Wednesday, June 20, 2012

102. VASSEN Crystal/Vivian 3 Tones (Grey) circle lens review [SPONSORED]


So I was contacted by Joyce at Review Circle Lens about doing another lens review! This time, she was contacted by Lens Village and asked for the names of a few bloggers to sponsor, and she very kindly suggested me (thank you so much Joyce and Lens Village!)
 So today I'll be reviewing my first pair by VASSEN!

Please note. I am in no way paid to write this review (hah) and this is my 100% honest opinion.

Came in a secure cute box with care instructions and a lens case

VASSEN Crystal / Vivian 3 Tones (Grey)
Diameter: 16.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Water Content: 38-42%
Duration: 1 year

Design... 5/5
This series has one of the most gorgeous designs I've seen in a 3-tone lens. The inner rim is quite open so you can see your natural eye color in the middle, but it blends in really naturally.

Color... 4/5
I knocked off 1 point for the accuracy of the stock photos, which show the lens to be super opaque and bright. As you can see, it's much darker in real life, even on my light eyes. Despite that, the colors together are insanely gorgeous!

Enlargement... 5/5
I don't know the [actual] diameter of these lenses, but they are advertised as giving the effect of a 16.5mm lens. These lenses are HUGE, but (I say this a lot, I know) they do offer a somewhat natural effect. I look like I have naturally alien bug-eyes. Whoop.

Comfort... 4/5
I wanted to try these out (1) for the design, and (2) because I've heard great things about Vassen in terms of comfort. These are indeed quite comfortable, minus one point for the fact they dry my eyes out rather quickly. :( I can wear them maybe 2 hours tops before my eyes start to get very dry. After remedying the dryness though, they go back to being comfortable. Damn my sensitive eyes! :/

Overall... 4/5
If these were maybe around 14.5mm max effect, I'd wear them everyday. If you have sensitive eyes, be sure to carry rewetting drops because they do tend to dry out rather quickly. They also make your eyes look big, but the mesmerizing design somehow draws in towards a more natural look. Eye makeup is a must with these lenses! I was hoping for the color to be more opaque, but still brightens the eye and has a beautiful design.
Next chance I get, I really want to get my hands on the violets!

My sisters got back from Disney World and got me that giant lollipop! I only asked for the small Mickey Mouse lollis, but this ended up being a fun prop haha!

And why not a derpy face to end this post? :3

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