Thursday, June 28, 2012

103. Playtime at the adoption center!

Overload of cuteness ahead. You have been warned.

Yesterday I dropped by the adoption center at the Sunnyvale Petco store. My sister works there so we hung out for a few hours playing with the kitties for adoption!

I bought cookies from the Safeway next door since people donate more when they get free food lol. I accidentally pulled out $20 when I was at the self-check, so I threw it in the jar, yay! My sister was really happy because she was behind on bringing in donations anyway LOL
Stop by and donate? X3


These are Gar and Gregor. My sister said they were abandoned and left in a dumpster until someone found them and brought them to the HSSV. They live in the office.

Watson! Isn't she adorable? She's hilarious. First she was hissing at another kitten, then she fell of her shelf and fell in a bowl of water, and started hissing at two other kittens, then they all started hissing LOL. I assure you though, she's a sweetheart and loves to play!

And she makes hilarious faces! Such a character!

Adorable Charley! Another purr-machine!

Holmes, Watson's sister. This one wouldn't stop crying until I held her!

SOOOO CUTE! o(>w<)o

Inside the kitten room! I think there were about nine kittens waiting to play!

My sister told me to sit in the chair and proceeded to toss all the kittens on my lap LOL



Mina, another of my favorite kitties <3


Dash. She has two other sisters, Dot and Doodle.

My little prince, Chipotle! SUCH A SWEETHEART! He'll jump on your lap, climb up your shirt and rub his head against your chin and purr like crazy! I wanted to take him home so badly!

And this little monster is Doodle!

Doodle sleeping next to Valencia

Off to the big kitties' room!

Billie~ a total mellow brain. He just sat around the whole time I was in the room :3

Meet Crispix. THIS IS THE BIGGEST ATTENTION WHORE EVER. My sister's manager told her that if anyone is interested in adopting any of the other cats to put him away or he'll steal all the attention LOL. It was hell trying to get a clear picture of him because he's constantly fidgeting!

This goooorgeous cat is Pudgy! Though he's certainly NOT pudgy at all... he's a BIG baby. At first he was sleeping the entire time, then as soon as he woke up, he walks over to me, curls up on my lap, and goes back to sleep. When I stand up to walk away, he'll follow me until he can sit on my lap again, or give up and go back to his bed lol.


Meet Thumper. I call him the Totoro Kitty. He weighs a whopping 15 POUNDS! Thumper's another sweetheart who just wants to sit on top of you and purr. 
On his profile page, his motto is "If I fits, I sits".

Just to give you an idea of how big he is. I BE JUST MOAR TO LUV!

LOL. He's a Homeward Bound kitty, meaning he's been with the HSSV for a long time (he's 7 btw), so most if not all adoption fees will be waived if you adopt him! He's a a big love-bug, someone adopt him! <3

The gorgeous CAIRO

LOOK AT THIS CAT! HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Even his whiskers shine! He's a bit mouthy, but overall a really nice cat, and MY GOD HE'S SO GORGEOUS! T___T He was in another room with a few other cats but they were in their houses and I didn't take pictures of them. I also didn't go into another cat room, with the popular cat Angel... sorry no pic. :B

So it was a really fun visit! My sister even used some of the photos I took to update their profile pictures on the HSSV website. She says people will take more notice if they have nice pictures heehee! :D

If you're in the Sunnyvale or Bay Area looking to adopt a kitty, be sure to drop by the HSSV Adoption Center inside Petco! Right now, all kittens are 2 for 1 ($175), and cats 6 months and older are 50% off adoption fees!

Visit the Humane Society of Silicon Valley website to see all the kitties up for adoption! The ones listed here are located at the PETCO Sunnyvale.

And that was my adventure yesterday! Next post I'll probably do a food post from my little trip to the Paris Baguette in Palo Alto. I'll also throw in some random pictures I've taken, since I didn't take a whole lot of pictures while I was there, sorry!

- KT


  1. Riikka LehtovaaraJune 28, 2012 at 12:45 PM

    I have two cats! Luna and Täplä(Dot -> Dottie). I didn't like cats before but now im in love with them. Though sometimes Luna makes me go crazy (she's a kitty) because everything what she see is a toy... even if its just piece of paper, my usb cable, bill, key chain... And they are always surrounding me when I'm about to eat. I got Täplä in april. He was living in a bad house, where the owner was a drunkard and didn't care much of this cat. He was underweight when I got him, and he didn't like to be pet or held in anyway. But now he comes to you when he wants some attention. And he eats a lot! And Luna I got from a woman who's cat got three kitty. Sadly the one who took Luna's brother, didn't take good care of him, and he died. Or that's what I think... :/ I'm trying to give my love for these kitties. I'm their mother and I wouldn't ever abandon them!

    Nice to hear about you!! :) <- in finnish  <- in english

  2. Holmes and Watson? I saw what y'all did there ; D Holmes is fucking adorable! Can I hazzzz please?! T__T

  3. The totoro kitty Thumper is freaking adorable! I would adopt him >w<

  4. TOTORO KITTY <333 so many cats was!! :D

  5. Gosh these cats are adorable haha! I wish I could play with them. ^^

  6. too much adorableness!!!

  7. Haha look at me replying to your long comment - or at least the newest one. I don't even know where the one before that (that I so conveniently ignored.. /postponed/) went. Anyhoozle..
    YES GURL! It's awesome ok. It's what awesome people do ok. You can ask anyone ok. Like JB or Britney ok. HAHAHA xD I say it irl too. Like "Gurl, don't even gimme that attitude ok. I will hurt you ok." HAHA. /slaps self/ I can't stop now ok. /sobs (ok) HAHAHAH (ok)

    DUDE IT WAS SO AWESOME OK! (omg stop it Nani!) HerO is so fucking cool! I LOVE HIM TO BITS OK! Your bf and I should wear watching "TEAM LIQUID HERO" tshirts! >: D He's so epic and awesome and lovely and wonderful! I love how everybody were super surprised and flipped 180 when they heard that he smokes to chill before a game. lolz. I felt so bad seeing him lose to HuK tho T_T ugh.. the guy whose spot he took over in Team Liquid. /sobs/ It was an intense battle, man. I tell you, ok. (more ok's coming, just a warning ok << lol)
    WAHAHAHA come at me gurl!  My next entry will be packed with food too! Sadly I only got a few pictures on my DLSR. I'm doing a lens post soon.. Just took closeups of my current lenses.. UGH the iFairy ones that I got sponsored are SO BEAUTIFUL T_T /cries rainbows/ I'm soooo hopeful for them. My expectations are probably higher than what they should be.. I expect them to make me look like a beautiful, blonde, androgynous mermaid or something! LOL
    YES OMG RAIN! Hahaha! That crazy guy.. Only Rain and Taeyang can get away with dancing the most weird shit on stage.. The Love Song dance was just fucking weird.. and for some reason it really fucking bothers me to see Taeyang dance. It's like he's holding back to avoid pwning everyone.. I don't' even know. He just seems to derp around a lot these days. /sigh/
    FUCK MY SHOES OK. They're my favorite fucking shoes and then they die on me like that. FUCK YOU SHOES. FUCK YOU. I want adidas high top sneaks now. Fuck you Korean sneakers >_>

  8. Aww I love kitty adoptions! There certainly is a variety of kitties you have there. Hahaha that picture of pudgy. So attractive indeed.
    Ohh wow totoro cat is bigggg

  9. khjkhkhkhjkhjk