ur contact lense reviews cos u got the most beautiful eyes n eye colour ive ever seen and i love seeing what the lenses end up lookin like on u n omg these lenses look so good~ love that light brown eyes look >.<

    glad u liked my giveaway prizes~ dw i will give u special friend discount if u want to my things fromm my blogshop cos i love u so much or i sponsor u some things so u can do reviews for me? hehe ^__^

    im movin bak to aus cos i miss my family n friends n fei fei >.< N i prefer it more than Msia esp since i earn much more $$ in Aus and so msia pay def wont b able to keep up with my spending habits =S=S so yah i hafta do long distance with my bf but hope that will work out >__<

    missed u so much n so happy to see ur comment! love u lots xoxoxo

    1. YUKI I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! My gosh, you are just the sweetest... always make me feel so good reading your comments T__T <3

      Oh my gosh, that's far too generous of you!! I'll try my best to support you without having to rely on your generosity solely! ;__; heck, I'm sure I'm gonna want things you're selling anyway so price shouldn't always be an issue ^^ if you send me anything though just know I have to send you a gift in return!! That's just how I roll ;3

      It really sounds like Australia is where you need to be right now. Aww don't worry! Love knows no boundaries!!! ;) I'm sure Fei Fei's going to be so insanely excited when he sees you!! I think you should take a video of when you guys see each other, I bet it'll be so adorable! :3

      I can't wait to see more of your blogposts because I've missed them so much! I'm sorry I don't think I got back to your last trip post >_< I need to reply!!!

  7. KATIE. PLEASE STOP BEING SO ADORABLE!! ASFasfasfaosifh-!! *_*

    But uh, on to the lenses! Oooh. They look really pretty! And on that note, I haven't worn lenses in AGES ..because I've been ..lazy :D hehe.

    I want those headpieces :(

    1. MELODY. I love you. ;__; SAME TO YOU!!! -steals you from Vu- muhahaha!!!

      Kind of same here actually! I wake up so early each morning for work that I can't possibly wear lenses because my eyes are already irritated and tired >__< so I can only wear them on days off so I can try them out and do reviews :(( I wish I had the lazy excuse lol!!

      Oooh I found it in my house haha! I think my sister got it in Disney Land... Wish I could've gone but I had to work!! ;(

  8. Ah-- Blogger deleted my first, ultra-long version of this. Arg. D:

    Anyway, those are LOVELY on you! Especially in the bright lighting. <333

    I'd love to see you with the EOS S. Nudy Green: they always seem like such a light, forest-y colour on dark eyes, so I'd LOVE to see how they turn out/blend with your fantastic natural eye colour. <3

  9. Eee thank you Sachiko! ^3^ Ohh you should, circle lenses look SO flipping cute on you! :O

  10. I WANT TO SEE!!! Do they look like the EOS lenses?? I actually just got a pair from G&G too LOL! I can't wait to try these since they're a lot smaller! :3

  11. Thank you :3 :3 OMG I love my wig -strokes- I wish it was my real hair!! My natural hair is like, shoulder-length and the ends are so dry and blehhhhhhhh. I just bought another wig recently, I can't wait for it to arrive ^________^

  12. aaarfgg you are sooo cutee > w < these lenses look really natural on youu :D

  13. Thank you Jen!! SO ARE YOUUUUU!!!! <33333 O___O