Saturday, May 24, 2014

FOTD! (well, two days ago, anyway...)

To kick off this new blog, I thought instead of an awkward intro, I'd break the ice a little by just showing you guys mah face. :B

Well, not just my face, but sharing some of my every day beauty (makeup) items I've been using recently for an everyday look.

my weapons of choice

Products used~
Artistry SIGNATURE EYES Automatic Liquid Liner - Black
GOSH palette (from the lovely Line!)
Coastal Scents WARM Palette
Artistry Exact Fit Perfecting Loose Powder - Light
Artistry Youth Xtend Lifting Smoothing Foundation - Chablis
Artistry Youth Xtend Lifting Smoothing Foundation - Ochre
Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss - Glitz 
Artistry 3D Face Powder - Shimmer Pink

Technically the loose powder is a shade too light for me, but I LOVE it so I must use it. And later review it. :)

Mah girl Line sent this to me ages ago but I STILL HAVE IT AHHH <3

Individual reviews can be expected!

So for my face, I ended up using two different shades of foundation. My normal shade is Ochre, which I used for my face and neck. Then I went back in with Chablis (my boyfriend's foundation) and applied this under my eyes down to the tops of my cheeks to give my face some natural brightness...

After setting everything with powder, I applied this 3D face powder on my cheeks (mid to right-shades) and along the tops of my cheek bones, under my eyes, and bridge of my nose (far left shades) to give my face a nice shimmery glow. Also, it's supposed to come in a case, but I haven't bought it yet /oops

You can probably expect a ton of beauty reviews, but not limited to. It's just a start. Let me know if any of the products mentioned tickled your fancy and a super in-depth review I shall present to you! I'm trying SO hard to refrain from writing a cheesy note about that extra cheesy rhyme...

Leave me a comment or hit me up elsewhere and let me know what else you would like to see in the near future. Reviews, tutorials, random shenanigans, videos... I'm still trying to convince my boyfriend to do a tag video with me... well, we'll see how that goes. :)

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